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The Coven will often partake in rituals within these caverns.

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Florence gazed at Ash and sighed before giving him his clothing. "Yeah don't worry about it, Croix'll be pissed, but I'll be fine." She replied easily and caste her gaze towards the ground. This man wasn't the same, and it was growing more and more evident to her. Did the power really do this to him? Or was it something else? She didn't know, but she didn't like it either. She gazed up at him with pursed lips and nodded. Taking his hand she waited for him to guide the way. She was nervous, an entire cavern of witches and her only protection from them was Ash. If he wasn't there, she wouldn't be surprised with they did try to kill her, she was a hunter after all. Though even with Ash she wasn't so sure she was still safe from all of them, even with his confident words she felt like she was a lamb walking into the lions lair.

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Ash passed through the barrier pushing it aside like a curtain a thin electric veil quite visible at his fingertips and glowing off of his body. He then pulled his clothes on as Florie walked through the barrier. Ash tugged onthe ball shorts which were bright red and made of silk. He still didn't leave much to the imagination, but he was clothed. He walked taking Florence back into his hand. "I know what you are thinking and you need to stop thinking it. I may seem different but it is because there is more than myself being effected by my powers now. Before I thought I was just going to be a Witch and now I am so much more than that. I do not want you thinking that this has changed em for the worst. I am still your friend and always will be. You mean so much to me Florie more than most others, but my choices no longer are mine to be made but hundreds if not thousands of others as well. Please do not ahte me because of this. I want unity between both sides and it cannot happen unless I know I have you still by my side to motivate me further inthe hardest of times. I need to keep my friends closer than my enemies now." He assured her with warm and caring eyes. He knew it would more than likely never change her mind, but he couldn't risk letting thousands of others die out becuase of this. He simmply wanted the reassurance she provided him with.

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Florence passed through the barrier tensely, though she relaxed once she was through without any injury. She gazed at Ash and couldn't help but look at the red, silk boxers. And shifted awkwardly and was about to ask them if he was ready to go, but heard what he had said once she was holding hand again. "Andrewyou have changed. You've changed too fast, too soon. I wasn't prepared for this at all. And I haven't decided whether this is for the better or for the worst yet." She replied before she hugged his arm. "I'm not leaving you though. You still are my Andrew and I swore to protect you, or rather to make sure you keep your head on straight." She then added and smiled up at him. Florence still held her doubts, especially with him not really changing. Though she wasn't lying when she said she'd stick with him. For better or worst Florence had always stuck with him before and she wasn't going to stop now just because he had more responsibilities. "Andrew when we first met what did you think of me?" She asked curiously before she started walking towards the cavern with him.

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Andrew smirked down at Florence, "I know I have changed and I and grateful for your support." He smiled abit as she hugged his arm, "Honestly, when you held a gun to my face all I could think was that this girl is out of her mind and needing serious mental health attention." He teased playfully..."Once we became mutual with one another I could only say that you intrigued me. I found myself growing curious about you like a moth to a flame I was drawn and I had no other thoughts but I had to get to know you. Once I did I realized it was good to decide for myself that you were a valuable ally and a wonderful friend who I could be myself around and not hold my mysterious edge. I was able to let loose and you never judged me for it. Even in my centuries old proper dialect you still seemed drawn to me as much as me to you. We have developed a rather interesting relationship that I cannot stop wondering where it will take us next." He admitted truthfully and even with his old world/new world way of speaking he seemed to hold his release still, but it could easily be seen that he was extremely tense still from dying and being reborn, beocming a phoenix and becoming a Witch. It all lingered in his mind swirling with something that he could not explain, but whatever that something may have been it was for Florie.

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Florence smiled as him and as he told her of his first thoughts she couldn't help but chuckle. "Well that's because before I met you I probably needed mental health attention." She then replied and blushed at what he said. Ash made her feel all weird inside, and yet in the same way he made her a better girl then what she was before. She gazed up at Ash innocently. Florence smiled up at him. "You were interested in me? That makes me...happy." She said, her voice was gentle and almost embarrassed. "I remember when I had the gun pointed at you, that look in your eyes it aggravated me and I wanted to pull the trigger, but I couldn't. I'm glad that I couldn't pull it." She said and then they had began walking until they had found the witches. There were dozens of the gathered more then Florence even realized there were. As if by instinct she stuck closer to Ash and almost hid behind him. She knew at least one of the witches would realize she was a hunter and things would go badly after that. Florence may have been Ash's support, but it was a two way road and he was her support also.

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The multitude was already chanting in a series of chants the moon was still red from Ash's ritual and red light shined in. The line of clouds was perfectly divided over hte cavern entrance. The wind was blowing in a rather eerie fashion and apart from the chanting Witches the forest seemed ot be alive with a choir of animals. Ash kept Florence close and as they entered Ash moved to a high chamber landing and stood over them all..."Silence your rituals and chanting!" His voice echoed over all of the noise and silence seemed to be demanded and followed. The animals even went silent outside. The bats above remained silent even. "I am the Supreme High Priest. Son of Ann Foster, great grandson of Hekate. I have come with a hunter who has sided with us and warn you all. The hunters of Grievance Ridge have gathered and created chaos. It is a massacre being aimed here at this very point under the red solstice moon. If you dare challenge what I saw I will prove my powers and pass beyond the Seven Trials of Hekate." The Witches listened intently, but the silence was broken by whispers. "If you are who you say you are what business does a hunter have here and how did she pass through our barrier of protection?" A voice echoed up to them. Ash gritted hsi teeth. "This hunter is a friend. Her name if Florence and she has offered aid in peace. I have no quarrel to be started, but she has offered herself as a friend to our kind. You wish to challenge this know that I have allowed her beyond the barrier and the hunters have the means necessary to get through with little effort. They have you cornered. I am not asking you to fight for it will only end in tragedy. I am asking you to flee. I wish to lead all Witches into a new age...Do you take heed to my warning or do you suffer death?" Ash spoke as a true leader. He was wasting no time. He had to save lives and he was going to ensure that they were compliant.

