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Amy (DemonKittie) (demonkittie) | 340 comments Mod

This month we are doing one of those where you get a list of up to 13 holiday based things on a list and you can chose to do as many or as few as you want to.

Challenge levels:
1-4 Easy
5-9 Medium
10-13 Hard

1. May is National Barbeque Month: Read a book with either a barbeque in it or a campfire or bonfire. It can also have it on the cover.

2. The 3rd week of May is National Police Month: Read a book that features police, detectives or FBI in it.

3. May 1st is Space Day: Read a book that takes place in space, or has aliens in it.

4. May 2nd is Brothers And Sisters Day: Read a book with a brother and sister as main characters.

5. May the 4th is Star Wars Day: Read a Science Fiction or Fantasy book.

6. May 6th is Beverage Day: Read a book with a beverage on the cover.

7. May 7th is National Tourism Day: Read a book in a different country or with characters who go on a vacation or a tourist destination.

8. May 8th is No Socks Day: Let your hair down and read any book you want!

9. May 10th is Mother’s Day: Read a book about someone who is a mother, or a character whose relationship with their mother is a big part of the story.

10. May 12th is Fatigue Syndrome Day: Read a book in your pajamas, and relax!

11. May 18th is Visit Your Relatives Day: Read a book that has characters that are related as a large component, or where a big family is a big part of the story.

12. May 25th is Memorial Day: Read a book with the military as a major component.

13. May 27th is Sun Screen Day: Read a book that takes place in summer, or one with a character that can’t be in the sun.

REMEMBER UKRAINE NOW ReadingReindeer (readingreindeerproximacentauri) I'll go for 10-13:)

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