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Book Crumpet | 56 comments Mod
For this month's theme on coping strategies we're sharing all the little things that help you cope, and can help others. Anything journal or writing related, arts and crafts, C.B.T tips or anything else you'd like to share :)

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Nickie Coby (puppybraille) | 1 comments I can't pick just one. Dbt literally saved my life, and that gives me tons of choices. I think I would highlight these for now:
I have been a writer for a while, and had a blog for the last twelve years. I wrote a lot in it and it really helped me. I have a poorly understood nerve condition that causes severe chronic pain. Anyway, that's what probably caused my mental health problems. The blog gave me the ability to connect with other crps patients and get support and tips. Blog carnivals that are structured around themes helped me to explore things in totally different ways and see what others are doing. It was like a support group but I got the benefits of keeping a journal too.
But my mental health got worse and I lost my writing voice. I found that beading is like writing without words, and it was a great way to express myself. I have more physical pain now so I can't handle the fine motor skills now but I'm getting back to writing again.
I use a lot of guided imagery and relaxation to help me with physical and emotional pain and that really makes a difference.
And as I mentioned, dbt skills are very valuable.

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Book Crumpet | 56 comments Mod
Thank you for sharing :)
Yeah, as I understand it the connection between chronic pain and mental health runs very deep; I'd love to read your blogs some time.

Dbt sounds very interesting; it's Dialectical?

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Book Crumpet | 56 comments Mod
Just thought I'd share this article on 'the gratitude attitude' from the Huffington Post; granted it won't solve everything, but it can be one of the many little things which helps (and also now backed up by studies excellently summarised by Richard Wiseman in his book '59 Seconds').

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Book Crumpet | 56 comments Mod

Another Huffington article on the benefits of Mindfulness x

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Doreen Petersen To help with my depression and severe anxiety I read a lot. Not sure why this helps me but I figure whatever works go for it.

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