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Florence gazed at Ash surprised at the authority in his voice. She stayed close to him and warily at the witches before her. Her mind was rocketing from one thought to another, but as she felt something almost shift through her mind she went rigid and immediately locked down her mind. "Get them out of my head." She whispered to him and she shook slightly obviously her mental stability was growing a bit unstable. That was one thing that Florence hated; witches that could get into her head. She let go of Andrew and held her head cloing her eyes. It took everything in her to not pull out a weapon, though her hand gravitated towards one before she gazed up at Ash. "Andrew." She pleaded softly wanting whoever the witch was out of her head. Although she didn't have powers, she did inherit one trick from her parents the ability to sense magic, though only if it was directed to her.

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Ash looked over the crowd hearing Florence. "If you truly feel that you must be inside of her mind to hear or see her thoughts and memories to know if this is true then look into mine. I will react harshly upon those who harm her or use their powers against her. Ash said rather cruelly. Ash struck out his hands as sand and wind swirled from one over the crowd and fire and water twisted out of the other. "I warn you now strengthen your barriers halt your rituals and leave! Leave now and save yourself and your relatives while you ahve the chance to do so. By order of the first Coven laws written by Isis and Hekate I command you as the Supreme Witch I am your leader over all Covens. Leave now and live to face the unters another day...I will be ordering a mass gathering of hierarchy within the week...We can make peace in this world and we will succeed doing so. Now go!" He closed his hands intno fist and the elements vanished as he pointed ot the exit. The familiars shifted itno their animal forms and raced out and the Witches followed. It took nearly twenty minutes for everyone to leave. They were awaiting Ash's summons. He turned placing a hand on Florence's shoulder, "Florie? It's over. I now await the hunters and give them the same choice I gave the Witches. Do you wish to stand with me still? I am already glad with what you ahve done now, but I must say it may not be safe for the hunters to see you and recognize your face." He warned her caring deeply.

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Almost as soon as his voice boomed over the multitudes the witch had stopped invading her thoughts. Florence let out a faint sigh before watching Ash with awe on her eyes. She knew that he would be powerful, but never had she thought that he would be brimming with this much magic. It amazed her as she look at him with complete admiration in her eyes. Florence then watched the myltitudes of witches. At first they were wary, but eventually they did heed his warning and many scattered they were panicked which was quite obvious. Thought the cavern was completely emptied aside from her and Ash. Florence frowned and stayed close to Ash. Though as he placed his hand on her shoulder she gazed up at him and seemed much more relaxed. Her head had stopped hurting from the invasion and she listened to what he said and smiled gently. She raised her hand and thumped him in the forehead before smiling cheekily. She wrapped her arms around him in a hug. "I'm not going anywhere Andrew I swore to protect you whether you like it or not." She replied and nestled against him.

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Ash wrapped his arms around her very grateful and even though it was of no era he was used to he held er tightly and kissed the top of her head smiling. "I wonder who it is who needs the protecting. That is all I'm concerned about." He assured her with a smile. As he pulled from her he sensed the presence of the Hunters. It was only fifteen minutes after everyone had left that they edged near the cave of the Cavern. The fires were still lit. As the hunters entered guns ready they seemed entirely in shock to find it empty. That meant the other Witches got out safely before they could be sighted. One int he middle of the group called out, "Who tipped them off?!" They all looked aorund in shock. Then one spotted Ash and Florence. "There!" They all pointed there guns up at the two before firing. Ash held his hand up using his telekinesis he stopped the bullets all a hair from both him and Florence. "I would have liked to start this without violence. Please do have a seat and allow me to relieve you of your weapons." Still using telekinesis Ash pulled all weaponry from them and them at the Hunter's feet. "I rescued someone who I hope I may now call a friend. I discovered your plans and then I discovered my powers. Before, I was as any of you are now...powerless and naive to the changes that I could make. I have been immortal since the 1600's. I have watched and been apart of wars that the one you are trying to fight cannot compare to. There can only be death found where you seek it. This war that you strive to fight is not worth winning. Should you win you will have caused a genocide at such a level you will be seeking to kill one another because of your tainted bloodlines. I can account that each and everyone of you have Witch blood. There is no point in denying it or even searching it out. There is only ten percent on this entire Earth that can claim to be purely mortal. They are in fact not as you would desire for yourselves, either. That small percentage of mortals who are truly mortal are sickly and more likely to die before reaching the age of thirty than those who are tainted by Witch blood. As I gave the Witches who stood here only minutes ago a choice I shall too grant you with such a choice and perhaps later in the near future you will have lived long enough to make another choice that will not only save you lives but the lives of millions." He looked to FLorie for a moment then smiled, "You can live and you can attempt to continue your jobs or get on with a normal life that does not leave you with regrets or you may grab the weapons in front of you now and take aim at my heart. Florence is of no part of this as you may recognize her I have gained her support in this single matter. Can we both persuade you to see things as she has done too?" Some of the hunters appeared edgy as if waiting on a signal from a comrade to leap for their weapons. Unfortunately, out of the twenty, six did leap forward and as they took aim with their guns their bodies vanished into embers. Ash didn't even move for a moment. But it was him. "Do not worry your comrades are, currently, quiet safe. I transported them to Salem, in the sixteen hundreds. If they survive a few hours there without the accusation of being witches then they may return...However, if they fail to see the dangers that it may cause to simply be themselves they will die...And if they are as ignorant as I hope you are not they will attempt to kill the residence of Salem in order to ensure a large number of Witches are killed off in the future. However, I can turn back time. I can easily stop their ignorance. So as for you few who remain, tell your friends and let them know a new war is starting and you best be ready to choose sides that are not mortal against Witch but world against world." Ash flicked his hand forward as if it took little effort but more effort than before. All six returned one had smoking boots on and rope burn. Another had bruises on his neck and small rope burns on his wrist. The rest seemed to be soaking wet with the same rope burns on their wrist. "You see while two were to be burned and hanged the rest were being drowned to make confessions. Welcome to our lives. It isn't pleasant when you know you are as normal as anyone else and accused of being evil and put to death for such evil." The hunters nodded, "You may keep your weapons, but know the first to strike out against me or Florence and you all shall die." The hunters reacted a bit off. They ones who were sent back in time and back again seemed even more reluctant to stay any longer. The hunters filed out quickly almost as if frightened, but Ash smiled with the small joke they were hurrying to the army of hunters nearing to warn them. He knew far better. They were hoping Ash would be killed by the hundred other hunters who would come after them.

