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KT (queenlykt) | 1346 comments Striding into the library, Ciara paused and looked around cautiously. No workers immediately in sight, so she gently tugged the leash in her hand. The puppy on the other end bounded in happily, eagerly moving forward to sniff at the corner of a bookshelf. As Ciara strode forward the dog naturally followed, sitting beside her as the woman finally stopped in the farthest back corner to study some books. Every place she went, she always checked. And she was right here. The old magic books that were way in the back and should be dusty were completely clean, which meant they were used a lot. Which meant witches in town. Well damn. She had nothing against witches, only that they were harder to fool. Of course she still could, but she always wanted to be able to know to be extra careful. The sound of someone clearing their throat near her made her straighten, slowly turning to face the tall, disapproving librarian staring at her. As expected, he told her to take the dog outside. "Please." She implored with her strategically subtle French accent. "I have nowhere else to take her. It's hot outside, and I just want to escape the heat for a while. I... I don't have a home to cool off in, and I won't leave my dog out in this heat. Please, sir, she won't be any trouble." She pleaded, widening her eyes pleadingly. As always, he believed her lie and her good looks did their job.
He relented, nodding. "Just... Make sure she doesn't make noise or a mess." He warned, still studying Ciara. He folded his arms, walking a bit closer to her. "What's your name, sweetheart?" He asked.
"I am Elise. Elise Badeau." Ciara, who was now playing the part of a sweet, shy French girl she'd met long ago, smiled shyly and looked down. Not really wanting to deal with this guys flirting, she kept talking. "Is it... Is it alright if I rest here for a while? I'll stay out of the way, I just want to sleep somewhere cool and soft for once." Even though she didn't think he realized the hint was a hint, he accepted that and pointed her to the beanbags before moving off. As it appeared no one came to this section, Ciara had no issues curling up on a couple of the beanbags, quickly followed by the puppy, who curled up right against her. Well, it hadn't been the plan to stay for long, but now to complete the lie she would. After making sure he wasn't nearby anymore she put his wallet into the ragged messenger bag held over her shoulder, pushing it to the bottom so it wouldn't fall out. Shifting her weight slightly, she closed her eyes, slowly petting Queen's head. Why not actually take a nap here?

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Stefan was in the far back of the library. He was looking through old fairytale stories and creature books. He wanted find out mroe about his curse. As he heard voices he realized he wouldn't be bale to steal the book as easily as he thoguhht with mroe people in. He looked around the shelf cautiously as a woman and the librarian stood talking. She was French or something and had a dog. he then watched as she so cleverly snagged his wallet before he walked off. He quickly went back to the books before he could be seen by the Librarian. The guy didn't even knnow he was in here. Stefan smirked to himself. He felt abit accomplished being able to avoid the sight or gaze of others. While this girl seemed to be a master manipulator and thief he was infact one who could easily remain stealthed and be a good thief. She didn't hold herself right though. She looked far mroe proper than some homeless French girl. He wasnt abotu to dwell on the subject as the book seemed to capture him rather quickly. He sat down in a corner where a few dusty books sat right next to a few spell books. Mortals were not allowed bakc here, but he was unaware of sucha thing. Also given the amount of magic he was cursed with he seemed to pass through any barrier spells that made hima void the section or unable to apss through. Stefan delved through a number of spell books and many many other books fo creatures of the dark. He finally found one on dark magic and the creations made by it. He felt it could help as he moved he found himself face to face with the French girl and ehr little dog. He tried to remain silent and perhas she would dismiss him. She couldn't steal anything from him because he didn't have anything. As he looked her over he studied her. She seemed completely normal for the msot part, but something was still off. He felt nervous around her and that instantly made it known who or at least somewhat of what he was. The scent of death filled the air.v the aroma was sweet yet it left a metallic taste on the tongue. It was like blood mixed with sugar and hot wet dirt. Mildew and blood was a pleasant scent for a person almsot musky smelling, but at the same time very alluring. IT wouldn't soudn that great, but the human mind reacts to the scent of death and is and always has been compelled to follow it. He hated that part of hsi curse because even when triyng to avoid people it made it harder because they were drawn to him almsot entirely.
Stefan looked across the room to fidn that the librarian was going through the card catalog, man where these people living ancient. No computers or anytihng. He would be lucky to find a place that even knew what wifi was.

