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What are your thoughts on Graystripe going against the warrior code and meeting Silverstream?

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Mya I feel like Graystripe should have known better then to betray his clan and go and meet Silverstream. I was honestly quite upset and mad that he made this decision. But I started the third book and can't wait to see what happens next. I have two possible predictions, one is that Graystripe and Silverstream will leave both of there clans and live on there own, two Graystripe will leave Thunderclan and join Riverclan.

Celest I didn't feel much about it one way or the other with Graystripe's meeting up with Silverstream other than he put a lot of extra burden on his friend, Fireheart who was dealing with wondering if Tigerclaw was really as dangerous as Ravenpaw is making him out to be, or that Tigerclaw is just as loyal and dependable as the majority of the clan and Redtail's death happened exactly as Tigerclaw said.

Mya warriorlover wrote: "I think it was romantic but kinda foolish too. I mean what would have happened if Tigerclaw happened to find out. Actully i don't want to know!! *shudder*"

I don't want to know either!!! :p

SevenOfNinetales Yeah, I don't know, actually I found the whole Graystripe/Silverstream Forbidden love thing a bit of a cliche.

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