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Florence smiled as he hugged her back, it warmed her soul knowing that he truly still cared for hr, not that he had said otherwise, but this finalized the reassurance. Florence had been so worried about him changing that she didn't even realize how much he was still the same. She nestled into his chest and relaxed for a moment before gazing up at him with a gently smile tugging at her lips. "Andrew relax, it'll all work out." She replied and as he pulled away so did she. She rocked on her feet and she heard the hunters after awash had sensed them. She grew tense immediately and had her hand on one of her guns prepared to fire it if she had to. As they shot at her and Ash, her first reaction was to protect him even if it cost her her life. Before she could like she had become a human shield for Ash, though he had stopped the bullets as she had moved in front of him. She realized she wasn't getting hit with anything and turned around realizing what he had done. She blushed slightly and stepped back out of his way. Sh hadn't felt this useless in quite awhile and it was annoying her. She hated being useless, specially when it came to her friends. Though as she watched him she realized how frightening he could be and was curious to know if she hadn't chosen him would he have done the same. The idea frightened her and unconsciously she did take a step back until she hit the wall behind her. She jumped slightly and glanced at the wall before shaking her head. Stop it Florie this is Andrew you're thinking about, he wouldn't do that to you. Even if we were pitted against one another he wouldn't do that to you. She thought to herself reassuringly.

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As the hunters left Ash turned facing Florence, "what bothers you, Florie? You look ill. I promise the worry is over for now we both have a chance to live and push for higher goals than ourselves. We both share somethign that few others can even imagine. We have aduty to not just a small Coven and afew hunters, but the entire world of mortals, hunters, Witches, and even the cursed and Familiars. We have a world to save and this was the first step and possibly the hardest to take as most first steps are." He tried calming her sensing that something was bothering her. He didn't like it and it made him nervous to think such a thing could bother him at any point in time now, but it made him even more worried than nervous for Florie. He had to know what bothered her, but he would let her speak in her own time. She was friend he had know right to use magic against her and force it all out.

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Florence hesitated a moment before sighing and gazing up at Ash. "Don't worry so much I'm ok." She replied easily and smiled gently. she then pushed off the wall and walked back over to him. "I was just thinking, though it was of nothing important." She added reassuringly. Florence had relaxed and gazed up at him with a sweet smile. "Andrew you're too tense loons up." She then said teasingly and seemed much more like herself. Her slender arms wrapped around his arm again and she smiled brightly. Though she had been too focused on Andrew to sense the lingering hunter. He was in his early twenties, maybe. Inexperience and hatred were evident in his eyes. He had a handgun filled with iron bullets aimed at Ash. He shot the gun, though unlike usual it made no sound due to the silencer. Florence of course had been in the way and the bullet went straight through her shoulder and narrowly missed Ash. She screamed in pain and fell forward into Ash, tears were in her eyes. It wasn't a life threatening wound, but it sure did hurt like hell.

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Ash turned quickly after hearing Florence scream out in pain. He saw the young hunter and held no remorse back. He glared and his eyes turned to flames real flames. Slowly his body morphed his gym shorts falling to the ground as he took to the air in a ear piercing screech that echoed through the caverns. One moment a beautiful bird the next a fiery ball of light shot toward the hunter. He shot panicked into the flames but it was too late for him. Ash circled the hunter in a vortex of fire and in a single scream of fear and pain which was hushed like meat sizzling on a grill not even ashes were left as the bird flew back to Florie it landed no longer fire, but the glow in it's eyes and tears fell upon Florence yet again and the would began to heal. The bird shifted growing larger and turning back into Ash. Naked and covered in a small layer of sweat. "Are you okay? "He asked behind gritted teeth. "That pathetic boy knew what eh was doing was wrong. What amd ehim so brave was foolish nonsense in his mind." He said feeling a pure hatred for hunters now. He had the mind to seek out each and everyone of them at that mometn and slaughter them all without a second glance. Except for Florence nad her brother, of course.

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This was twice in the same day she got shot. She held her shoulder and as he went after the hunter, she fell to her knees and trembled. She heard the hunter's scream before silence followed it. As Ash landed in front of her she gazed up at him and realized he had healed her shoulder, although healed the remnants of pain still lingered where hr wound had been. She stood up and gazed at him, tears still in her eyes. Florence wasn't one to cry much, and yet here she was marbley eyes and holding her shoulder still. She then nodded slowly. "Yes, I'm okay now." She replied weakly. She knew that look in his eyes it was one she was all too familiar with. She rested a hand on his cheek and her eyes were gentle. "Andrew don't. He was foolish, but the rest listened to you. Even if they don't plan to stop hunting, they did heed your warning and made their choice. He made his, don't go back on your word." She said softly not wanting him to get any more blood then there already was on his hands. After all that was suppose to be her job.

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Andrew felt the fire burning in hsi eyes still. He was knelt by Florence and her words didn't make him feel any better. Even though he would listen to her if she told him to jump off of a bridge. Ash softed at her touch, "Very well, but not asingle one of their souls deserves to live. As far as I'm concerned they could have left him behidn to deal with me. They knew I wouldn't be expecting it. They willnever come to terms with what war will bring and they will not accept that the coming war will not be fuelled by them but Witches against Witches. No Witch or mortal will be safe. As for the cursed I can only hope one day that equality can be found for them among the Covens." He stood not fully realizing he was still naked and that Florie was now eye level with his dick. He looked around wearily for a moment before offering his hand to her. "Come on, we need to go. Now." He said more like a friendly order than a helpful offer.

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Florence gazed at Ash as he dealt down and knew he would listen to her even if he didn't like it. That's why she knew she was foolish for being frightened of him earlier. She shook her head slightly before setting a hand on his cheek. Her eyes were gentle and understanding, although this was quite uncharacteristic for her, around Ash this was the real her. The soft understanding side of her only came out with Ash. She listened to him, but didn't say anything. As he stood up, she withdrew her hand and simply gazed ahead of her and her eyes widened as she came eye to eyes with his dick. Her cheeks brightened and she diverted her gaze immediately. She saw his shorts and grabbed them. As he offered a hand, she took it meekly and gazed up at him. "Um...Andrew. Maybe you she put these on." She suggested and held up the shorts not meeting his eyes as she knew her face was burning scarlet still.

