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message 1: by Liz (new)

Liz (lizagne) | 2 comments Hi Guys,

I Have recently signed up for Amazon Prime, a bonus of which comes the 'kindle owners lending library', but having looked on it, there are over 800,000 books! Its a daunting prospect trying to find a book to borrow! Wondering if anyone can suggest books they have borrowed, or lined up to borrow?


message 2: by Clare (new)

Clare Kauter (goodreadscomclare_kauter) Hey! I hope this doesn't come across as spammy, but I've written a couple of books that are available for free in the kindle library if you want to check them out!
Losing Your Head (The Charlie Davies Mysteries Book 1) by Clare Kauter - This is a mystery novel about a girl who enters into a bet with her old high school enemy that she can solve a murder before the police. (There's a little bit of romance in there too...)
Deadhead by Clare Kauter - This one's a fantasy novel with everything from ghosts to witches to vampires. (Of course, this one has a romantic thread as well.)
They're both pretty light-hearted and (I hope) fun reads. Let me know if you end up reading either of them! I'd love to know what you think.

message 3: by Liz (new)

Liz Moore | 1 comments Clare, I started reading Losing Your Head and I love it! Can't wait to read the rest.

message 4: by Clare (new)

Clare Kauter (goodreadscomclare_kauter) Thank you so much Liz! I'm glad you like it. :D xx

message 5: by Darby (new)

Darby | 217 comments My library offers ebooks, but there's only a certain number of downloads allowed per book. I thought the whole point of digital books was not having to worry about availability of copies! Bit silly if you ask me, but I'm more of a physical book kind of reader

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