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Angie (angiegiammarino) Happy Monday Grim Readers! Thanks for joining us as we re-read FIRST GRAVE ON THE RIGHT!

You can read Chapters 10-12 for free until 4/29 HERE:

This thread is where you can discuss Chapters 10-12, but be considerate of any newbies who are reading for the first time and keep your spoilers to a minimum! And here's some exciting news: anyone who joins in the discussion will be entered for a chance to win a phone call from Darynda Jones! A winner will be chosen using on 4/29. Happy reading!

Chapter 10 begins where Chapter 9 left off -- with Charley and Cookie discussing the Big Bad and the details of Charley's gifts as the Grim Reaper. The Big Bad called Charley "Dutch" on the day she was born, and he's saved her life on a few occasions (when she was kidnapped by a child predator when she was four, when someone was trying to run her over with an SUV in high school, and when she was attacked one night in college). Reyes called her "Dutch" the first time that they met, and may or may not be a supernatural being who visits Charley in the shower. As the idea that the two men might be cut from the same cloth dawns on Charley and Cookie, they discover that Uncle Bob was the lead detective in Reyes's case. That night, Reyes doesn't visit Charley in her dreams.

The next morning Charley decides to visit Reyes in prison, and we meet Aunt Lillian, Charley's deceased aunt who seems to be in denial about being dead (she "makes coffee" that Charley has to pretend to drink). Cookie is going through Mark Weir's case files, and Charley heads out to prison to see Reyes. She stops to see an old high school acquaintance, Deputy Warden Neil Gossett, who can give her some insider information on Reyes. But when she mentions Reyes, Neil goes pale and informs her that Reyes has been brain-dead and in a coma for the past month:

Approximately one month earlier, a fight broke out in the yard, and the prison immediately went into lockdown. Everyone was supposed to get on the ground. When one of the inmates, a large childlike man Reyes had befriended, got confused and didn’t go down, a guard in one of the towers prepared to fire a warning shot. Reyes saw this and tackled his friend to get him down, thinking the guard was going to shoot him. Instead of burrowing harmlessly in the dirt as intended, the bullet found Reyes’s skull and pierced his frontal lobe. He’d been in a coma since.

Neil relates another story about Reyes while he was in prison: When Neil first started as a guard there, Reyes was attacked by some South Side members bent on killing him. Instead of killing Reyes, the three men ended up in pools of their own blood before they could draw another breath. That was how Reyes got his prison nickname, El Aliento del Diablo (The Devil's Breath) -- because he moves like smoke. Sound like anyone else we know?

Neil offers to let Charley see Reyes, but she'll have to do it quickly. The state plans to pull the plug on him in three days. Charley asks if his sister has any say in whether or not they continue life support, but Neil has no record of Reyes having a sister. Of course, Charley is hell-bent on finding her and saving Reyes.

When Charley sees Reyes in the care facility, she notices his tattoo and remembers it from somewhere. "He had a tattoo that flowed along his tanned biceps, lending to its beauty and fluidity. A tribal work of art with graceful lines and sensual curves, lines and curves that had meaning. I’d seen them before. They were ancient, as old as time. And important. But why?" Charley kisses Reyes as he is lying in the hospital bed, and suddenly sees a rush of images of them together and wakes up on the floor.

On the way home, Charley calls Cookie to tell her that she passed out kissing Reyes, and Cookie tells her that she found nothing out of the ordinary on Barber's flash drives that Charley stole from his office. Charley will have to break back in to return them later. Meanwhile, Uncle Bob calls her to let her know that they ID'd the lawyers' shooter and are on the way to extract him now. Charley gets to the scene and heads around back, but is promptly knocked to the ground by the shooter, who is trying to run out the back exit. She can tell right away that he's innocent. Damn!

Extra points for discussion:
1. These chapters really show how Cookie has Charley's back, no matter what. Who has your back no matter what?
2. If you could have one ghost make you fake coffee in the morning, whose ghost would it be?
3. What do you think of Reyes's character now that you've heard more about his behavior in prison?
4. Are you into guys with tattoos? (Obviously the answer will be yes, since we're all in love with Reyes, but I had to ask.)
5. Is it just me, or does Charley always seem to be getting into trouble?