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Ash smirked a bit..."Yeah, I guess I should." He said tkaing the shorts a bit reluctantly. He had thoughts on his mind. Sure he was more into guys, but being so clsoe to death multiple times in a matter of a few days to a few hours with Florence especially he felt almsot primal. "Forgive me...Feeling so much of the world open up to me it feels like my body no longer exist on the same plane and therefore no longer requires things as clothes. PErhaps it best I do keep these on." He spoke plainly as he pulled them on slowly still thinking more primally. "It is all so new to me and I feel more in my own skin as though I have been living someone else's life in someone else's body for the past three hundred years. It is as though I have drank fromt he fountain of eternal youth and ate from the tree of knowledge and now I feel more alive, more open...and more free." He said clearly enjoying the luxury of openness a bit too much. It was fading from his mind most mortal morals and code of conduct. He wanted to be free and naked and open to all of the world for what it had to offer he offered himself.

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Florence was still blushing scarlet as he took the shorts from her. Florence had never been drawn to another man romantically before. Sure she loved her brother, but she had never dated someone before, so what she felt with Ash, she wasn't sure if it was a developing crush or something else. Although she knew she cared for him, she didn't truly understand what's he felt for him. Deep down Florence had grown infatuated with him, she loved him. "Yes perhaps you should. Although you feel like you don't need them. Others may say otherwise." She replied meekly as she gazed at him. As she gazed into his eyes, the look she saw was something she had seen before. It intrigued her greatly. She stepped closer to him unconsciously so she could see into his better. Their bodies were almost touching and she had grabbed his chin to hold his head still. "I've never seen you like this before." She said softly. "It's nice." Florence added sweetly.

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Ash could only smirk his usual charming smirk that made everyone in rooms want to be drawn to him. It was no love magic or seductive aura, but it was natural infatuation people had toward him. He was hot who could deny that. He may not be some people's type, but not even they could deny that he was pleasing to look at. Ash felt something come over him at her touch and as she held his chin he couldn't help but to instntly close the gap betwene their lips and lean in to kiss her. He held her chin as well and kissed rather deeply before pulling back and looking off to the side still only a hair form her face, "I am sorry for such a rash action. So much power has overwhelmed my senses and emotions." He pulled back fully and turned from her. "Perhaps it best that I escort you home." He said feeling uneasy toward her response that would lead to something that he was unsure if either of them truly needed or wanted.

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Florence had drawn closer to him her eyes planted solely on his eyes. However, as their lips collided, she froze and her eyes widened. She had never done this before, so she didn't know what she should do. Before she figured it out though he pulled away leaving her stunned. She gazed at him, her breath hitched. Although she was shocked and didn't know what to do she wanted to feel his lips against hers again. She enjoyed it thoroughly. Though as he pulled away completely her cheeks were once again red and she lifted her fingers to graze her lips. That had been her first kiss. It wasn't as romantic as she thought it would be, but at the same time it was even better. "Don't apologize it was nice." She said softly. She then gazed into eyes. "You know that was my first kiss." She admitted and then ducked her head. She nodded at what he said. "Okay." She whispered about him taking her home. She really didn't want to, but didn't exactly voice this. Though if he looked at her face he would be able to see that.

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Ash was unable to keep any true control in and he understood it had to be in the heat of the moment or otherwise such a thing would have never occurred. He felt guilty now. Upon hearing that it was her first kiss it made him feel even more guilty. "Please do not tell me this. If it is true I have made myself as shameful as a whoremunger and I have turned you into a wearer of the scarlet letter. IT should have never happened outside of wedlock. I am so sorry." Ash felt shameful to his upbringing and shameful to his ancestors. I cannot ask forgiveness as you see no wrong in it. However, I must only escort you to your bike and take leave. I am terribly sorry for what I have done to you, Florie." He straightened himself and wasted no time in scooping ehr into his arms and leaping formthe ledge. He landed rather solidly as if the earth was catching him. Ash raced toward the entrace of the cave and placed her back on her feet. "I feel ashamed of myself."

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Florence gazed up at him and saw the shame in his face. It killed her to see him like this. However, before she could do anything she was cuddled to his chest, her arms around his neck. She rested her head against him as he leapt down. Once he set her down gently she gazed up at him. "Andrew I know you feel awful for kissing me, but some men could've done much worse to me. And if I am a whore for wanting to kiss you again then condemn me, but please don't punish yourself." She said softly and rested a hand on his cheek. She hated seeing him like this and at the same Time she was drawn towards him again. Without much thought to it, she stood on her tippy toes and pressed her lips against his, her arms wrapped around his neck. She didn't care if he didn't kiss her back or if he pushed her away, she was simply enjoying the fact that she had kissed him in the first place. She realized more of what she felt for Ash even though she knew that it wouldn't work. At least that's what's she's convinced herself of.

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Ash didn't have time to say anytihng back to Florence. He simply kissed her back as her lips pressed to his once more. He was indulging in a sin to his time period, but in this one it made him feel mroe alive that the only true sin was adultry. Kissing was affection it was sex before marriage that was wrong. He had sex with his wife long before and they had ason together. It was his son's blood that made him as young as he was now. "Florie..." He spoke as they kissed..."I want to do so much more than kiss you, but I will not until we or if we ever married." He admitted. He pulled back. "You mean the world to me and I will save your life from bullet wounds a thousand times over. However, with the responsibilities handed to me I do not feel a mortal child of witches will be able to bare the weight of what my responsibilities ask of me." Andrew admitted rather plainly and very intently as if it hurt to say it.

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Florence enjoyed feeling his lips against hers and the fact that he did kiss her back made her even happier. As he pulled away she gazed up into his eyes. She rested a hand on his cheek and leaned up and kissed his cheek. "Andrew times have changed." She whispered in his ear before pulling away. She understood why he wanted to wait for marriage and she respected that, but like him she wanted to go farther then just making out. Though at his next comment she bristled, she diverted her gaze from him and she was obvious hurt and offended by his comment. For her it was like a slap in her face, reminding her how much of a disgrace she was to her family. It was one of the reasons she killed them. She knew it hurt him to say it as well. "Andrew you should know me better than that and the fact that you don't is what hurts me the most."

