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Kaitlin (kool_kat_kitty) Hi guys!!! Welcome to the discussion for Elantris! As always please don't post any spoilers for other books/ the ending of this book, only talk about the chapters listed as the topic name and those before :)

We're almost halfway through now!! :) Keep going :)

How are you enjoying the plotline?
What about the Dor magic?
how do you feel about the vivd descriptions of the pain of Elantrians?
What do you hope will happen next?
Who's your favourite character?

Let me know your answers below :D

Maxwell (welldonebooks) | 6 comments Mod
This section flew by for me! It was really captivating.

The developments of the Dor magic was interesting. I'm excited to see the threads of the plotline start to develop more.

Also, I love that we find out Sarene was the one that proposed to Raoden! It's refreshing how Sanderson plays with stereotypes and twists them. Also knowing more about her life in Teod as a sort of spinster to the king was sad, but gave her more depth. She's definitely still my favorite.

James Chatham (jameschatham) | 5 comments I agree with Max concerning Dor magic. I loved learning a bit more on how the Aons are used. I also find myself constantly flipping to the back to look at the Aon glossary because a lot of names are based of off them. It's interesting to see if that gives a glimpse into their personality.

I have come to respect how Hrathen is trying to convert the people without resorting to mass violence. I think whatever his role was in what happened in the south is affecting his decision-making; namely, he doesn't want it to happen again.

Kaitlin (kool_kat_kitty) Sarah-jane wrote: "I am struggling with this book, right now it feels so tedious. Hrathen is the only redeeming part of the novel, as he is the only character that feels in any way complex. I don't see any potentia..."

I definitely think this is a book which not everyone will enjoy so I am sorry that that seems to be the case for you! I personally still adored all the characters a lot and the plot, but then I read this way before any of his other books and so for me (aged 13/14) it was mind-blowing and amazing.

I don't know if you'll grow to like it more, but if not, that's totally cool too, there's always all his other books out there as well :D

Sophie | 54 comments I'm still sticking with my original thoughts (re: my favourite parts of this book), Sarene as a character and Raoden's POV. The magic in this book is great as it doesn't feel as obvious as the magic in Mistborn. I have a feeling that Dilaf is the 'villian' more than Hrathen. I really enjoy how Sanderson plays with the idea of faith and religion. I have a lot of questions but I also have confidence in Mr Sanderson. I have no idea what is going to happen now but I have a feeling I'm going to like it. ;)

Skye (skyepieonthefly) Well there was the crazy side I've been waiting for in Dilaf. He's going to be more trouble than he is worth for Hrathen soon. I think it's interesting how Hrathen is going about things, and that he seems to actually care about the people. Wonder how that's going to effect his future decisions.

Now we are getting somewhere with the magic. I am super excited!!! I'm also curious why Raoden seems to having the most trouble with his pain these days. What he chooses to do with that last gang is going to be interesting I am sure.

Sarene's widow task is going to be interesting. I wonder if she will go into Elantris? I'm still hoping that her and Raoden will actually get to meet!

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