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Angie (amgiammarino) Hello Grim Readers! Thanks for joining us as we re-read FIRST GRAVE ON THE RIGHT!

You can read Chapters 16-18 for free until 5/4 HERE:

This thread is where you can discuss Chapters 16-18, but be considerate of any newbies who are reading for the first time and keep your spoilers to a minimum! And here's some exciting news: anyone who joins in the discussion will be entered for a chance to win a phone call from Darynda Jones! A winner will be chosen using on 5/4. Happy reading!

Chapter 16 opens with Charley breaking back into the lawyers' office to drop the flash drives back off and heading to a diner to meet Reyes's old classmates. They remember Reyes (because he was gorgeous) but not his sister, though they may know someone who does. After this meeting, Jose, the innocent suspect whose dead aunt helped Charley get him to cooperate with the police, tracks Charley down. Charley gives him the information he wanted from his aunt. As she's heading back into her apartment, Teddy Weir shows up.

As it turns out, Teddy Weir was the one who hit Charley on the jaw at the warehouse. Here's the whole story: Teddy's friend James, who Mark Weir was accused of murdering, was homeless. Benny Price sent out a scout to question him to see if he'd be missed if Benny abducted him. James got suspicious of the scout, so he and Teddy went to check out what Benny Price was up to. They found out that he was involved in human trafficking, but they got caught snooping around. James was badly injured and dragged himself back to Mark Weir's shed, where he'd been secretly staying, and died there. Teddy ran to Father Federico for help since he helps runaways, and Father Federico let Teddy hide in his warehouse. Father Federico knew all about Benny Price, and was hiding the kids that Benny Price would have abducted otherwise. As time went on, he started a watch, a search-and-rescue team, and an underground railroad of sorts. Teddy was a part of the team working in Panama, and Carlos Rivera (the dead informant that met with the lawyers) became part of the team after initially working for Benny Price. Now Father Federico is missing and Teddy is concerned that Benny Price has him.

After Charley calls the police to come talk to Teddy, someone calls her with information about Reyes's sister. Her name was Kim and she went to Eisenhower Middle School. She and Reyes had different last names.

Officer Taft gets Charley alone and explains why he was so mad when she described the little girl ghost who follows him around: it was his sister who died in the lake near his parents' house. He nearly died himself trying to save her. Charley tells him that his sister wants to stay with him unless he wants her to go to the other side. Understandably, Taft is a little conflicted.

The cops leave to take Teddy to a safe house for the time being, and Charley argues with Uncle Bob to continue with the sting on Benny Price the next night. Uncle Bob isn't sure -- he'd rather rely on Teddy's testimony. But Charley doesn't want to risk Teddy's life having him testify. If we know Charley by now (and I think we do) the sting is definitely on.

After everyone leaves, Reyes, who has been hovering around Charley in the apartment all night, emerges and he and Charley have a sexy moment. But they are interrupted:

In a movement so quick it made me dizzy, he broke the kiss and spun around. His robe materialized instantly, a liquid entity that encased us both, and I heard the sing of metal coming to life, of a blade being drawn. A sinister growl, deep and guttural, thundered from his chest, and I blinked to awareness—so weak, I could barely stand. Was someone in the room with us? Something?

I couldn’t see what lurked beyond Reyes’s wide shoulders, but I could feel tension solidify every muscle in his body. Whatever lingered near, it was very real and very dangerous.

Then he turned back to me, wrapped his free hand around my waist, and pulled me against him, his mahogany eyes glowing as they searched mine, begging for understanding. “If I wake up,” he said, his voice an agonized whisper, “they’ll find me.”

“What? Who?” I asked, alarm seizing my heart.

“If they find me,” he continued, his gaze lingering on my mouth, “they find you.”

Then he was gone.

The next day, the sting is on. Charley is going to confront Benny Price while lawyers Elizabeth and Barber search his holdings for Father Federico. Sussman and Angel will assist Charley with Benny.