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Ash shook his head, "My dear, you do not understand. I am only looking out for you. From the moment you tried to kill me you have been trying to hide yourself and battle to open up to me. I wonder if such a struggle is so real for you that perhaps it is you who needs protection. Perhaps it is you who are too weak to fully defend yourself as you are trying to defend yourself from depending on others. I wnat ot be with you so badly it hurts me to even imagine the words I am saying are being said so fully to you. I cannot be with you in this life and perhaps the next either. If it is meant to be then the changing times will will it to be so. I will not request such pains upon you if I did not care for your well being. I know you well enough to see that you ar ehurt and you know me well enough to kow it hurts to say such truths as all truths hurt in tthe end it is true pain I suffer by my own words. Do not challenge yourself or me to make a choice that could end your life. I want your support nothing more. Intimacy is not posisble between us. Mainstreaming Witches will pull and push at our hearts as the toll of war and peace may be too much for such a relationship to bare between us." Ash downed his ehad knowing every bit of what eh was saiyng to her should never be said between two people who felt so strongly about one another. However, he figured if he broke her heart now there would be no suffering for her later.

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Florence gazed at him and listened quietly. He wasn't just breaking her heart, he was shattering it. Though she refused to show it at all. There were no tears, no marble eyes. Just stone cold features, just pieces of the real Florence chipped away. She was internally reverting back to how she was before she met Ash to protect herself from the heartbreak. Not that it would do her much good. If she did manage to get home in one piece she knew she would break apart in her brother's arms like always. "Is that it Andrew? We kiss and then you dump me like yesterday's news?" She asked softly, her voice was too calm to actually belong to herself. She had swallowed the overwhelming grief that bubbled inside of her and gazed him straight in his eyes. The hurt that was there moments ago she had hidden and she didn't allow him to know what she was thinking. She gazed at him and pursed her lips together. She knew what she had said was completely untrue but that was how she felt pretty much. She knew he was right and that's what hurt the most. She didn't want him to be right. She wanted to be stronger. However, it seemed unless she had a gun in her hands she felt vulnerable. Heck she felt vulnerable right then. She gazed at him, but didn't move. Florence felt lost now she figured that if she didn't have him there wSnt a single reason why she should stay. After all she knew her brother would be there no matter how bad it gets. "Fine, I'll leave. But don't expect me to like it. You took something from me Andrew that I will never be able to get back." She said her voice had become hoarse as she tried to hold back her tears. She threw her helmet on and climbed aboard her motorcycle. She tried to get it started though of course it didn't. She dropped her head and sat there, she didn't want his help especially if he wS pretty much saying they would never be able to be together.

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Ash felt her pain and felt guilty for being unable to apologize. He understood she was on his side but in truth he wanted her on no side. He wanted her to live a normal human life with no Witches, no killing, no death, and no pain. He could say nothing, "If you wish to leave me for good I will understand. I care for you too much to see you hurt. Even when you hunt I will ensure you find no Witches. You will have the human life you deserve. I promise." Ash touched her motorcycle and it roared to life with no effort at all. The tank was full and the gauges were completely fine. "Go on. My magic will alst in you forever. I want you to be happy and you will not be able to find happiness with me. It will only lead to death and a bloody end for you. Trust me." He warned her as he stood only able to watch her. He knew nothing else to say to her and he knew no other way to make things better for her.

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Florence glanced at her motorcycle and immediately it off and got off of it. "Stop it. Just stop it! I don't want your help you want me to leave the best thing that's ever happened to me behind and think I can just live a normal life just like that." She screamed at him and her bottled up emotions flooded out. "I chose this life dammit no one picked it for me and I will go through hell to keep it." She said and took her helmet off and showed the tears on her cheeks. She never cried, not even in front of Croix she hated crying and yet this man made her cry so much. She gazed up at him. "I don't want your magic Andrew. I want you." She cried and stood neither moving towards him nor away from him. "I can't move on as long as I love you." She said to him her voice was trembling by now. She just wanted to cuddle against him yet at the same time she was too pissed for him to touch her.

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Florence glanced at her motorcycle and immediately it off and got off of it. "Stop it. Just stop it! I don't want your help you want me to leave the best thing that's ever happened to me behind and think I can just live a normal life just like that." She screamed at him and her bottled up emotions flooded out. "I chose this life dammit no one picked it for me and I will go through hell to keep it." She said and took her helmet off and showed the tears on her cheeks. She never cried, not even in front of Croix she hated crying and yet this man made her cry so much. She gazed up at him. "I don't want your magic Andrew. I want you." She cried and stood neither moving towards him nor away from him. "I can't move on as long as I love you." She said to him her voice was trembling by now. She just wanted to cuddle against him yet at the same time she was too pissed for him to touch her.

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Ash wanted to reach out for her and embrace her in a hug, but he couldn't bring himself to do it. He had to get rid of her. It was for her own safety. Once his enemies discovered his closest loved ones they would use that love against him and everyone he has protected or cared for would die. He had to be selfless and in such a manner he had to dispose of those he loved from ever loving him back. He turned on her quickly, "You are a hunter. You are a murderer of my own kind. You do not differ Witches from Wraiths or sinners from the righteous. You have been killing my kind for centuries with no heart to ever care for the lives you have taken from this world. Souls are only suffering in Hell because God has given man the power to create damnation. You marked us as the sinners! You marked us as the wrongdoers! You are at fault! I loved the idea of being with you. I could never love someone who has damned my people into an eternity of suffering. You are in God's eyes and he has turned his sights from us with each one you kill and damn to Hell. My people's blood is on your hands! I can never love something that is incapable of love itself. You mean nothing to me. I hold the power to damn you now. I hold the power to rid your kind of this world entirely! I want to mainstream to make peace yet only War can be caused. This is your doing! You Hunters have defiled what was once sacred and Holy to your God! You disgust my presence with your mere existence! I can never love you!" He felt nothing but more hurt nad pain toward himself in those words than ever before. He felt truth in words, but now he began to wonder just how much his previous thoughts were wrong. His words to make Florence hate him was more painful for him than what it would cause her, but now he began to wonder if he was right in what he said. Her kind started this ongoing battle when Witches had only wanted acceptance and equality. Only war could bring peace and in peace only death awaited. Ash was sickened by himself and by the thoughts he had, but he was facing the truth in such power. The phoenix within began to rise in his eyes as they glowed with fire. The earth began trmebling aorund them and the trees and wind all seemed to answer to his rage and thoughts. "I renounce any care for mortals. I renounce any care for your kind. I condemn you and all mortals to Hell. I damn you!" In a sudden rush the words were emitted like a spell and silence and calmness filled the air almost instantaneously. "You hunters best be prepared. War has begun. There will be no peace until your mission has succeeded. Only one true race shall rise above and your kind is so under evolved it will be the Witches who rule!" He felt his fire burn away his clothes and engulf him entirely. Within such power his voice rose formthe flames and echoed. "Witches are the true followers of God and it is time for a second coming and a cleansing of this earth! I am being summoned by my followers and when we meet again you will see that love for my kind cannot exist for you." The flames vanished entirely and nothing but the red silk basket ball shorts was left in a pentagram of scorched earth.

