Cinder (The Lunar Chronicles, #1) Cinder question

Kai and Cinder's relationship
Moriya Moriya Apr 28, 2015 03:54PM
I seriously don't get how and why Kai falls for Cinder. I read the book again to see if I missed anything and I realized that nothing really happened that showed us that Kai likes Cinder back. I mean yes, it gets obvious when he thinks about whether Cinder is okay. But even when Cinder SPOILER ALERT kissed Kai we don't see his reaction and whether he liked it or not. My point is that through out the book, it doesn't show Kai openly or obviously liking Cinder.

i think that there's an under current in this story that when he meets her, he's intrigued and the more that he gets to know about her makes her that much more interesting. i think that there's a stigma that he's had to live with growing up because of who he is and that's not something that Cinder really put into context or focus in their 'relationship'. She had her own secrets, so that made it more honest between them.

i agree with you in a way, but i do believe his feelings for cinder will build up as time pass, i dont think he liked her outright, i just think that it will take time for him to eventually fall for her

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