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courtney ♡ librarycutie (librarycutie) What are your thoughts on the characters throughout this book?

Discuss your thoughts below, please.

Myrza H Darmaditya (mhdarmaditya) | 3 comments I've finished this book yesterday and I found that all of main characters were well-written though the relationship between them was really rushed.
For me, our heroine, Meadow is really strong and brave yet stubborn, but I don't know she's kinda emotionless like machine, that's quite disturbing for me. I found that she's really annoying in 1/3 part to the end of book.
Zephyr (I really loved that name anyway), he's sweet tho I found he wasn't as tough as Meadow. Sometimes I found that he's annoying too. At first I thought that he was weak, but I was wrong. He's goddamn strong to the end.
I pissed off by Meadow's parents. I know the intention of her parents was good but that just horrible. I don't know what to say anymore, but that's sick.

I don't know if it just me or you too guys but this book was really dark. All of the characters has their own secret and when it revealed you'll get shocked with it.

Roisin (thesimplemoment) Out of all the characters I found Zephyr to be the weakest. Like being such a main character in the story it seemed so brushed over. Test tube or not there lacked serious connection for me which I had with Meadow when reading this book.
She is strong, independent and a fighter! Her story I understood, her fierce nature and love for her family and her sister.
I hope the second book will fill the gaps better.

courtney ♡ librarycutie (librarycutie) The characters in this book, wow! Meadow is a bad-ass, she is willing to kill anyone who is a threat, and especially anyone who is a threat to her family. Her main priority is to protect and make sure Peri is fed. Her little sister. I found it brutal how her father would train her, but it does come in handy when it's kill or be killed.

Zephyr, I liked his character. He's really soft though. Which is weird considering he's a programmed assassin... But it's what makes him strong, able to outsmart the program, and it's because of her

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