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Rudd (Taco Chimera)Φ ((I will play Caesar))

Caesar: Hello, and welcome to our next interview. Tonight we are introducing Alexia from District 9!

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Alexia: *walks in* hellok Ceaser! Pleased to meet you!

Rudd (Taco Chimera)Φ Caesar: Now can I say Alexia, you look stunning in that golden dress. Do you mind showing it to the audience because your tailor just did a fantastic job on it?

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Alexia: *pretend blushes* Thank you! *stands* *spins in a circle*

Rudd (Taco Chimera)Φ ((Crowd Cheers))

Caesar: Now, you've only been in the capitol a few days now, but how are you liking it so far?

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Alexia: Oh its amazing, Caesar. Food is excellent. Wonderful cuisene

Rudd (Taco Chimera)Φ Caesar: Well we certainly try our best. Now how about where you come from? How are things in the district of grain?

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Alexia: when I left, they were great. Growing perfectly

Rudd (Taco Chimera)Φ Ceasar: That's good to hear. Now, as I've heard you've got some tight competition this year in the arena. What do you think will be your greatest asset in the games?

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Alexia: *smiles playfully* Caesar, do you really think I'll answer that? Give my enemies a hint

Rudd (Taco Chimera)Φ Caesar: *shrugs* Well it was worth a shot, but I understand your secrecy. I suppose we'll find out soon enough. So, is there anyone back home you would like to say hi too right now on television?

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Alexia: *sits up* id like to say hi to my mom to my dad and mom! Love you! *blows kiss to audience*

Rudd (Taco Chimera)Φ Caesar: well, you seem like quite the charming young lady. Is there a charming young man you're in a relationship with?

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Alexia: *giggles* no there isnt

Rudd (Taco Chimera)Φ Caesar: Well, if you win the games you may find your love. Well, that's all of the time we have tonight. Give it up one last time for Alexia!

((Crowd Cheers))

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Alexia: *runs off stage* ((ok :D now we do Andy or Shane))

Rudd (Taco Chimera)Φ ((Can you make the topic?))

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Ok!!! Andy or Shane?))

Rudd (Taco Chimera)Φ ((Andy I guess))

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Okey dokey)

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