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What don't you read?

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message 1: by Beth (new)

Beth | 41 comments I try really hard not to judge a book by its cover, but I do judge books other ways and reject them outright. I don't read books written in first person (unless highly recommended and maybe not even then) and I don't read short story collections.

What don't you read?

message 2: by Aaron (new)

Aaron (trippdigital) | 170 comments Mod
I don't think there's a genre that I outright refuse to read, but there are certainly books on my shelf now that would never have found their way onto it if they hadn't been Literally Geeky selections.

Take 'I, Claudius' for example. I've never been personally interested in Roman history and wouldn't have read this book had Ez not selected it last month. But I ended up enjoying it and learning new things in the process.

For me, that's what joining a book club is about - occasionally stepping out of your comfort zone and discovering new things. You may discover that you still don't like a particular style, genre, author, etc. but at least you can then say that you tried. And you've got a group of people there who've been reading the same book to express your frustrations to.

message 3: by Lara, Not Laura (new)

Lara (larasaurus) | 109 comments Mod
If I'm reading something that hasn't been chosen by one of the two book clubs I'm in, 99.9% of the time it's going to be sci-fi, fantasy, or something non-fiction (normally either politics or psychology).

I'm not keen on historical fiction, and I'm really not a horror fan. I do enjoy short stories though and don't read them enough, so I'm really looking forward to this months' pick.

message 4: by Ez, The God of Catan (new)

Ez (thevapidwench) | 287 comments Mod
I read mostly non-fiction, but I'll have a crack at any genre if the fancy takes me, well, except sci-fi. I don't have a space beef with any sci-fi books but if I'm going to read about space then I prefer it to be non-fiction.

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