Dead and Alive (Dean Koontz's Frankenstein #3) Dead and Alive question

Needing to find the title of a book I can't remember by Dean Koontz.. Please Help!
Leah L Brown Leah Apr 29, 2015 07:26PM
Here it is. My fathers birthday is coming up and I want to get him his favorite book by Dean Koontz. He doesn't remember the title, just what it was about. Maybe someone can help me out. Bare with me on the description it's going to be rough seeing that I haven't read the book. It takes place at a train station or on a train or both. It's about several people journey's through out this train station/train ride. In the end it turns out they are all dead/ghosts and can't leave said train like area. Does this sound familiar to anyone??!! I have search high and low and am at a loss. I really would love to get this book for him. Please any thoughts would be helpful. I really know nothing about this author.

I haven't read that one. sorry.

I suggest you wiki the author, the books will all be listed. Then you can go thru them for your book title.

OR google Koontz and train, see what comes up. :D

I have read almost every single dean koontz book and read synopsis for all i have not read. This does not sound like any of his books. Try similar authors like John Saul maybe

Thank you for taking a moment to try and help out. :)

Meran Here're his book list. Some have small bits of the book to read. Maybe read thru those? There's also a website forum just for his works. Ask there ;D: ...more
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that isn't a Dean Koontz book, you may want to try another author. It does sound like the short story Willa by Stephen king.

Are you sure that is not Willa by Stephen King? Sorry I did not see your message sooner to help out.

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