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Series books and predictable plots
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I'm writing this for two reasons:
1. I want to see if you students-of-mine-type-people out there see this.
2. I'm experimenting with ways for us to use this web site...usefully :)
3. (I know I said two, whatever...) I really am wondering about this question:

As I read the Red Pyramid, and have read the Percy Jackson series (1st series) and started Heroes of Olympus...I keep finding that I know what's going to happen, yet I still care. For example...I know there are going to be weird demons, gods, dangerous things happening, etc. I also know that the two main characters (or however many) are going to make it out of it pretty much OK.

So why do I care about these books? Because I do! Is it the characters? Is it learning random but fascinating mythology? Is it the knowledge that Greeks and Romans and Egyptians are all happening at once? Is it that I kind of like this idea (even though I'm a science-y person, that there is a vast spiritual world out there that we can't even begin to comprehend...that may (or may not) have Axe-headed people, or satyrs, or serpents that want to eat the sun...?

If you answer you'll get credit for it in your grade! If you don't answer, this is a test run, not a required thing (YET.) so you won't get credit but it won't hurt you, either.
Thanks and add to the discussion...maybe you hate these predictable books, but if you like them, why?
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huh im stoned

I think that the reason people like these kinds of books so much is that the characters are funny and realistic (excepting the demigod/magician part), and always end up reflecting some part of ourselves one way or another. And just because you know that the characters are going to come out unscathed (at least most--hehehe), doesn't mean that it's not going to be interesting. The more catastrophic the book gets the more I want to find out how the protagonists get out of it alive.

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**Spoiler Alert**

I know that everything is going to turn out okay. Summer and I had a conversation similar to this one once. We already knew Sadie and Carter would win the war, Percy would defeat the titans (i apologize if I am spoiling any of these books for you), that Frank and Hazel would end up together, that Sadie would resolve her boy problems, that the seven would defeat Gaea ect. We already know the ending. I know they get their happily ever after. But I don't read books to figure out the ending, most of the time I already know it's happy, I read books because I want to know how the characters got there. I read the books for the journey.

However, in some books and stories the characters do not get their happy endings. Divergent is a fair example. So yeah everything turned out all right, but Tris died! And we all know Romeo and Juliet.

But the point is I don't want to know the ending, because a majority of the time I already can give a hypothesis, I want to know how they got there. How may people did they lose? What happened? Who had to suffer the most? Who had to suffer the least? Does so and so and whatever her name is end up together?

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