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message 1: by Kitty G Books (last edited May 02, 2015 01:22AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Kitty G Books (kool_kat_kitty) Hi guys!!! Welcome to the discussion for Elantris! As always please don't post any spoilers for other books/ the ending of this book, only talk about the chapters listed as the topic name and those before :)

How do you feel about Hrathen?
What do you think about the religious aspects of this book?
How are you finding the politics?
What are you hoping will happen next?
Who are you rooting for?

Let me know your answers and thoughts below :)

Maxwell (welldonebooks) Hrathen seems evil but I still stand by my earlier claim that Dilaf is the one to look out for. He just seems like that mischievous sidekick that you underestimate but ends up being the villain in the end.

I like the politics but I really want to see Raoden and Sarene interact more! And some more magic would be nice. I'm really curious to see how the whole Dor magic thing comes into play, and why exactly Elantris became so terrible.

message 3: by Khadijah (last edited May 18, 2015 02:41PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Khadijah | 3 comments I really liked this section, I was waiting for an interaction between Sarene and Raoden, and this section definitely delivered. I knew the moment that the Widow's Triall was mentioned a while back that she would end up doing it in Elantris. I also have a feeling that Kiin was the pirate Dreok Crushthroat and that's why Eventeo is angry with him.

Sophie | 54 comments Ah this is great. Have I said that before? ;)

Hrathen is a really interesting character. The whole thing with his 'lost faith' has made me like his parts a lot more.

I agree Maxwell, I need more Raoden and Sarene interactions!

I can't help wondering why the pain seems to be affecting Raoden more than anyone else. I don't think it's because he's weaker.

Skye (skyepieonthefly) Ohhh, favourite section so far!!

I can't wait for more Raoden and Sarene interactions either! He will eventually tell her who he is I am sure. It's funny how she's messing with him though.

I think Raoden's really close to figuring out the magic system. Can't believe they found a Elantrian though. Hopefully the books work out for him. Hearing about both his history with the Elantrian's and Galladon's, I'm sure both had the magic used against them before the Reod. Wonder if the others are like that too?

I don't think Hrathen is going to be a villain in the end. He is having some interesting self conversations, I wonder where his character is going to go. Dilaf is too sneaky though. I'm wondering how much worse he can get at this point. No trust at all.

Super cool pirate theory!! If it's true that's sweet, if not I hope we get answers soon! I wanna know.

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