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KT (queenlykt) | 1346 comments Ciara was no fool. She had learned a lot in her hundreds of years of life, and one of those things was that feeling of being watched. She was completely aware of Stefan's presence, but saw no reason to react to it. Until the smell hit her nose. The German Shepard puppy curled up beside her half growled and half whined, shrinking back against her owner. "Hush, Queen. It is alright." Ciara said, continuing that soft voice with the French accent. She sat up and looked at him, her eyes wide with nerves. For a moment she just sat quietly, staring back at him. She could definitely smell that dusty, metallic sweetness in the air and she knew from experience exactly what it was. But Elise Badeau wouldn't. And right now, Ciara wasn't Ciara, she was Elise. A look of vague confusion settled across her pretty features, biting her lip lightly. The advantage to her curse was that she knew that the smell was supposed to draw her in to him, but it didn't affect her. It gave her knowledge of the draw, but she didn't feel it. And knowledge was power.
"You can have the wallet." She addressed him abruptly, reaching into her bag and pulling it out. Opening it, one eyebrow rose in slight surprise. What librarian had a couple hundred dollars in his wallet? Oh well. Elise wouldn't want to get caught, so she held it out to him as payment. She could always steal another if she needed, or there were so many other ways to get more money if she wanted. But she wasn't desperate for the moment. She trembled just slightly with a calculated amount of visible fear, looking down at Queen as the dog clambered into her lap, whining softly. Of course, the Elise Ciara had met had been shy, but all bumbling and awkward on top of it. So she continued the part. "And I have..." She dug in the bag, shoving aside various, mostly stolen, items. She added an iPhone to her offering, with the passwords on a sticky note stuck to it. "There's this, and... And I also got ... There's this..." A Cartier watch that she had noted was worth over 100,000 dollars was added to the pile. "I could get you more, if you want. Just... Don't tell him what I did. It's warm outside and I get hot and Queen can get sick." She looked at the dog worriedly for a second before looking back up at him anxiously.

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Stefan nearly backed up into a bookshelf as she reached out the wallet to him. He clearly didn't want to be touched by her. "I don't want anything from you...I won't tell...It would make me a hypocrite. That is one thing I am not." Vanity seemed to show rather quickly, but he still seemed isolated. He was rather tempted tot ake the wallet because he hadn't eaten in days. However, something told him that she was smarter than she looked. She had nabbed the wallet like a pro. "Sorry, you jsut felt...looked off.." He was never awkward why was this coming out?" He felt off. He had no idea what to say or do the way she reacted to him like he would mug her and jsut to keep his mouth shut she offered something he was easily identifying to be at least a 100,000$ watch and the iphone seemed prettynice too, but if he ever took anytihng ti was only money. "I...I should go. Get away from me." He said the last bit rather harsh as he backed away into a smallbookshelf and it collided tot eh floor with a dusty thud. The librarian bounded on him quickly, "I told you to keep teh dog from making messes!" He then saw it was Stefan who was rather hard to focus on. He was pleasant in every way, but avoidable. "You again." Recognition crossed theman's face. "I told you to get your street filth out of here and stay out of the restricted section!!!" The librarian reached out for Stefan and he made a rather quick dodge and swoop before diving forward past the two. He raced for the door book in hand and darted toward the porch. The librarian glared at the pile of books and now semi-broken shelf. "Sorry, about that damn homeless kid doesn't know how to stay out of places he doesn't belong. He tride to get me to let him play on our piano downstairs earlier this week as if trash like him knew how to play. Always making amess of things. Sad that he doesn't ahve family." He siad rather coldly yet sympathetically almsot like a church lady trying to be nice in how she verbally judged people.

