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Kaitlin (kool_kat_kitty) Hi guys!!! Welcome to the discussion for Elantris! As always please don't post any spoilers for other books/ the ending of this book, only talk about the chapters listed as the topic name and those before :)

What do you think about Aons?
Do you hope that Raoden will escape Elantris?
What do you think of Roial and Sarene?
What about Hrathen's plots?
Who's your favourite now? Still the same as when you began?

Good luck and happy reading. Let me know your answers and thoughts below!

Sophie | 54 comments I'm still really enjoying this book. Everything is fitting together so well.

I can't see Raoden outside of Elantris but I need him and Sarene to get together properly.
I really love Roial. The marriage (though purely political) could have worked out. I believe he did care for her and would have treated her well.
I had the weirdest thought while reading this section. There was a part where Hrathen was 'worried' (I guess is the right word) for Sarene while she was in Elantris. I know it was just because of his plans, he needed her alive but I had this sudden thought that he had developed romantic feelings for her. Weird.
My favourite character is still Sarene. Though I do really like Roial and Galladon.

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