Dominy | 31 comments 1. My best friend, Tracie. She's the epitome of the southern woman. Of course, you don't screw with southern women.
2. Keanu Reeves. I know he's not dead but damn that boy is still hot. I'll wait.
3. Honestly. Not sure what to think. My "hot bad boy" radar says yum but my "heart of gold radar" says...well...yum.
4. Hello ...duh. Hell I even ask to see the hidden ones!
5. It's just you. You may need to see someone about that. ;)

message 3: by Kim (new) - rated it 5 stars

Kim Bishop (paranormalyyours) | 10 comments I would have to say my husband has my back, he's cool like that ;)
Oh and ok, if it could be anyone, and God help me I don't wish the man dead, but if this is the only way I could have him...Jared Leto!! And he has to be naked while making the coffee!
You know what, what happens in prison stays in prison!
Of course, but you know they have be manly...if there is such a thing! No lame whimpy crap, I want testosterone pouring out of that tat!
Charley is a magnet for trouble, but that's what makes her so fun to read about!

Angie (angiegiammarino) Dominy wrote: "2. Keanu Reeves. I know he's not dead but damn that boy is still hot. I'll wait."

I just laughed out loud at "I'll wait!!"

Jennie Shaw (ms_jennieshaw) | 4 comments 1. I really love Cookie and Charley's friendship. There's something about female besties that's very much "ride or die," and I got that impression right away with these two. My own bestie, or HLP as we like to say (Hetero-Life-Partner, ;) ) Libby has my back, no matter what. We live in different provinces now, but we'd be there in a second, should either of us need it.

2. I like this whole hottie-ghosts-who-are-still-alive trend, so I pick Christian Bale. Because, Batman. Obviously, he'd be wearing the suit while serving said coffee. Ha! Wait. Then he wouldn't be shirtless. Clearly, I need to think more about this whole suit-wearing requirement.

3. I'm with Dominy: hot bad boy + heart of gold = yum.

4. Yes, yes, a thousand times...yes. Kim has a point about wimpy tattoos, but I love the pretty ones too. That said, Tweety Bird on the behind doesn't have quite the same allure as, let's say, a winding tribal tat. ;)

5. Hahahaha! *rereads question* Hahaha! Um yes, I'd say that getting into trouble is one of Charley's finer talents. But that's why I love her!

Mordiallity | 13 comments 1. My sister!! She is the best!! :)
2. I think Heath Ledger!! He left us too soon!!
3. I still think he's hot, and a little badness is still ok!! It all becomes more misterious!!
4. OOOOOO, yes!!!! As long as he has at least one dragon tatoo (I love dragons)!
5. Charley really gets into a lot of trouble! But she has a way to defeat them! And the humor..... I laugh so hard at her comments! And of course Reyes is always near to save the day!

Shardallinee | 48 comments 1. I agree with Mordiallity (my sis) completely. My sister always has my back, no matter what, and I adore her for that and many other reasons.

2. Lurch from Addams Family. I don't speak much in the morning, so I usualy communicate with grunts. He'd understand me. ;)

3. Let me just clarify one thing - I'd pass out kissing Reyes too.

4. Yep. And I named every single one of the creepy tattoos my ex had. For example, I named a scary looking skeleton under a hood 'Daisy'. Just because.

5. I think Charleys middle name is 'Trouble'. That, or Mr. Wong tapes a note 'loves troubles' on her back everytime she leaves her appartment. Hey... wait a minute...! I think I'm on to something... ;)

message 8: by Angie (new) - added it

Angie Bee | 50 comments 1. My Mom and siblings most definitely have my back.

2. I absolutely hate coffee. Casper can serve it to me on a silver platter and I still won’t touch it.

3. I was drawn to the danger and mystery cloaking Reyes. His hot description didn’t hurt either.
I figured it’ll be a while before we find out more about him, the prison fight was just the first layered peeled. And I hadn’t decided at the time if he’s a good witch or a bad witch.

4. I’m not drawn to tats, nor am I offended by them. I just never given them much thought.

5. Charlie is a leap before you look kind of girl. Her impulsiveness seem to get her in trouble. And I
love that most about her.

Angie (angiegiammarino) Thanks for chatting everyone! Chapters 13-15 are up on Wattpad now! Click here to read:

The winner of a phone call from Darynda is Shardallinee! Shardallinee, please message me with your contact info so we can set up your call!

Another winner will be chosen in the discussion of Chapters 13-15, so make sure to stop by!

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