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KT (queenlykt) | 1346 comments Off? How the hell did she look off?! Ciara knew it wasn't her acting skills, she'd been perfecting those for the last thousand years. So what else could it be? She flinched physically from the harshness of his tone, reacting on instinct as what Elise would do. The instant she heard other footsteps the phone, wallet, and watch were all swept back up and dropped into her bag. Slowly, Ciara raised her gaze up to the librarian. She got to her feet, taking a step back away from him. "Street filth?" She echoed softly, her expression dropping quickly. "Trash? I don't have a family or a home either. Does that make me trash too?" She asked quietly, starting to cry silently as she stared at him. Evidently horrified by a pretty girl like her thinking poorly he started to babble out something, but she amped up the crying to way more than silent and when she spoke again, her voice rose. "You were nice to me when you learned I was homeless. But that poor man you just chased out..." She shook her head. By this point everyone was listening and/or watching, but she appeared to not notice them. "From what limited knowledge you have, that man and I are basically the same. But you were cruel to him and kind to me. What, was it just because I'm a girl? Just be nice to take advantage of me because I don't have a place to live and get in my pants or something? God!" She turned and stalked off with Queen at her feet, still crying. He started after her, but a pissed off woman stepped in his way and started yelling at him, and a few more people trickled over to do the same.
She strode over to Stefan, holding out the librarian's watch. "I-I know you said you didn't want anything. But think of this as a gift instead of an offering. I stole his watch. Want a vengeance momento?" She smiled shakily, using her free hand to wipe remaining tears from her face. She stepped away quickly in case he got mad at her again, but still offered the watch, dangling it between two fingers.

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Stefan was quick to snatch the watch in fear of touching her and something horrible happening. "Thanks...I guess...You didn't have to do that you know. I'm not helpless. I can take car eof myself jsut fine. I am a champion boxer...or at least I was going to be." He downed his head not making eye contact was always a good way to push others away. "I don't need any favors either. If I wanted to and you ahdn't cleaned the guy out already I could ahve taken the shirt off of his back without a single flinch of notice." He may have been born in Grievance Ridge, but that didn't seem to stop a very faint German accent from peaking in his voice. his father was German after all and he made it a second if not a primary language for himself. Stefan played with the wallet in his fingers for amoment. He could make a hefty payment on a place with this or feed hismelf for days to come. Not many people would let someone like him pawn somethign so expensive without doing a background check first, but his background ended a year ago. After that he no longer exist. He wanted to be grateful for the watch, but vanity kept him form it. He wanted to be mroe vain because of the act. "Jsut because I look young does not amke me so helpless. I'm twenty-four and very capable of living without aid from someone who is jsut as low as me." He siad plainly. He would ahve said someone lower than hismelf, but at least she could feel another's touch without causing horrible effects.

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KT (queenlykt) | 1346 comments This was beginning to get quite boring. And he was getting annoying. The way to deal with both problems was obvious and easy to Ciara. And that German accent she heard gave her the perfect idea for the way to deal with it. "As low as you? Who the fuck do you think you are? Remind me to never help an arrogant ass like you ever again." She suddenly snarled at him viciously, a now German accent easily springing into her voice, thicker than the French. She shoved his chest hard, forcing him back slightly. "I mean, I'm a nice person. I offered you shit I stole myself so I would be able to avoid getting yelled at and getting into a shouting match in the middle of the library. I left that place to help you. I figure, hey, he looks like maybe he's in a bit of life trouble. I can help. And by tonight I could have easily had that jackass of a librarian giving me his entire house! First day in town, and the first thing I do is a nice thing for someone. The second thing I do? Get royally fucked over by that someone!" She ranted, glaring up at him, suddenly ferocious. "I tried to be nice, I really did. Initially, anyway. But you sure as fuck don't get this anymore." She reached out and snatched the watch back from his hand, eyes narrowing. There was only a tiny vague discomfort from the skin to skin touch of her taking it, but she was busy acting mad. "And Mr Champion Boxer, I Don't Need Help, you're going to need help eventually. Everyone always does. And you're going to go crawling to someone after dismissing them, and they'll laugh in your face. And you'll regret your assholishness ways, but it'll be too late for you."

