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Did anyone else notice Jamie Dornans accent come out during certain parts in the movie?

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Jennifer I heard it a few times here and there when I saw it in theaters

Ilana i feel like it's inevitable when you have a brit who's doing an American accent. Some words are just harder than others. The other thing though is has anyone noticed how ALL brits do that deep raspy voice - and while it's sexy, it's clearly an 'i'm not american' accent.

Shutupshabby Haha, yes! when he says "fuck" its Irish, and a few other phrases. I love a northern Irish accent though so not complaining.

Olivia Peterson Yes it is so adorable!

Ashley King I did, and i didnt mind!

Tina I totally did...I was wondering if anyone else heard it lol when he say "stir clear of me, I have to let u go"

Courtney I agree with Ashley. I did not mind. Christian would be way hotter with an accent!

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Em Yes it was kind of distracting, it's obvious he's not American.

S-The-Great It started literally from the beginning of the movie and that is all I can tell you because that is exactly when I stopped watching it. As soon as he started speaking I was like that is it I can't watch this with that accent and acting. I deleted it right away.

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