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message 1: by ☆Joycedale☆, Angel With A Shotgun (new) - rated it 4 stars

☆Joycedale☆ | 1543 comments Mod
May's Mod BOTM

message 2: by ☆Joycedale☆, Angel With A Shotgun (new) - rated it 4 stars

☆Joycedale☆ | 1543 comments Mod
On chapter 13 and its a fairly interesting story. One girl is dead and freak accidents are happening to the others. Not really sure where Josh and his grandpa fit into it.

message 3: by ☆Joycedale☆, Angel With A Shotgun (new) - rated it 4 stars

☆Joycedale☆ | 1543 comments Mod
On chapter 28 and it has gotten very interesting.
It does seem to be accidents and for the life of me I can't figure out how some of them can be pulled off. But then there's the rope course and Jarvis and Conner's death may have been murder?
I just don't see how someone could be pulling this off

message 4: by ☆Joycedale☆, Angel With A Shotgun (new) - rated it 4 stars

☆Joycedale☆ | 1543 comments Mod
I liked how this turned out until the last couple of pgs. I didn't find the aftermath to be believable.

Amanda (zmobie) | 251 comments You know, I liked this one, but I agree. The ending was not very believable. Some of those accidents didn't seem possible to pull off as orchestrated. And then her parents basically being okay with things? Yeah, I don't find that happening after the way her mother acted throughout the book.

At least the ending left it open for a sequel. Maybe we'll find out more about how the accidents were orchestrated? Unlikely, but I can hope. :P

message 6: by ☆Joycedale☆, Angel With A Shotgun (new) - rated it 4 stars

☆Joycedale☆ | 1543 comments Mod
I know! Like the one where her hair is pulled into the Jacuzzi pump. How does one make that happen?
Honestly I never thought of her mom at the end but you're right. There's no way she'd be ok with it.

Amanda (zmobie) | 251 comments Haha, the hair getting sucked in was exactly what I was thinking about. How did he pull that off? I mean, really.

And I get that her mother got closure. She found out it was really murder, not an accident, that killed Conner. And you would think she would freak out more, since, you know, it was murder! But, no. She just okays her daughter to work with the feds, going undercover to stop more murder accidents. Hah! Not likely.

Megan (bubblebuttmegs88) | 19 comments I really liked this one a lot! I love when the mystery isn't totally obvious. When there are a lot of different possibilities. At one point I was even thinking ghost of someone that didn't make the list! I agree the ending wasn't totally realistic but it didn't take away from the rest of the book for me. I think maybe it was supposed to be that her mom was so worried about freak accidents mostly and that after finding out about Conner, she chilled a little bit. Not that she shouldn't be worried about murderers too lol.

Amanda (zmobie) | 251 comments I'm just hoping there's a sequel and some of that is explained more. Of course, at the same time, it could be a stand alone. There wasn't too much left unanswered to the story itself. But since she gave that ending...it leaves room for a possible sequel.

But I really liked this one, too! It did keep me guessing, which I loved. It wasn't as obvious as it could have been, which was great.

message 10: by ☆Joycedale☆, Angel With A Shotgun (new) - rated it 4 stars

☆Joycedale☆ | 1543 comments Mod
It was a great book. Well written and I never guessed what was actually happening so I loved that. It was just the last couple of pgs that brought down the star rating for me. If it had ended with her at Connor's grave before the feds showed up I would've gave it 5 stars

message 11: by Tea (new) - rated it 4 stars

Tea | 51 comments I loved the book actually. I had a feeling Josh's grandfather was involved with the accidents, but didn't know how.
Like all of you I didn't find the ending to be believable, but it left me wanting more and more. I had such a bad book hangover, I couldn't believe myself xD
I almost gave it 5 stars, but there were some parts that annoyed me, and I couldn't overlook them.

...The part with the jacuzzi had me totaly confused, I mean how can that be orchstrated?! :O...

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