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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Romance between a woman and a millionaire after years of pining each other as teens - 1st story of trilogy [s]

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message 1: by Aliana (new)

Aliana (guamybear) | 5 comments I read the first chapter sometime last year and somehow I can't find the book or remember the author or title and I really want to finish it. Here's what I temember from that first chapter:

The main character has (politically?) influential parents but prefers the company of her Uncle who is a professor or teacher. She spends one summer as a teen with him. The storyline indicates a past accident of some type. At her Uncle's place, she meets 3 young men (good friends) and is instantly attracted to one of them. However, nothing develops because this guy has too much respect for her Uncle. She spends her summers as a teen just pining for this guy. Fast forward to some years later, her Uncle passes and she has remained friends with the 3 guys and they all meet together again for the funeral. I think her Uncle owned some expensive and sought after art pieces. She's dating some random guy she thinks she really cares for but she's still secretly in love with "the one". He is now a millionaire and the story shows that he is showing signs of jealousy towards her current boyfriend. This is the first story of the trilogy.

Thats all remember. Please help

message 2: by Michelle °O° (new)

Michelle °O° | 154 comments It sounds like Wanted.


message 3: by Aliana (new)

Aliana (guamybear) | 5 comments Thank you

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