In the meantime, Cookie calls Charley with information about Reyes's sister, and Charley heads over to her house to meet her. As it turns out, Reyes told his sister, Kim, not to tell anyone that she was related to him. When they were children, their father used to use Kim to control Reyes -- if Reyes didn't submit to his abuse, he would starve Kim until Reyes cracked. Reyes made Kim keep her identity a secret so that no one would ever hurt her because of him again.

Here's where it gets really interesting:

"From the time Reyes was little, he’s had seizures. Sometimes they would last for over an hour. When he came out of them, he would have the most bizarre memories. Memories of a girl with dark hair and sparkling gold eyes. I knew the minute I opened the door, it was you... Later, he learned how to find you without the seizures. He would go into a trancelike state just to see you, just to watch you.” She smiled, remembering happier times. “He called you Dutch.”

Kim tells Charley that she's not even sure if Reyes is human. She also knows that Charley is the Grim Reaper -- Reyes told her. And now Charley only has 24 hours to save Reyes.

Extra points for discussion:
1. How did your views on Teddy Weir and Father Federico change throughout these chapters?
2. What do you think of Officer Taft and his sister? Do you think she should stay or go, and why?
3. What did you think of Kim, Reyes's sister?
4. Do you think Kim is right to keep her identity a secret, even though she might have been able to save Reyes?
5. What do you think Reyes is protecting Charley from? Did the backstory that we heard about him from Kim surprise you?

Linda Parish | 78 comments 1. Teddy really impressed me with what he and the father are doing. Risking his life to help others. Determined to help his uncle. But what really made his character stand out was his admitting he hit Charlie and apologizing.
2. I don't really like Taft. He came to her and didn't even give her the Benefit of the doubt. Both of them need to move on and let go of the past. But I also approve of Charlie not pushing the issue and trying to convince her to leave before she's ready.
3. As far as Kim, I'm not really sure. The guilt she's living under is horrible. I pity her.
4. I definitely do not approve of Kim staying in hiding and reusing to come forward to help her brother. You don't turn your back on family no matter what. And you do everything you can to help them when it's needed whether they hate you for it or not.
5. I would assume Reyes is protecting Charlie from something other worldly. To discover that his childhood was even more horrific then we already knew was heartbreaking.

Shardallinee | 48 comments 1. They surprised me too. I agree with Lori - I did not expect Teddy to apologise. Their whole mission impressed me.

2. Taft was really rude to Charley, though the news that his little sister was haunting him really struck him hard obviously. Of course, he went straight into a denile land.
I like the little girl - she is sweet and creepy and her antics and statements are funny. If she should go or not? I think she thinks she still has some unfinished business to do here ((watching after her brother)) - which is kinda sweet. Actually, the whole story of theirs is touching.

3. At first she struck me as a timid woman, then I saw her as a very determined one. I think. Actually, I got her, once I found out what kind of past Reyes and she truly had.

4. I don't think I could stay hiding, even if my family members wanted me to. I didn't have such a horrible childhood as Reyes and his sister did though. Since I know what happens in later books I'm torn here.

5. Bad and dangerous things for sure... The backstory about Reyes didn't surprise me so much as it described beautifuly how it looked like to others when he went to protect Charley in the past (seizures, trances,..). Those tidbits about his childhood abuses were heartwrenching.

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Angie Bee | 50 comments 1. I thought Teddy Weir and Father Frederico were both brave hiding kids from Benny Price with their underground railroad.
2. I thought Officer Taft was arrogant toward Charley. His sister creped me out because she kept stalking him. Then I realized she idealized Taft because he tried to save her from drowning.Taft’s sister should stay because she keeps Charley on her toes, and Taft wanted her to stay.
3. I felt Kim was about as mysteries as Reyes.
4. I think Kim should keep her identity a secret because Earl Walker is one sick puppy. She was a pawn in Earl’s sick twisted cat and mouse game he played with Reyes while growing up.
5. I don’t think I can answer this honestly without spoiling it for other. I was surprised about Reyes
backstory. I thought Earl was molesting Kim and not him.