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Florence listened to him and tears welled in her eyes. The flowed from them freely, though something clicked inside of her. "Andrew you are an asshole and an idiot. I don't damn witches to burn in hell. I was getting sick and tired of being treated like shit. Witches are what pushed me to becoming a hunter. You are as much at fault as I am. I know I'm no angel and do I think going to heaven? Hell no if you are all damned then I'm damned with you. God dammit Andrew I love you. I've loved since the first time we met and losing you will kill me. I don't need you to do that." She said to him. She then felt the shift and heard what he had said and her heart had been torn into to many pieces. It hurt too much for her. "Andrew I'd always choose you and the fact that you don't realize that kills me. I'm not choosing sides anymore." She said though as he disappeared she whimpered and pulled out one of the many guns she had on hand. With a shaky hand she raised it eye level. By then she was on her knees and held the gun pointed at her forehead. Her arms shook and she closed her eyes drawing back the hammer, her fingers enclosed the trigger but she hesitated to pull the trigger. Ash hated her now and she should hate him too...but she couldn't. She knew those things he had said originally were just to push her away but the second part, that's what was really driving her to this he wanted her dead because of what she had done. Though at the same time he was at fault too, mortals get frightened easily and they hold grudges. They don't understand that witches aren't all bad. She sat there and lowered her gun to her chest, she wanted to feel as much pain as she had when Ash pushed her away. Then a shot had been fired, Florence fell backwards and dropped her firearm. "Goodbye Andrew. I better not see you in hell." She whispered as pain laced through her, she didn't mind a slow and painful death afterall she always knew she would die young.

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Artemus was wearing his black leather pants and was racing through the woods. He had fed and he was strong enough to control himself. When he smelled blood and heard gun fire he immediately raced there leaving the husk of a man behind who was in fact a Witch who had the intention of killing Artemus once alone. He found found Florence and held her head up..."Hunter? Hunter can you hear me? Stay with me...Listen to my voice..." His fangs grew out and he moved upon the bullet wound ripping ehr shirt in half as he sucked it out. He spit the bullet and hte blood out frightened if he indulged eh would turn ravenous. He was carrying his trench coat and pulled out a vial it was a healling additive that induced a Witches healing and in mortals it worked ten times better strengthening everything and giving a high euphoria of strength and energy. He poured it down Florence's mouth..."Wake up...I do not know you, but I know what caused you to do this was not worth it. Wake up!" He demanded hating to see any mortal die at their own hands. He had considered suicide with his curse a number of times, but he wanted more in life. He now used his curse against Witches and even though it was harder to do so now his discovery of Variel being a Familiar was stuck in his head he still had to survive and refused to kill mortals unless tricked or unable to find any Witches. He didn't wnat someeone to kill themselves over emotions it was wrong.

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Florence didn't even know how long she had laid there before her vision had become edge in darkness. She couldn't breath as blood drowned her lungs. She gazed at the bright stars. It was so beautiful, her pain just continued to increase. She could've made it quick and painless, but she was scared. She didn't want to die, but at the same time she didn't want to live without him. Without Ash. She heard Artemus vaguely, but didn't respond she couldn't even speak as she gazed at him her eyes began to grow dull. She was fading fast, there was a pool of blood around her and her cheeks were still stained with tears. As Artemus healed her it took a moment to work before she jolted up right and coughed up the remnants of blood in her system. She gazed at her blood covered hands and felt the heart ache and knew immediately that she wasn't dead. She didn't even acknowledge Artemus and completely broke down. She brought her knees up to her chest and cried. Why couldn't she have been born a normal witch like her parents? If she had then this would've never had happened. She would've never killed her parents and she'd be in the coven still, happy. Though she would've never met Andrew also. Florence trembled and just cried, unable to do much else. She couldn't choose between Andrew and Croix or rather Andrew and the human race. It was one thing when Ash wanted to simply put the hunters out of their jobs, but the way he was talking seemed more like he was planning on wiping out all of humanity including herself and her brother. She could deal with him hating her, but there were innocents, mortals that he wanted to kill and the war his was prying at was one she wasn't sure if she could completely handle it.

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Artemus prayed she would be okay, but as quickly as light faded from her eyes and her body grew cold she began to heat up quickly and colour came back to her. Artemus watched her pulled up to her knees and begin crying. He naturally wrapped his arms around her and hugged her. he knew better than anybody when you hurt so bad you could kill yourself sometimes a hug was all somebody needed to feel some morsel of life left in them to keep fighting. He never had that hug and he still challenged life. He looked at her frowning...He kissed the top of her head rocking slightly with her. "Your okay...It will be okay..." Artemus knew he wish he had someone do this to him when he needed it and he hoped this would help her too. He was cold and heartless nowadays and only wanted to help her for some odd reason he knew the burdens of a Hunter. He had seen her once before in the matter of few days as the Hunters of the Iron Horse were rallying troops for tonight's raid and he watched ehr walk from their offer.

