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message 1: by David (new)

David Gooch | 3988 comments Mod
So it is just about a third of the year gone as we reach the end of April.

As a bit of fun and conversation and you never know what goodies we may have all missed.

1) What has been your best mystery/crime book you have read so far this year so far?
2) What is the best book of other genres you have read this year so far?
3) What book are you looking forward to reading during the rest of the year?

message 2: by David (last edited Apr 28, 2015 06:34AM) (new)

David Gooch | 3988 comments Mod
For me it has been:-

1) Nemisis by Jo Nesbo (Harry Hole Book 4).
A great read by Nesbo.
"Were all standing in a bank queue; a robber walks in and quickly controls the area. He directly stands before a female bank cashier she's given twenty five seconds for him to receive his money, when he doesn't get the cash on time; six seconds too late, she's executed at point blank range, the robber escapes leaving no forensic evidence. Harry Hole is assigned to the case, all he has as a lead is grainy CCTV footage, a playback of the crime in slow motion, what he needs is a fatal mistake, just one discrepancy, until then the robber continues his spree of evil across Oslo."
keeps you riveted all the way through.

2) Best and Edwards: Football, Fame and Oblivion
by Gordon Burn
If you don't like football don't bother with this. I was brought up just after Edwards and during Best era and although not a United fan so many said Edwards was ultimately the best English footballer if not best footballer ever. I read this to find more about him and while it covers more about Best it is a cracking read and I now wish I had seen Edwards play.

3)The Final Minute by Simon Kernick
This is due out 21st May and I have read all his books. It will be a fast paced thriller of that I am sure but I can't wait to get a copy and read his latest.

message 3: by Judith (new)

Judith | 560 comments What a great question and how difficult to answer, there have been so many books I have enjoyed and am looking forward to reading when they are published, I did enjoy a very quirky book by Ian Sansom called Death in Devon, not to everyone's taste but I loved it.

message 4: by Juliann (new)

Juliann Johnson | 93 comments favorite mystery so far: The Scarred Man by Andrew Klavan
Yikes. A good plot, moved fast, endearing characters.....

favorite detective, crime solving read so far: Anything by Susan Hill and her Simon S. OK, he's a tad shallow but the plots are great.

I don't read much besides mysteries/ fiction because I read all day at my job.

Waiting for: anything by Andrew Taylor

message 5: by Neville (last edited Apr 28, 2015 03:31PM) (new)

Neville 1) Jack Reacher #3 - Tripwire by Lee Child

2) London 2012: What if parts 1 & 2 by Ian C.P. Irvine - Man's whole life completely changed - loves new life but wants to see first family -has to decide which life he wants.

3) The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins

message 6: by Kathleen (new)

Kathleen | 6 comments 1) The Girl On The Train by Paula Hawkins
2) Wild by Cheryl Strayed
3) Little Black Lies by Sharon Bolton (so far:)

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