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Kendra Ardnek | 14 comments Where we may gather to discus the final book of the trilogy and its lack of potatoes.

This is my favorite volume, mostly because I love climatic battles and resolutions.

I love Vrell's arch in this book. For some odd reason, I loved seeing her go back to her prim and proper past, and then struggle to find a middle ground between the person she remembers herself as, and the person she's become.

I'm kinda sad that it took THAT for her to sort out her feelings about Achan, but it was well done. They were adorable. He loves her so much, and she's so hesitant and hurt.

And ... her younger sister's cute.

And I loved the full use of bloodvoicing in this book, and Vrell and Achan's conversations especially. They were adorable.

And I loved the climatic battle, and how everyone in Er'Rets were called on to save the day in the end. Not many books have that sort of power, and I loved it.

Thy thoughts, folks?

Amanda (wordfitlyspoken) | 43 comments Yes, the bloodvoicing in this one was adorable. And it definitely was interesting how Vrell had to go back to being her old self to figure things out, per se.

And YES! I loved the final battle. That's what I was referring to before when I said it made me feel "all patriotic or something." :)

Kendra Ardnek | 14 comments She was so disappointed in the woman she'd become, and I liked seeing that, and thinking through the repercussions. If I were to suddenly loose my memories back to a certain point, would I be impressed with the person I am now? Interesting philosophical thing there.

Oh yes, the patriotism was strong with that climax.

Deborah O'Carroll (deborahocarroll) | 48 comments Can I just say that the wedding was the most adorable perfect thing in the history of ever? XD Who would have thought of Bloodvoicing during a wedding and the adorableness that would result??


This book was just generally awesome and perfect. :D

Kendra Ardnek | 14 comments Yes, yes, that was one of my favorite fictional weddings ever (and I read a lot, because I love seeing the various traditions surrounding marriage). I loved the coronation, too. All the bloodvoicing, all the adorableness.

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Sarah (sarahtaleweaver) | 19 comments @Deborah: Yesyesyesyesyes. It's so sweet! :D And I loved that I actually got to see it, instead of it just being implied like in some books. That's why the ending of From Darkness Won is one of my favorite endings of all time. :D

Deborah O'Carroll (deborahocarroll) | 48 comments Sarah Taleweaver wrote: "@Deborah: Yesyesyesyesyes. It's so sweet! :D And I loved that I actually got to see it, instead of it just being implied like in some books. That's why the ending of From Darkness Won is one of my ..."

Jill actually said that she originally almost didn't keep the wedding, saying a coronation AND a wedding might be too much; but fortunately her early readers said we deserve to see it, so I'm glad. ^_^

Amanda (wordfitlyspoken) | 43 comments Yes, thank you to those early was adorable.

And Kendra, yes, very interesting philosophical thing there.

Stargazer R. L. | 53 comments This book is the best!!!

The battles! Oh I love fantasy battles so much. All the EPIC. So much epic.

The wedding! Yes I love it so much! And how they talked the whole time in their heads! Oh! Priceless!

Do we mourn Bran in this thread or can we have a thread titled something like "in which we mourn the death of: SPOILER" ?

Isn't the ending the best thing in the world? I know the last couple lines by heart... ^_^

Karis Hey! For those of you who have not met me yet I am a fellow fan of the Blood of the King books. I just joined the group and I had a bunch of random thoughts about the series I thought I would share;). I read all the three books in a one week time span earlier this year so they are all kinda blended together as one in my head. Here they are.

Achan’s character- at the start of the first book he is defending someone who may or may not deserved it. He never got any thanks and his only reward was pitchfork scratches on his back (ouch!) and that only added to Porril’s beating later on. Yet he knew what was right and he did it, something I love about him.

Achan’s and Vrell’s interaction with bloodvoicing- So sweet (sigh). I wish I could bloodvoice. I am really glad that Vrell could as well, because it really helped Achan to coop, if that is the right word, with adjusting to all the new things he had to get use to.

Did anyone else find the scene between Lady Jaria and Achan funny? I did feel sorry for him though afterwards:P. Even though we all knew the way things had to work out, it was a relief when Sir Gavin and the rest showed up.

The manhood ceremony- one of my favorite scenes in the whole series, I love how the author lets us have a glimpse into the lives of the people closest to Achan. It just made me have a deeper respect for all of them.

I really liked Shung and Mathaus, (that probably isn’t the correct spelling, but I am talking about Achan’s little valet boy). When Shung first walked into Achan’s life I never thought that he would have so much impact on it. I love his loyalty and his habit of giving people matching animal nicknames. I loved how Achan acted around Mathaus and I had to smile when they both woke up Shung that one morning.

The Veil- What an interesting idea! I am a little curious as to how the black warriors could go in it without forgetting things like Vrell did.

The difference between Achan and Esek- At the time I was reading the books I focused on their obvious differences, but I never thought about why they were so different. Since then I concluded that it was because of their different attitudes on life and its purpose. That sounds really deep lol, but it really isn’t. Esek simply grew up thinking, and being encouraged to think that way by his real father, that he deserved to treat better than everyone else, for him the world simply had to adapt to him and not him to the world. If he didn’t like the way something was, he changed it. Achan got in the way of Esek’s perfect little world (because Achan was something he couldn’t control) and suffered greatly because of it.
Achan came from a totally different mindset. He was treated as the lowest of the lows and learned how to serve others. He also learned to see people as people regardless of station, rank, or anything else. How different things would have been if Esek was more like Achan in that way!

One last random thought- Imagine what would have happened if Esek hadn’t wanted to marry Vrell and she hadn’t gone into hiding. Or if Vrell hadn’t gone with Achan and the other men at the end of the first book. Would she have still have married Bran?

I didn’t mean to say so much, but I have been thinking a lot about the books since I joined this group. Share your thoughts as well and thank you for enduring the randomness;)

Tamara Georges  (tamarasinnamon) Those are some great thoughts Karis! I also loved this series and agree with most of your opinions on the characters.

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