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Florence continued to cry and as soon as he hugged her, her arms wrapped around him and she crumbled into his chest. She didn't know who he was or even what he was, but he was there, trying. She was grateful for that and he was helping. He helped remind her of the sliver of humanity she had within her. As he rocked her slightly she relaxed more, though his voice was what helped her the most. Something about his accent just calmed her. She eventually stopped crying but didn't move from his chest feeling comfortable. "Why'd you save me?" She finally mumbled into his chest, she had relaxed against him, but didn't move as she was content. She rubbed her eyes, wiping them free from tears. She finally gazed up at him and realized how hot he really was. Though he wasn't Andrew which did hurt her. She recognized him though she didn't know from where.

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He looked down at her more directly as he held her. "Because no matter what pain you face no one deserves death by their own hands. No matter how badly it hurts there will always be a day that you are happier than before the pain you experienced when you were happy than broken again. You will find that day, but you have to stay alive to do that." He said plainly not realizing he had her blood on his lips. He probably looked like some horrible vampire and she probably thought he was a Witch because if she looked down where she shot herself she would only see the faintest of scars as though it had been healed for years. "I can't sit back and watch a mortal die over a painful memory and like all pains and all memories it will fade. Sure it will come back to you, but as real as I am and you are alive now it will fade...That I am sure of. Come on, let's find you some new clothes and something to eat. That potion tends to use all the nourishment of the body to heal you and tends to make people react in hunger." He personally wasn't hungry, he already fed and he believed that if tonight ended any more quickly with him turning back into a snake he would be glad to have done at least one good deed.

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Florence gazed into his eyes and then noticed the blood. She had heard what he said and listened to his words specifically. As soon as he said potion, she was out of his arms and stumbled into her pool of blood and froze. She gazed down as she felt the liquid and then touched her wound only there wasn't a wound and instead she gazed at Artemus confused. "Why would a witch care what happens to a mortal?" She asks confused. She felt her hand graze over her gun and her fingers wrapped around it instinctively. She gazed at Artemus and sighed softly. "I wish you hadn't done that it's just going to cause more pain for me. The bullet wasn't from me it was from the man who was suppose to spend forever with me. He was just too cowardly to pull the trigger so I had to do it for him." She then said bitterly and let go of her handgun completely. "I just....he's finally woken up and realized the truth about us. I suppose I know if we ever meet again...then he won't hesitate." Her voice trembled and tears welled in her eyes again. Why was she telling him this? She didn't even know his name.

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Artemus smiled sympathetically, "I am no Witch. I am a hunter just like you. Except I have more resources at my disposal. I work for a UK organization who uses the talents of Witches to our advantage in Alchemy. I am also a Cursed One. I saved you because you are mortal. I am far form human now, but not by choice and because of such reasons I remained a hunter to kill Witches and keep innocents safe. I have no intention of hurting you and if you feel safe holding onto your gun I can't blame you. I was feeding when I smelled your blood and heard the gun fire. Now, if you will so kindly stop yourself from doing that again as my supplies may be running low, permanently. He stood up straighter and tall his muscles flexing as he straightened hismelf. He offered his hand to her. "You are lucky I already fed. If I hadn't I would have lost control just by smelling you. "Let's get you home it will be dawn soon and you won't like what I become at such an hour." He assured her he was going to not hurt her, but he was also warning her that he easily could have. He wanted to help. Before he wouldn't have given a second thought, but after seeing Variel and getting her true blessing he found hismelf being more human again.

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Florence sniffled before gazing back up at him. "So you're the British guy." She gave him and once over and shrugged. "I suppose I can see why the others hate you so much." She commented and laid back, not caring about the grime anymore. She closed her eyes and it seemed her earlier break down was ancient history, at least for her. "Also Britain we are nothing alike. You are actually a mortal I'm just a pissed off witch without powers. I started to hunt because like most normal people when you're different you get scrutinized. I didn't take well to that so I picked up my daddy's shotgun and fired two rounds in my parents heads. And yet he still thinks I've damned him to hell. He's such an asshole. Thinks he has all the answers just because he's the high fucking priest!" She screamed. Florence had ignored Artemus after that. She was having a meltdown. She was screaming about Andrew not that anyone would know that. "He almost said it too. He was so close, for Christ sake of he wasn't such a freaking stickler for traditions we would have been..." She choked on her words, realizing how much they really hurt her. "I'm suppose to be the one who's going to hell, he was suppose to save me from it and yet he hasn't yet.

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Artemus raised his eyebrows at her, "I'm starting to think this isn't about your parents anymore or your father...Perhaps you do need to head home. I understand you are hurt, but you still say yet. Perhaps your own words are the answer. He doesn't kow what he is feeling...whoever he is. I must say that you intrigue me at ow you are ripping yourself apart over someone else. Most hunters dispose of internal feelings for people who are different from themselves, hunters tend to stick with hunters and yet I'm betting you are in love with a Witch. Maybe you should confront him more fully...Do what you do best and get even with him. Maybe then he would think twice about playing with your emotions." Artemus didn't really care who she was talking about so much as he was more concerned with a Witch who clearly deserved to die like all Witches did. He was just far more restricted in such a matter given that Variel gave him a distinct list of Witches who were to be untouched and he had a feeling that list would soon grow.

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Florence laughed bitterly. "Well Britain ya see unlike most hunters, I don't kill because a witch has wronged me or because I feel like they should be damned to hell. I do it because I truly enjoy it, I enjoy watching people die and I figured killing witches would be easier to explain then killing humans. And I did love a witch, but that's none of your business." She said and pursed her lips. Though she heard what he said and a manipulative, almost psychotic grin planted on her lips. "A piece of his own medicine. Hmm...what an interesting proposal." She murmured to herself. Her entire composure changed, the grief that filled her, the heartache it all disappeared. Florence had lost her edge with Andrew, but he broke her heart and made their relationship quite obvious. They were enemies from the same side. Both witches just one of them had all the powers while the other had none. Though that didn't matter to her, she was going to destroy him with or without her brothers help, or any help for that matter. She then gazed at Artemus. "So Britain you wanna help me kill a witch stronger than Damien Devereux?" She asked seriously. Her mood shifts suggested a bipolar personality which was probably true though with Andrew she was happier and he had taken that away from her. "Besides he is threatening anyone who isn't a witch so I suppose that puts you against him, right?" She asked.

