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Jacob Hott (jacobhottlifesucksthenwedie) | 1958 comments Mod
Here you can work on your characters. If you have claimed a hierarchy position you have two weeks to finish your character. After Which time your position will be placed back on market.

Once you finish in the workshop remove your character from this topic and move your character to Character approval where it will be examined and reviewed by the Head Mod.

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Devery Jacobs
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Isabelle Fuhrman
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yeah I was thinking about that, but then what I had in mind wouldn't fit, so I also came up with this, tell me whether or not its plausible.

So I was thinking about maybe having some sort of spell happen to Ira at some point after she killed Nathan, but before she met Cedrik FYI this is the collab we were talking about earlier. The idea behind this spell is that it froze her in time. Like put her in a place outside of time for a number of years. so in reality she is older, but doesn't realize that she was frozen. And so mentally is still that age? Just a thought.

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So basically trapped in the unknown realm she was basically frozen in time. She manages to return and what felt like hours was years in our realm. But she shortly after returning she came to realize what year it was making her age close to her mothers new age. When in fact her mother was not reincarnated until much later from Ira's birth.


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Yes basically.

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glad you approve!!

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Fuck I forgot to check that plus I was basing it off of current date rather than when o made Aurie which was technically a year ago. Anyways she is technically 26-27 or however the hell old she is, but upon coming out she mentally and physically stayed 15/16 ish.

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At the moment she is only 26 at least I think that's what I put down.

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Oh yeah I just need to fix dates honestly then I'll be good. And yeah Ira was her previous life's child, though I'll fix everything up tomorrow. Today I'm baking my brother's bday cake

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Jacob Hott (jacobhottlifesucksthenwedie) | 1958 comments Mod
haha just saw this I was forgetting that Savannah hasn't been here for all of Aurelia lol. I was reading comments thinking uh duh Aurelia's past and most recent past life had a child and Aurelia died during childbirth. OMG!!!! lmao my bad haha.

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I actually literally just came up with this idea cause I was trying to figure out what to do with Ira so this whole idea came about almost a year after I created Aurie. So I don't have this really in her history. I would edit it, but I just haven't gotten around to it.

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Honestly I don't have the time to update characters anymore. I hardly have time to create them and respond to posts so worry about up to date characters has been the last thing on my mind.

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Nah it's cool. I think I've got it under control I'm just a bit stressed out right now. I just got finished with finals now if have to go to a basketball tournament. I'll fix Aurie when I get home.

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Finished with Adrien thoughts?

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Easton Blake (Part One)
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Easton Blake (Part Two)
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