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Stefan was taken back by the girl's outburst he nearly made no connection to the fact that her accents had changed so quickly and so differently.He caught on realizing she was a fake and she was just as lowly as him. He smirked for a moment about to speak in French at her, but once she had grabbed away at the watch he turned more pale than usual. All of the blood drained from his face..."You are alive....That's not possible...How are you even conscious?" He asked looking at her in amazement, fear, and shock. "This isn't possible." He reached out toward her curiously, but then he thought perhaps the touch was not meaningful and therefore held no effect. He pulled his hand back for amoment and stood mroe straightened looking at her in such a straightened position he looked as a German military officer. "I must go now..." He said racing off the porch in a single leap and running for the street. It wasn't possible. This girl may be a fake, but she touched him no one had been able to do that much of a touch without something happening. He started breathing heavily as if eh ahd been running miles and he had only made it a hundred feet away before is hands were on his knees and his chest felt tight. He was having a panic attack.

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KT (queenlykt) | 1346 comments The German that Ciara based this character on would most definitely not have gone after Stefan. So she stepped away, shaking her head. But before she could actually leave, Queen took off. No matter what character she was, it didn't affect her physical abilities. It changed what she did do, but not what she could do. So when Queen ran after Stefan, she cursed angrily and promptly slipped. She shifted her weight just in time to keep herself upright, but wavered a minute. Of course by that point the dog was way ahead, and as a human there was no way she could catch up. But she was not about to let her dog just go so easily. So she took off, almost constantly cursing under her breath as she followed Queen. She finally caught up to find her dog circling Stefan. The death smell drew Queen in, but scared her enough that she always kept about a yard away from the man. She moved forward the dog, but of course she danced around the side. This continued for a moment before she finally walked straight through, stepping around Stefan to snatch up the leash. Quick as a wink, her voice went back to the sweet and soft French. It was the easiest thing in the world to switch characters this quick. "Are you alright?" She asked anxiously. She slid her wrist through the loop in the leash and knelt down, hesitantly putting an arm around his shoulders. "It's alright. Everything's alright. Nothing's going to hurt you. I've got you." She soothed, her soft voice steady.

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Stefan looked at ehr and flinched as she touched him. He felt awkward and even frightened a bit. He was physically shaking almost as if eh were freezing to death and even through his clothes he felt cold. He was wearing blue jeans, a white v-neck, and a black zip-up hoodie which was zipped half way up. He pulled his hood on quickly not risking the girl to touch his neck or head. "Listen, I'm fine..really...thanks...I just lost myself. Sorry...and Why do you keep switching accents? First you are French and then German. You don't even know me why do you feel the need to help me then push me away then help me again? What? Do you have bi-polar disorder or something? I mean really you seem to be two people in one..." He pulled back feeling entirely drained. He may have muscle, but that didn't mean starvation and dehydration wasn't catching up to him. He had no energy in him to run anymore. He had the book in his hoodie still and he held nothing, but exhaustion and fear in his eyes. "Listen, that doesn't matter. You and everyone you encounter needs to know that I'm dangerous avoid me at all cost...I don't want to kill you." Stefan sounded like a crazy person to any normal person and would probably have hte law called on him. theft was one thing, but murder was an entirely different story.

