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Jacob Hott (jacobhottlifesucksthenwedie) | 1958 comments Mod
This is an incomplete list of powers and abilities if you have a power or ability you would like to consider for your character that is not listed request it's approval in the questions topic. If the mods deem it to be inappropriate to the rp it will not be allowed.

All Witches
All Witches share a few abilities that kick in around the young age of twelve to thirteen. 'The Power' remains dormant within the Witch until their 13th birthday, during which the user "gets a taste" of The Power. It is described for the first "taste" of 'The Power' as a kind of test. The user is granted untold power and grows more powerful each year until they Ascend full power on the eve of his 18th birthday. If a Witch has not come into one of these powers by such an age they are deemed mortal and placed into Guardian training (see Hierarchy). Some Witches hold stronger affinities in particular powers than others and it is considered their occupational part within the coven should they be extremely gifted in such matters.

◘Spell-Casting/Spellcraft - Affinity for casting spells and performing rituals.

◘Telekinesis - The ability to manipulate objects with the power of the mind. This is the most commonly seen power, displayed by many witches as a strength.

◘Clairvoyance/Telepathy/Thought-Casting - Power to mentally receive and/or transmit information. All Witches can communicate with one another silently this helps when trying to conceal certain messages form others. An ability that can manifest as the power to read the minds of others, commonly known as telepathy.

◘Heightened Senses - The power to posses extremely accurate senses. Enhanced Hearing, Vision, Taste, & Smell. Drugs or other means can negate or remove these senses unless they are reversible. (view spoiler)

◘Enhanced Condition - The power to remain in the peak physical and/or mental condition of user's species with little or no maintaining. (view spoiler)

◘Potioncraft/Potion-Making - Affinity for an extensive knowledge of "Green Magic," including conventional herbalism as well as more sophisticated botanical science and potion brewing.

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Jacob Hott (jacobhottlifesucksthenwedie) | 1958 comments Mod
Number of Abilities To Each Title
Apart from what all Witches possess in power Witches also have their own unique abilities which are unique to the user. With ranking comes power. A Witches powers are all interconnected in some form or way. A Witch who possesses an affinity with Luck or Probability will not be seen to have an affinity with Possession.
◘[12]The High Priestess holds twelve abilities this includes the Seven Trials of Hecate as part of those twelve power. The High Priestess also holds Power Bestowal as one of these powers which she takes on after the death of the last High Priestess. the High Priestess holds the power to grant titles and with titles comes power which only the High Priestess can bestow upon certain Witches or even mortals. Power Negation/Nullify is also an ability the High Priestess must include in her list as to give power means she can take power away as well.
◘[10]The High Priest/Elder Acolyte holds ten powers which do not include the full list of the Seven Trials of Hecate only some of the trials as no male has ever been able to complete all Seven Trials. However this does include Power Negation/Nullify. As one who acts in the stead of the High Priestess when one takes on this position the High Priestess bestows this power upon them to prove title.
◘[9]The Acolyte has eight common powers and the power of Summoning. This ability grants them with the knowledge and power to summon all Witches to a circle without warning. Those who ignore the summoning power or block it will be forced into the state of temporary banishment. Temporary banishment removes all connection to other Witches from the one who blocks the summoning. They feel empty inside and their powers become almost entirely drained. It practically paralyzes a Witch's abilities.
◘[9]The Seer/Vice has eight common powers and the power of Vision/The Sight. The ability to see significant visions of the past and future through touch, applies to people and materials in a series of visions or premonitions. Described as the most powerful ability to have and the most painful to live with. The Sight can be manipulated through a series of probability actions and can trick the Seer into believing events have passed when they have not. This spell is called the Sight's Veil. It is very advanced and few can accomplish it fully. The Sight normally can manifest in multiple forms. It usually takes three main forms: Precognition, Retrocognition, & Psychometry...However it has been known to take on even more forms. Note: Any form of perceiving the future, past, or present is part of the Sight for a Seer.
◘[8]An Elder has seven common abilities and Elemental Control over the four elements: Earth, Water, Air, & Fire.
◘WITCHES ONLY[7] MORTALS ONLY[3] Guardian/Secret-keeper who is a Witch has five common abilities and the gift of Tracking and Tracking Evasion. This allows them to cover up any sign that the Coven exist from mortals. Mortal Guardians are bestowed with Tracking and Tracking Evasion as well to cover their own tracks as well as the Covens and track down Witch Hunters. The mortal Guardians have a third ability which is a blessing from the High Priestess. This ability is usually an enhanced ability from their most dominant trait: A person who relies on beauty could hold enhanced beauty or touch of seduction; One who is very empathetic toward others feelings could find themselves being able to control others emotions or calming others with a touch; Someone who is competitive could have luck manipulation or enhanced endurance; etcetera...
◘[5]All Caster's have five common abilities with no true significance to the title.
◘[2]Sleepwalker's have Immortality & Single Animal Shapeshifting against freewill. As they must shift every night into their animal form and have had all of the powers stripped from them with the curse of Immortality
◘[3]Familiar's have Immortality, Single Animal Shapeshifting with some free will, and a Bondage Empathy-Link. Familiar's are bonded to a single Witch and should the Witch die so will the Familiar. Familiar's may shift at will into their animal form, but must also do so at the will of their bonded witch/master.
◘[5-12] A Wraith can be created from the position of any witch. To become a Wraith one must commit the act of murder using their powers to kill another Witch. This can make them unpredictable as they take in up to twelve powers with the ability to become a High Priest or Priestess through time. Few can harness twelve complete powers, but it has happened.
◘[5] A Rogue Witch is a Witch without any ties to a Coven having no membership as a Coven member and without restraint on their powers as they are not Wraiths and do not kill other Witches for power.

