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The Burning of Cherry Hill
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Book Cover Help > Need new cover/description/page count for second edition

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message 1: by A.K. (new) - added it

A.K. (akbutler) | 6 comments I have recently updated my book cover and need someone's help adding it to the site.

Here is the new cover: https://akbutlerwrites.files.wordpres...

Here is the new description:
Fourteen-year-old Zay Scot knows nothing of his parent’s treasonous past or of the government that has never stopped looking for them since they defected over a decade ago. When they are discovered, his parents are arrested and he and his sister are ripped from their home and forced into foster care. Zay must soon choose between protecting the small family he has left and searching for those he has lost, and if this journey doesn’t kill him, what he finds might start a war.

The new page count for the paperback version is 284.

It is the Second Edition (the interior is significantly changed from the previous edition).

Also, the hardback version is now out of print. That cover can remain the same, but I'd like it to be indicated in some way that that book doesn't exist anymore.

I tried creating a new edition with the new cover but since I'm using the same ISBN it won't let me. I want to make sure that the ISBN links to the new version, not the old one.

Thank you! Please let me know if I've left out some information you need, I'm not entirely sure how this works I just know it keeps giving me errors and saying I need to get a librarian's help. :)

message 2: by Empress (new)

Empress (the_empress) Here is the kindle ACE:

I have not created one for the paperback as the cover is still the old one on Amazon. Do you have a link to the publisher with the new cover?

How to set a default edition:

message 3: by A.K. (new) - added it

A.K. (akbutler) | 6 comments The publisher is me and it's through Lightning Source so my guess is the new cover just hasn't propagated through all their outlets yet. Thanks!

message 4: by A.K. (new) - added it

A.K. (akbutler) | 6 comments The paperback version is still the first one found when people search and the link you included is making my app crash every time I click on it and there is no option to copy it or open it in a browser. :/

message 5: by lethe (new)

lethe | 13664 comments
To set this edition as the default, click on 'edit details' underneath the description. In the page that opens, scroll down. About midway down on the right side of the page you'll find the option to set the default.

message 6: by A.K. (new) - added it

A.K. (akbutler) | 6 comments Thanks! I have done this. Amazon now how the paperback cover correct, can that be edited now?

I can't figure out how to combine the ebook and kindle versions because they are all the same. I also don't see how to mark the old editions and the hardback as out of print. Thank you!

message 7: by A.K. (new) - added it

A.K. (akbutler) | 6 comments A couple problems still happening:

1) There are 2 Kindle versions and 1 ebook version listed. There should only be 2 total digital versions, one with the old (flower) cover and one with the new (kid silhouette) cover. I'm not sure why there are three.

2) There should be another paperback edition with the new cover. It is now listed that way on Amazon.

3) I'm not sure why, but the flower cover still shows up as the main cover in my author page. Why is that? The other cover is manually set to the primary edition.


message 8: by Melaslithos (new)

Melaslithos | 1356 comments 1/ Has your book been published as an ebook on other platforms than Amazon? GR makes the difference between Kindle books and other ebooks. This might explain the extra version, even though it's the same content.

2/ Paperback added.

3/ I see the flower cover as the primary edition too. Sorry, librarians can't do anything about that. GR is heavily cached. Sometimes, you need a few hours/days for a change to appear. If after a couple of day, that is still the case, then please contact support.

message 9: by A.K. (new) - added it

A.K. (akbutler) | 6 comments 1) Okay, thank you. Yes, it was on Nook for a while but has been removed.

2) Thank you!

3) Yes, this is annoying. It's been almost a week. I am trying to figure out how to do a giveaway/ad with the new cover and it won't let me. It keeps loading the old one. :/

message 10: by rivka, Librarian Moderator (last edited May 05, 2015 09:46AM) (new)

rivka | 42006 comments Mod
Your author dashboard will not show the new default cover, but no one sees the dashboard but you.

For giveaways, you will need to use the book ID (25482320), rather than the ISBN.

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