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message 1: by Bryse (new)

Bryse Patz-Masters | 2 comments I just finished First Frost, amazed as always with SAA's beautiful writing, but I had a question about the ending- specifically Mariah.

I feel like I missed something with her 'imaginary friend' in the ending, and with wind whipping with her through the window before stopping. Her gift is the only thing I did not see revealed, and it left me feeling like it was a loose end (possibly intentional for a potential 3rd book). However, I also feel like it was explained in that scene and I missed it.

Thoughts or explanations?

message 2: by Meg (new)

Meg | 8 comments Trying not do spoilers. But reread page 280-282. The imaginery friend is explained there.

message 3: by Donna Ippoliti (new)

Donna Ippoliti | 26 comments Hoping for another novel.

message 4: by Meg (new)

Meg | 8 comments I would love to see follow up novellas or short stories for some of the characters in all the books. I would love a story in the pov of Grandpa Vance or Rachel (peach keeper).

message 5: by Bryse (new)

Bryse Patz-Masters | 2 comments You know, I don't know how I missed that. It was almost 4am when I read it though. I Terra's that chapter and everything seemed accurate, like I wasn't falling asleep, but that part was like brand new. Thank you for clearing that up, and I'll make sure to reread endings if I am falling asleep the first time. =]

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