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KT (queenlykt) | 1346 comments "Well. You're really not fine, darlin. I can see that easy. Just relax a bit, I'm not going to hurt you. And you won't be able to hurt me. I can tell you I'm not bi polar. I'm characters. Maybe I'm one..." Ciara spoke in the French accent. Then she instantly switched to the German. "Maybe I'm two...." She spoke again in an Irish accent. "Maybe I'm three...." She laughed lightly, her voice switching over to a rougher, Russian tone. "And maybe I'm more." She laughed, dropping back into the French. "It doesn't matter. I would have stayed helping you, but you were an ass." With a slight sigh she pulled out both watches, the wallet, and the phone. She passed them to him, very pointedly letting her hand linger over his skin, then holding her unaffected hand up to show him. "I'm still alive. So whatever you think is wrong and killer about you, obviously it doesn't bother me. I can promise you that you won't be able to kill me. Believe me, people have tried. And no one has succeeded. So, don't worry about me. I'll still be here and alive no matter how dead you want me to be." She said almost cheerfully.

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Stefan raised an eyebrow in shock as she touch him. "That's not possible...How are you able to touch me? No one can....I'm not a normal human being. You might think I'm crazy but those who touch me are lucky to go into a coma those unlucky few die. I can't be touched without causing death entirely. I hate the thought of killing someone, but I have killed three people by touching them. I have caused horrible pain for so many others who mistakenly took me for a helpless kid. I don't understand." Stefan was clearly in shock and it wasn't natural what he ahd and it wasn't natural that she should be able to touch him. "What are you?" He asked it so commonly, but curiosity and fear mixed in his tone. Was he to become cursed again for his vanity?

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KT (queenlykt) | 1346 comments "Oh I'd trade you curses in a heart beat." Ciara laughed softly, sadly, shaking her head. "I can touch you because I am cursed, much more than even you. You cause death with a touch evidently, but I can't die. People around me do." Slowly she withdrew her hands from him, shaking her head sharply. Even as she explained stuff like this her French accent never slipped. She was perfect with her acting, and always had been. Suddenly, she laughed. "Two minutes ago you were telling me that I should go away, and now you're begging me for information? That is not how it works. Oh hell no." As she spoke this time, her French tones slipped over to the German, and she slowly got up to her feet. She took a step back away, shaking her head. "Oh no. You don't get the life story on the first meeting. So, babe, call me." She smirked, scribbling her number on the sticky note on the smartphone.

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Stefan looked a bit off, "Um...thank you...I think..." He stood straighter frowning, "What about you? don't you need money?" He asked offering the wallets and the watches back. "You probably need to eat, don't you?" He asked curiously wondering if he was going to die now because he had been around her. He was still trying to put logic into the situation thinking she may be radioactive, but Witches were of the old world, the ancient world...Nothing they could do was radioactive. It was all pure power not manmade power. "You say your cursed, but what curse do you have? People die around you...that's not to say everyone around you dies...right?" He asked looking at the hand she had touched seeing if any sign of mortality existed in his hand.

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KT (queenlykt) | 1346 comments Ciara laughed, shaking her head. "You really think I can't just get someone else's stuff? Easy. Oh don't worry babe. You'll be absolutely fine. You want the whole deal on the first date? Why the hell not. I lose people. Everyone that's actually important to me dies. I have lost family and girlfriends and boyfriends and it won't stop. It never will. So that's my curse. Live forever, be easy to fall in love with, and lose the people I love or the ones that love me. So you are completely fine babe. Don't worry." She shook her head with a smirk. Pointedly she pushed the stuff back into his hand, once again touching his skin with no effect. "Want more explanation on yourself? Buy me a drink sometime. My number's on the phone, you can call me Aspen."

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Stefan nodded, "Um, okay...Aspen...I'm sure with your amny characters that isn't your real name, but I'll take it. I don't want to get to know the real anyone." He admitted still wanting to simpytake the stuff and run, but he was more and mroe intrigued by her. He felt curious than ever about her. He gave anod and took the stuff reluctantly. "I guess I'll see youa round." He siad before turning from her. He tucked the watch and the two wallets into his pocket and looked at the phone curiously. He hadn't used one ina while and was wondering if he could figure the thing out. He kept his head low and his hands covered in his pockets. He usually slept out int eh alley behidn the club or the cafe. He was hoping he could still do that tonight.

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[End Scene]
{Ciara and Stefan are time lapsing to that evening later Devereux Lounge}

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