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Disregarding all the established pairs by J.K., who do you think should end up together?
Liza Marie Liza Apr 29, 2015 06:57PM
I'm just really curious. I, for one, would have wanted Luna to end up with Dean but we know she married the son of the author of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them :))

I think that, like in the movie, Neville and Luna would be a good match because they complete things about each other.

He was once really shy and made mistakes all the time; she spends all her time avoiding the norm and being herself,
He is scared of disappointing his Grandmother and his family of purebloods; Luna's father loves her dearly and supports her all the time,
Neville was kind of seen as the weakling (early on) among Grffindors; Luna was seen as the oddball of Ravenclaws.

They fit like puzzle pieces and it would be really sweet.

Bookworm54 Neville marries Hannah Abbott?
Jul 20, 2015 05:18AM

I like Neville and Luna. I don't really like hermione/ron and ginny/harry. Felt like it was a cliche and just a easy way out. But i dont think hermione and harry are better together because I always thought of them as just best friends.

Bookworm54 Agreed! I think it is fine for them to date, I just don't think it seems like there was much of a connection. Ron/Hermione irked me because I feel lik ...more
Jul 20, 2015 05:23AM · flag

Oh yeah! I'm totally on board for Neville and Luna! And if Sirius Black would have lived, I would have paired him with me. :D

I also thought Luna and Neville should have been together. I thought Harry and Hermione would have made a wonderful couple as well, but she and Ron are alright. She will ground him and help him grow. James and Lily actually seemed like somewhat of a bad couple, James being a bully as he was. JK Rowling did alright with the pairs she created though.

I never got ron and Hermione. I don't see what their common ground is, except harry. that's not enough for a relationship. I thought Hermione could do better to be honest. and I don't know what ron was thinking hooking up with a tight ass.
George should've been with me. :D

neville and luna would be great.
They hinted that in the movies.

I am all for Neville and Luna :)
But I am kind of into the idea of Draco and Hermione...

I would like Neville and Luna

I'm alright with the other relationships. Angelina and George are together at the end though which I don't like since she used to date Fred and it looks like rebound to me

I like Ron and Hermione together. And I would have liked it if Neville and Luna had ended up together but I don't mind the pairings that she gave them. The pairing I always hated was Harry and Ginny. Harry could have ended up with anyone else and I would have been fine, but Ginny always struck me as having hero worship for Harry rather than any real feelings. And their pairing just never made sense to me.

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