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The Murder Complex (The Murder Complex, #1)
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courtney ♡ librarycutie (librarycutie) This section is dedicated to the plot, did you like it? Hate it? Was it consistent? Did everything add up? Any theories for future books? What did you think?

Discuss below, please!

Roisin (thesimplemoment) Having just finished the book I thought that all happened too quick!

I can understand from the way the story seems that time is of an essence but one minute I'm reading about her parents being taken and next Meadow is finding out the truth. There was a serious lack of build up, emotion all to get the plot told and onto the next book.

While I'm trying not to compare this to divergent and the hunger games, throwing in breeding and mutation sections as well just made me think why!!! Not to mention the idea that someone is in charge, running things - George Orwells's 1984 anyone? (Big Brother)

Take the story without the outside novel influences I do think however this has potential, the idea of the murder complex is different and offers so many avenues in which the story can lead to next.

I'm just still waiting on that connection in me that has me loving these characters/plot and story as we all know happens with a great story/series. That want for the next book the moment I read the last words.

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