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message 1: by Michael (new)

Michael Wood (goodreadscommichaeljwood) | 3 comments Hey everyone!

Which of these three books would you most want to read?:

Dream On: A teenager on the verge of committing suicide is visited by his future self, who shows him what awaits him in life to convince him to keep living.

Pretty Lies: A lawyer wakes up after an alcohol blackout as the prime suspect in a murder, and has to retrace a night he can’t remember to catch the true killer before the cops arrest him.

Rap Game: A murdered rap music superstar leaves behind his diary to help a detective catch his killer – but can the detective trust the clues? Or did the musician have a plan of his own?

Once you decide, could you cast your vote on the form at this URL (it'll take only a minute!)

I'm keeping track of the opinions to decide which of these novels I should finish and release.

Thanks so much!


message 2: by Dexx (new)

Dexx Peay (dexxpeay) | 13 comments Dream On

message 3: by Dennis (new)

Dennis Kitainik Is "None of the above" on the list? :-/

message 4: by Pamela. (new)

Pamela. (bookeater77) | 11 comments Sorry, although they sound good it is not my cup of tea,but Rap Game sounds oke

message 5: by Denise (new)

Denise Baer | 321 comments Pretty Lies sounds good, Michael. Best of luck to you.

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