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Classics with good illustrations

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message 1: by Abby (new)

Abby (sufflegirl) | 1 comments I am trying to collect unabridged books that have quality illustrations. So hard to find.

My current search is for "A Little Princess" by Frances H. Burnett

I found this one ISBN-13: 9781435142091 but the illustrations are so small, but its unabridged.

Care to add to your finds of good quality classics with good illustrations?

message 2: by Michael (new)

Michael Fitzgerald | 2 comments I also collect these.

For A Little Princess, I own the Tasha Tudor (A Little Princess), which is nice, though a little small in size.

However, I recently added A Little Princess because I already had the matching partner The Secret Garden.

The Graham Rust illustrations in both are wonderful. They vary quite a bit: from small decorations, to black-and-white, to full color, with some full page and even spread over two pages.

These Godine books are very well made, beautifully laid out, and an excellent size (same width, but a little taller than a Scribners). I wish I could find more like them.

In terms of other illustrated classics, some I like are the Scribners/Atheneum reprints, the Books Of Wonder, and the Children's Classics by Random House. Also the Sterling books with Robert Ingpen illustrations (I think Palazzo and minedition are variant publishers). Dover/Calla can be OK too.

I do own a few vintage books, but most are reprints. Happy to talk more on this topic if there is interest.

message 3: by Linda (new)

Linda Long (wunderlong88) | 5 comments I've started purchasing unabridged classics that are illustrated by Robert Ingpen. I don't think A Little Princess has been done (yet?) but he just did a Christmas Carol and I also have Treasure Island and Around the World in 80 Days. I picked these 2 up used for a really reasonable amount.


message 4: by Michael (last edited Sep 26, 2015 12:33PM) (new)

Michael Fitzgerald | 2 comments Jules Verne is tricky because of the translation issue. Unfortunately, the translations that are public domain aren't the best (some are awful). So, to avoid paying for a better modern translation, the Ingpen almost certainly uses a lesser translation (seems to be the George M. Towle one). And conversely, the best translations aren't illustrated (at least not like those Ingpen books). Though I am still tempted because Ingpen is so good.

More here: and here:

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