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What Are You Reading for May, 2015

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What have you been reading? Let us know! What have you absolutely loved? Hated? Can't wait to recommend?

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Jillian (jilliemae) | 35 comments I just finished "Girl in a Band" by Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth and "Buddha Walks into a Bar" by Lordo Rinzler. I loved the Buddhist book. It's your lay-person's book on meditation and how you can apply it to your everyday life. It's aimed more towards Gen X, Y and Millennials, but I could recommend it to anyone with an open mind. I'm reading his new book, "Buddha Walks into the Office" on how to deal with office politics and it's just as good.

Susanchicagoland | 7 comments I'm enchanted by the Dorling Kindersley Smithsonian book called "1,000 Inventions and Discoveries" by Roger Bridgman. DK is a marvelous publisher of non-fiction. With clear text and exciting photos and drawings, this non-fiction publisher creates amazing books that I really enjoy. This one is tops with me. I'm in awe of the great discoveries of the past and the genius that it took to create them. Wow! These inventions made our lives better and created the world we live in today. Hooray!

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