BookLovin (booklovinwhore-der) | 10 comments Maaaaaan. I could have used this group on Monday when I started this book. I so can't get enough. Am now on book 4 so it's kinda hard to put into words how I was feeling then since I know what happens but I'll try.

1. I thought Father Federico might have been the one involved in trafficking.
Yeah, I was way off! lol

2. The sister was kinda freaking me out. I really thought she was gonna try and do some damage to Charley!

3. Not a lot of thoughts on her. What she had to say just made me think of and love Reyes more.

4. I wanted her to come forward to help save Reyes but at the same time I didn't. I think it might have ended up hurting him more than helping him. Something bad could have ended up happening to her and what if Reyes couldn't get there in time to help her and then he'd get mad at Charley and bla bla bla... so I think it's good that she stayed in hiding. But even w/ out that reason ^^ I understood why she was so set on keeping her promise to him. It was for the best.

5. And YESSSS, it surprised the heck out of me. I was so not expecting that. But then again almost everything in this book surprises me! DJ is a writing genius!

Jennie Shaw (ms_jennieshaw) | 4 comments 1. I hadn't seen the Teddy Weird/Father Frederico twist coming. Like BookLovin, I thought Father Frederico might have been shady. Nope! Haha! I liked that Teddy apologized too. And they're clearly doing all they can to help kids. It made me more worried about what Benny would do to Father Frederico.

2. I don't care much for Officer Taft, but I have to admit that I dig his sister. She's crazy, but I like crazy. And in these chapters, we get a chance to see the reasons behind her action (which are kind of creepy, but somehow forgivable). I don't think she should stay, though, but she'd have to leave on her own terms.

3. I felt a bit sad for Kim. The description of her apartment spoke of a lonely woman. Both she and Reyes carry so much guilt about how the other was treated. I kind of wanted to hug her.

4. It's one of those catch-22 things: she could have saved Reyes, but to do that, she'd have to do the exact opposite of his wishes (for her to stay away). That said, he's literally going to die if she doesn't help, so I'd think *that* guilt would have been enough to get her to come forward.

5. Oh, the backstory we get from Kim. It's so sad, and it gives Reyes more depth, knowing what he survived. Since both Charley and Reyes are supernatural, it'd make sense for the threat to be something along those lines.

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Dominy | 31 comments 1. As I tend to think that all people that Charlie meets have nefarious plans so it was a pleasant surprise and an "Oh good." moment for me.
2. You know, my feelings kind of get mixed with those two. I started to think that Taft was a woosey pants and a buttmunch (yes, I said buttmunch) then I think he's kind of sweet. Same for his sister but more along the lines of annoying kid to, annoying sweet kid. So she should stay. I think she'll be fun, like a sunburn that's started to peel.
3. I like Kim. I think she's probably someone really cool. Like an angel, fallen and such. In my imagination anyway.
4. Reyes is protecting her from his enemies so its good that they don't know who she is and she promised him she'd stay out of harms way. So yep. It's right. Of course, if there is no other way, maybe she should. But what do I know, if my sister was in jail, it'd be kind of okay. (What? you don't know her.)
5. Well, since I know. I'll tell you what I thought the first time i read it. I thought the backstory was expected after hearing about how Charlie met him. I thought he was a guardian of sorts. Then I thought he was like a perfect mate. Then I was like, "He better at least continue to give her mind blowing orgasms."

Angie (amgiammarino) Thanks for chatting everyone! Chapters 19-21 are up on Wattpad now! Click here to read:

The winner of a phone call from Darynda is Jennie! Jennie, please message me with your contact info so we can set up your call!

Another winner will be chosen in the discussion of Chapters 19-21, so make sure to stop by!

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Darynda Jones | 34 comments Mod
Lori wrote: "1. Teddy really impressed me with what he and the father are doing. Risking his life to help others. Determined to help his uncle. But what really made his character stand out was his admitting he ..."

I had never thought about Teddy in that way, honest about what he did and apologetic. I love that.

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