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The Battle (Children of Annwn #2)
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Hi everyone, I'm Jennifer Owen-Davies the author of the Children of Annwn YA Fiction series and my second book The Battle was just released. I am looking for someone who loves light fantasy/sci-fi with a dollop of romance and a strong female protagonist who is fighting her demons in a battle to fulfill her destiny. Plus, her love interest Ryder, is kind of hot too. I'm looking for one or two people to read my book in return for an honest review!!!!

Mia’s stuck in the human realm and her magic has gone AWOL. Her sworn enemy Greyson swoops in and kidnaps the powerless Mia, ensnaring her in his spider’s web with an offer to restore her magic. Oblivious to the risks, Mia accepts, what will be her destiny?

Ryder visits London with his friends, and Fusion enters the Battle of the Bands competition, believing the location of a portal to be nearby, but he’s bewitched by a beautiful siren. In a blood-thirsty battle for control, Ryder breaks all the rules bringing out the ancient blades and calls upon the Alltud, an arcane group, but will they help?

A battle commences to control not only Mia but the Gilgamesh, an omnipotent magical power in her possession. Ryder has agreed to end her life if she fails but will he be able to sacrifice the love of his life?

It's time to put the greatest power of all to the test!

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Bill Tillman (silvertill) Hi Jen,

Give me a shot if not already filled

Blessings Bill Tillman

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