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After a great discussion last month, it's time to move on to our next choice, Code Name Verity by Elizabeth Wein. My name is Stephanie, and I'll be hosting our discussion this month. If you haven't finished the book, there is potential for big spoilers here. Please read on with that in mind.

Code Name Verity is an intense, nail-biter of a read, and one of the core themes is friendship. Let's talk a little about the friendship between Maddie and Julie. What made their friendship so strong, did Maddie make the right decision as Julie's friend?

Katrina (kittystardust) | 2 comments I still hold my breath when I think about Maddie's decision. While harsh, I think it was the right one, because really it was actually Julie's decision. And that was the core of their friendship: trust. They were there for each other through a lot of hard times before their big mission.

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"it was actually Julie's decision." I love that. It's a great way of looking at it. If placed in a similar situation, do you think you could do what Maddie did?

Katrina (kittystardust) | 2 comments Unfortunately, war is nothing but tough decisions. I really admired both Julie and Maddie for their bravery and wit under such heart-wrenching circumstances. What I loved about this book was that it stepped away from the stereotype of women in war as only secretaries and nurses. A lot of women were on the front line risking their lives, as pilots, spies, rebels, and code breakers. Just read about such a woman retaking the skies at 92! Just read about such a woman retaking the skies at 92! And thought, that could be Maddie!

Jennifer F. | 1 comments Julie and Maddie's friendship was made strong by shared experiences in the war. While they both had very different jobs, they both were in a position where a decision could and did kill people. They did not judge each other for the roles they played, but instead gave each other support to continue with the important missions they were given. Because of this bond, Julie was able to communicate what was ultimately needed to Maddie with very little words. And Maddie understood instantly what she had to do for her friend. I think it would have been cruel of her not to listen to her friends request since she and Julie both knew what would happen if she didn't.

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Both good points! Do you think the book would have been as powerful if the characters had been male instead of female? Or would it have been powerful in a different way?

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