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Tie-in with Stardust?

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Sorrel The Velvet, called Lamia, I thought was a great character but I remember that one of the witches in "Stardust", also written by Neil Gaiman, was called "Lamia" also. I can't quite remember her description, looks wise, but I think I recall that it was vaguely similar to that of the Velvet. SO I was wondering, does anyone know if there's a connection here?

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Mel In Greek myth, the Lamia is a queen punished to become a child - eating demon. The connection I see between Gaiman's Lamia (in both novels) and the mythical is the idea of deriving power through consumption of life. Gaiman's Lamia derive power from others, in Stardust to stay young through eating the star's heart, and in Neverwhere through sucking the life force out of the victim.

Sorrel Thank you, that makes sense

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