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Artemus smirked rather mischievously, "I would be more than happy to. But know that Damien Devereux is rather powerful and a bleeding Witch who is more powerful could lead to either if not both of our deaths." He fell silent for amoment studying the ground...He raised his head and looked more clearly at her, "I'll get the heavy artillery." He said with his charming smile. "Who knows...If he is as powerful as you say he his perhaps..if at all possible I could lose my curse with his death and you could get the revenge you seek." Looking around a bit cautiously he stepped closer to FLorence, "My name is Artemus. This Witch you seek...what is his name? His full name." He added the last bit wnating to see if eh was on his hit list. They hadn't removed him after helping the Witches perhaps the American Hunters cared little for the traitors of other country societies. "I am aching to get a good fight out of someone. If he is as powerful as you say I want him to be the best fight ever...Then maybe you will let me drain his soul. Taking in that much power could either free me or give me unlimited control over my curse." He pondered and even if it didn't work that way he was excited to try.

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"Oh I don't count on making it out of this alive I'm just counting on bringing him down with me." She replied sweetly. She hardly noticed his charming smile and kept playing out different was to kill Andrew. "Well Artemus, I'm Florence, call me Florie." She replied easily and smirked at him before a frown etched her lips. "He wouldn't be on your list he isn't on any of them. After all why would a witch without powers be in the most wanted witch list. I know I wasn't. He only regained his powers a couple hours ago, though it was at the cost of his soul. Im not quite sure what he's capable of before he will become the grand high priest if we don't kill him first." She replied coldly. "I'm afraid draining his soul would be impossible after all from what he said his soul is in the Devils clutches now. Besides I made him a promise. I was going to be the one to put a bullet through his head." She replied already fantasizing about it.

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Artemus put his phone away and nodded, "Alright then I'll get in touch with intel and I can assure you that the hunt will be afoot. He smirked logging back into his phone and typing rather quickly. He finished and in seconds he received a reply. There apparently hasn't been a Supreme High Witch in over three hundred maybe six hundred years. The earliest known Supreme Witch was known as Lilith, he bloodline has ever since been the carrier of such power." He looked up at her. "I would guess that he is the last descendant of Lilith and all of her powers are transferred into him as well as however many others there have been." He looked back down as he scrolled, "It says here that the bloodline was lost to history after the fabled Hekate had a number of daughters all of whom took up the name of Empusae to disguise the true High Witch." He looked around for a moment. "If it is true and he is the greatest Witch of all it will be hard to even get close to him and even more so to kill him. I expect his existence was made known to all Witches the moment he gained such a title. IT is strange how they are all connected that way. Do you know the best place to start looking for him?" He asked curiously knowing that a Witch unregistered by the society of hunters he works for would be very elusive and even harder to track in the same town without some form of recognition of his habits and hobbies. "I'm calling in this one it could lead to some highly useful discoveries in taking down Witches for good." Artemus said rather coldly.

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Florence listened to him and frowned. It wasn't until now that she realized how well she really knew Andrew. "He was given the gift of immortality by his mother Anne Foster." She explained coldly. "His powers were sealed away and they only came back a few ago." She said simply. "And to get close to him, we'll use me. He may hate me, but a part of him won't forget the promise he made to me." She continued, her face was stone cold, void of the pain that was growing inside of her. She knew she said she would pull the trigger, but would it really be that simple? He was the Supreme High Witch, wasn't he? Florence wasn't sure anymore. After all the first man she ever kissed is now going to be the next person she will attempt to kill. She gazed around and sighed softly. "He'll be where the witches are. He still hasn't performed the trials of Hecate, but his powers go beyond those, I've seen it." She then warned him and sighed, she wasn't planning on making it out of this alive.

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Artemus nodded, "Well, I know very few Witches and the few I do know aren't so keen on accepting me so much as they are accepting of my sister. I expect that we find at least one of those witches and we find Ash. If he has yet to fully enter his pwoers he is mroe weak now than he will be if he performs those trials. We need to get to him before that moment. I expect that we won't have long if someone in the hierarchy has acknowledged him for what he is. If he is immortal perhaps it won't be as immortal as most of those who are cursed. If we are lucky he will only be immortal unless killed. If we use you then he must be keeping tabs on you on another level of your subconscious. I expect if you are placed in danger and you truly feel fear he will come to rescue you." Artemus suggested thinking hard on what would be enough to get him to save her.

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"Look for an elder or someone of high stature. He needs someone with influence within the coven. Someone who knows him. Maybe the seer? Damien betrayed his trust so he wouldn't go to him." She said trying to think of who he would go to. As he commented on placing her in danger she sighed and nodded. She took off her leather jacket and dropped it. A loud clatter followed. After that she dropped mutiple weapons from her body. From daggers, and darts to small hang guns. As she finally stopped there was practically a small armory by her jacket. She bent down and picked up her jacket and dropped even more weapons. Though left a single dagger strapped to her right thigh. "Ok Artemus go ahead throw me into some danger." She said though on the inside she was scared. There was a reason she had those weapons. They were her armor and without them she felt naked. She didn't know how she would handle this.

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Artemus smirked rather seductively charming. "Well, the sort of danger I am about to put you in is not going to be the sort you would imagine. It won't be pleasant and if I lose too much control don't hesitate to use that dagger on your thigh. However, I will say this. I am going to do something very degrading to you and you will not like it at all. I am going to make you wish you had the one person you despise above all others here to save you." He moved in a blur of speed and had her pinned to a tree by her throat. Without hesitation he kissed her deeply. He grinned almost evil intent in his eyes as they began to burn bright pink. He jerked at her bra being all that was left from the ripping of her shirt earlier. It ripped in two and then he undid her bottoms. Then his own. "This will not pass quickly. This will hurt. You will beg for mercy." Artemus forced his body to press agaisnt hers tightly he bit at her neck just above where he held her. He grinded into her forcing her legs to be on either side of him. He kissed her hard and bit into her lip violently. Suddenly, as he was grinding into her he began to pull out her soul. A small stream of light. It was a deep dark blue. It symbolized her most recent sin. It was Envy. He kissed her deeper and forced himself harder agaisnt her pounding his body against her. He pulled back only tasting a piec eof her soul. "You taste good enough I could eat you up." He grinned harshly grinding harder against her. "Are you sure you want to feel fear like never before. I will bring you close to death and only Andrew will feel the horrors I force upon you." He said coldly begging for her to scream.

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