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Angie (amgiammarino) Hello Grim Readers! Thanks for joining us as we re-read FIRST GRAVE ON THE RIGHT!

You can read Chapters 13-15 for free until 5/1 HERE:

This thread is where you can discuss Chapters 13-15, but be considerate of any newbies who are reading for the first time and keep your spoilers to a minimum! And here's some exciting news: anyone who joins in the discussion will be entered for a chance to win a phone call from Darynda Jones! A winner will be chosen using on 5/1. Happy reading!

Chapter 13 begins with Charley making a deal with the alleged shooter of the three lawyers. Charley knew he was innocent the moment he knocked her over behind his building during the extraction, but his deceased Tia Yesenia was the one who told her what to say to get him to talk to the cops in exchange for immunity from prosecution. In return for Charley getting Julio to talk, Uncle Bob promises to help her delay pulling the plug on Reyes, and to obtain his old high school records in the hopes of finding his sister.

Charley goes home and finds Reyes in her apartment. He's incorporeal, but he's there (and he's hot). When Cookie bursts through the door, he disappears. Charley stays up late reading his prison files, which she got from Neil, but Reyes doesn't visit her in her sleep for the second night in a row.

The next morning, Charley finds her thirteen year old investigator, Angel, in her bathroom. Here's the backstory on Angel:

"Angel and I had hooked up soon after I met him on the Night of God Reyes, as I liked to call it. He'd followed me through high school, college, and eventually into the Peace Corps. When I finally opened my own investigations business, we negotiated a deal where I sent his mother the money he would have made working for me -- anonymously, of course -- and he became my top, number one, and only investigator.

Charley sends Angel off to see if he can come up with a connection between the kid who died in Mark's backyard and the missing nephew, when Officer Taft shows up (with satanic little-girl ghost in tow). He realizes that he's being haunted, but when Charley describes the ghost to him, he gets angry and storms out. She leaves to go over to her office, and Swopes arrives (with coffee, thank god). They're discussing yesterday's events -- with only a little hostility -- when the husband of Charley's abused client knocks on her door. With a gun. Pointed at Charley.

Luckily, Big Bad shows up. In less than a second, he's severed the abuser's spinal cord and thrown him back hard enough to go crashing into the elevator. But he accidentally nicks Charley with his blade, and she falls. Bad catches her and she realizes that Big Bad IS REYES.

After an ambulance comes to take the now-paralyzed abuser to the hospital and the cops arrive at the scene, Uncle Bob has to take Charley and Swopes to the station to give statements on what happened. To make things easier for everyone -- and, somehow, more believable -- they decide that there were two men in the hall outside of Charley's office, and one escaped from the scene. After this, Charley and Uncle Bob head over to Reyes's old high school. Once Uncle Bob finds out that he and Charley are there to get records on Reyes Farrow, he is less than pleased, but she is able to get some information.

In the car on the return trip, two of the three lawyers show up. Charley tells them that Julio gave his friend a box of ammo, which is how his fingerprint may have shown up at the crime scene. This friend works for Benny Price, who was recently accused of human trafficking. Also, the mother of Mark Weir's missing nephew got a call from the warehouse owner, Father Federico the other day. She was supposed to meet him, but he never showed up. Charley decides to set up a sting to gather evidence against Benny Price -- after she meets some women from Reyes's high school who remember him attending their high school.

Extra points for discussion:
1. Were you surprised to find out that Big Bad and Reyes are the same person?
2. Do you think something will come of the fact that Reyes accidentally sliced Charley with his supernatural blade? I'm a little concerned.
3. Do you have any theories on the human trafficking case?
4. What do you think of the portions of the book where a ghost crosses through Charley? I love those moments.
5. What do you think of the relationship between Uncle Bob and Charley's Dad?

Dominy | 31 comments 1. Not really. I was more happy that he was. A hot guy that's an angel really isn't worth a mind blowing orgasm. Only the dark and dirty gets you that.
2. Memories. Example: "Ah yes, I remember that instance you poked me. Good times."
3. Only that puppies are easier.
4. I actually love those portions to. Reminds me of the question: "If a ghost walks through you; is it like you did it with that ghost?"
5. Always wished they were closer. Like Charley is with Ubie. Ah well, brothers can be bastards to one another.

Shardallinee | 48 comments 1. Nope. Or, when I first read it, I hoped he was one and the same. The feeling, when two great mysteries combine into one, perfect.

2. At first I thought - ouch! But I think I registered the fact that Charley was sliced for about a second - the fact that Reyes was under the hood captivated my attention alot longer... does that make me a bad person?

3. Theories? This time I just knew Charley is going to be in trouble. Again. *hugs Charley* Yep, I hug fictional people. ;)

4. Oh those moments are beyond beautiful. And I speak for every single one (even in other books that follow). In just a few words we get to know another human being and feel for them as they pass on. Remarcable, how many heartwrenching emotions these bits evoke in me every time.

5. Good question. They are not as close as I am with my family. I mostly see the relationships Ubie-Charley and Charley-her Dad. Not so much Ubie-Charley's Dad.

Linda Parish | 78 comments 1. Not really surprised. The hot sexy dreams she has been having had already lead me in that direction.
2. Not really worried. I'm much more concerned that the state is planning on pulling life support on Reyes. Reyes ending up as a ghost or incorporeal being permanently, would really suck.
3. Not sure how this is all going to tie in with weir, but I suspect his nephew was a victim and that would explain his disappearance.
4. When a ghost passes through Charlie and she describes the scent it's really a beautiful moment in the story. I feel almost as though I've brushed against that soul.
5. I think Charlie's uncle and father take their relationship for granted, being around each other so often. It's a shame they aren't a lot closer. Although I do like their interactions and glares.

Jennie Shaw (ms_jennieshaw) | 4 comments 1. Like everyone else, I wasn't very surprised. That doesn't mean I wasn't happy to have it confirmed, though. Ha! It made me want to know about Reyes even more.

2. I wasn't worried. If anything, I was more intrigued, considering what Reyes' blade did to the husband.

3. Honestly, I had no idea how it was all going to tie in. That's why I was so invested!

4. I love those moments. They show a different side of Charley. I'm all for her hilarious quips, but when a person passes through her, I like how emotionally vulnerable she becomes, even though it's just for a second or so.

5. Sibling relationships can be complicated, but that makes for good tension, so I'm all for it. fiction, anyway. ;)

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Angie Bee | 50 comments 1. No. I always thought they were one in the same.
2. No, because Charley is a fast healer.
3. I thought the missing Teddy Weir was part of the human trafficking case.
4. I think those moments are bitter sweet. It’s sad that the person is gone and Charley gets to feel all of their emotions.
5. I don’t know what’s up with that family. For Uncle Bob and Charley’s father both being cops and brothers you would think that they’d be a lot closer. The same goes for Charley
and Gemma.

Angie (amgiammarino) Thanks for chatting everyone! Chapters 16-18 are up on Wattpad now! Click here to read:

The winner of a phone call from Darynda is Lori! Lori, please message me with your contact info so we can set up your call!

Another winner will be chosen in the discussion of Chapters 16-18, so make sure to stop by!

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