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Rudd (Taco Chimera)Φ ((I will play as Caesar))

Caesar: Hello everyone, and welcome back to another Tribute Interview. Tonight, we have Zu Jericho, the tribute from District 10!

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Zu: *waves* Hello people of the Capitol. Hello Caesar! You look lovely, neat hair.

Rudd (Taco Chimera)Φ Caesar: why thank you Zu, you look great yourself. Why don't you spin around and show off that dress for everyone?

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Zu smiled sheepishly, "Okay."
She looked towards the audience and put on a winning smile. She needed to win them over, she wanted to survive and they were going to help her.So she did as she was told and spun

Rudd (Taco Chimera)Φ (Crowd Cheers.)

Caesar: Give it up for Zu's Tailor, wherever they are!

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Zu gave a small wave to the camera
"You did an amazing job!"

Rudd (Taco Chimera)Φ Caesar: Now Zu, in your own opinion, how prepared would you say you are for the games?

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Zu:"Oh I'd say I was as prepared as the next tribute. But I must admit I have been lacking proper training."

Rudd (Taco Chimera)Φ Caesar: Well don't worry about that Zu. Training will be provided, and you should be fine. So how is your family back at home. I'm sure they must be very proud.

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Zu gave a sad smile "It's just me and my mum. And I suppose you could say that she's very proud. She was crying when she found out of course. Tears of joy? Who knows!"
Zu was starting to get frustrated with the capitol. She envied them, despised them and the kind of easy life they lived. She wanted it for her mother and she was going to get it

Rudd (Taco Chimera)Φ Caesar: If you could say one thing to anyone in the country right now, on live tv, what would it be?

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Zu: "See you all real soon!"

Rudd (Taco Chimera)Φ Caesar: Well, that's all the time we have for tonight. Give it up one last time for Zu Jericho!

((Crowd Cheers.))

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