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message 1: by Cassy (new)

Cassy Le | 48 comments Mod
Hey guys!! I really want us to chose a book we could read and discuss together ;)
If you are up for it, let me know what you would like to read - maybe something that has been in your to-read shelf a long time - and we could put up a vote or something :)
Just an idea ;)

Xx. Cassy

message 2: by Julia (new)

Julia Reim (julisbad) | 37 comments Yeeeees! But I'd really like to read a book that is only newly released because that way the possibility that no one of us had read it yet would be bigger :)

message 3: by Cassy (new)

Cassy Le | 48 comments Mod
Yes! I totally agree! :) any ideas?

message 4: by Julia (new)

Julia Reim (julisbad) | 37 comments Well some books that came out recently and I plan on reading one day would be:
A darker shade of magic
An ember in the ashes
The girl at midnight
Made you up
Those are just some I remember! :)

message 5: by Alyson (new)

Alyson Stone (alysonserenastone) I would too, but library takes forever to get in new releases.

message 6: by Cassy (new)

Cassy Le | 48 comments Mod
Ok Cool! I haven't heard of the books you suggested Julia, I'll check them out :)
But what about Everyday by David Levithan (co-wrote Will Grayson Will Grayson with John Green)? It was published in 2012 and I saw that a couple of you had it on your to-read shelf...

message 7: by Alyson (new)

Alyson Stone (alysonserenastone) I haven't heard of any of them.

message 8: by Cassy (new)

Cassy Le | 48 comments Mod
Hey guys! We kind of need to start choosing a book now! Sorry for being MIA, school just got crazy :)

message 9: by Alyson (new)

Alyson Stone (alysonserenastone) Do we want new releases still or ones that have been out for a few years?

message 10: by Cassy (new)

Cassy Le | 48 comments Mod
Well it's a bigger chance that no one has read the book If it's new, but anything is fine really :)

message 11: by Alyson (new)

Alyson Stone (alysonserenastone) What about Saint Anything by Sarah Dessen ? I don't know if anyone is a Sarah Dessen fan or not...

message 12: by Cassy (new)

Cassy Le | 48 comments Mod
I don't know about her... But I am willing to read the book ;) Let's just see what everyone else thinks :)

I don't think we'll have time to do this for June, so it is postponed to July!

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