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Jacob Hott (jacobhottlifesucksthenwedie) | 1958 comments Mod
Individual Witches
All Witches hold their own individual strengths in power and rank. As stated above a Witches powers are all interconnected in some form or way. A Witch who possesses an affinity with Luck or Probability will not be seen to have an affinity with Possession. And again this is an incomplete list of powers and abilities if you have a power or ability you would like to consider for your character that is not listed request it's approval in the questions topic. If the mods deem it to be inappropriate to the rp it will not be allowed.

Every Witch holds power in a single Element which becomes on of their numbered abilities. This element is predetermined at birth. As with the four elements (Water, Fire, Earth, & Wind) these abilities are linked to emotion and personality characteristics. The Sacred Four Elements are known to link to a persons Zodiac Sign.
◘Earth - Taurus, Virgo, & Capricorn
◘Air - Gemini, Libra, & Aquarius
◘Water - Cancer, Scorpio, & Pisces
◘Fire - Aries, Leo, & Sagittarius

The larger list of abilities also goes with personality and inner linking apart from the inner one of the Sacred Four Elements. This will make up the rest of a Witches powers which will lead them into hierarchy titles one day.

Personal Physical Powers
Powers which affect an individual's body.


Regenerative Healing Factor
Adoptive Muscle Memory
Body Part Substitution
Anatomical Liberation
Additional Limbs
Organic Constructs
Matter Ingestion
Mobile Invulnerability
Dynamic Camouflage
Bone Protrusion
Jet Propulsion
Helicopter Propulsion
Cyclone Spinning
Prehensile Hair
Prehensile Tongue
Prehensile Nail
Structure Weakening
Claw Retraction
Fat Manipulation
Muscle Manipulation


Poison Generation
Acid Generation
Water Generation
Bubble Generation
Ink Generation
Ash Generation
Smoke Generation
Stench Generation
Miasma Emission
Nerve-Gas Emission
Chlorine Gas Exudation
Oil Secretion
Pheromone Manipulation
Sonic Scream
Hyper Breath
Pyric Exhalation
Scald Generation

Vacuum Adaptation
Atmospheric Adaptation
Environmental Adaptation
Aerial Adaptation
Desert Adaptation
Arctic Adaptation
Mountainous Adaptation
Subterranean Adaptation
Urban Adaptation
Wetland Adaptation
Fallout Adaptation
Aquatic Respiration
Reactive Adaptation
Poison Immunity
Thermal Resistance
Tracking Evasion

Mentality-based Powers
Powers which affect an individual's mind.

Intuitive Aptitude
Faunal Communication
Cyber Communication
Extraterrestrial Communication
Plant Communication
Fungal Communication
Ecological Empathy
Enhanced Intelligence
Psychic Navigation
Ancestor Evocation
Eidetic Memory
Knowledge Replication
Feral Mind
Dual Mind
4th Wall Awareness

The abilities of extra-sensory perception (ESP) and communication.
Astral Projection
Mental Projection
Dimensional Awareness
Astrological Divination
Extrasensory Perception
Danger Intuition
Mendacity Detection
Offspring Detection

{Physical or Mental Domination}
Powers that can control the will of others.

Astral Imprisonment
Memory Manipulation
Mental Manipulation
Empathic Manipulation
Mind Control
Psychic Persuasion
Belief Induction
Astral Possession
Psionic Inundation
Psionic Projection
Mindscape Transportation
Dream Manipulation
Fear Inducement
Yin & Yang Shift
Furtive Assimilation
Neurocognitive Deficit
Psionic Equilibrium Distort
Siren Song

Physics or Reality Manipulation
These powers may be manifested by various methods, including: With some method of molecular control; By access to, or partially or fully shifting to another dimension; manipulating the geometric dimensions of time or space; or using some other unnamed method.

Artistry Animation
Induced Healing
Physical Restoration
Induced Sedation
Induced Paralysis
Death Inducement
Mind Exchange
Induced Ferity
Activation & Deactivation
Access & Occlusion
Dimensional Storage
Psionic Imprinting
Vitality Absorption

{Fundamental Forces}
Physics Manipulation
Light Manipulation
Color Manipulation
Rainbow Colors
Darkness Manipulation
Nothingness Manipulation
Density Control
Mass Manipulation
Weight Manipulation
Elemental Transmutation
Gravitational Manipulation
Pressure Manipulation
Magnetism Manipulation
Molecular Manipulation
Solar Manipulation
Cosmic Manipulation
Lunar Manipulation
Aura Manipulation
Probability Manipulation
Reality Warping
Sound Manipulation
Temporal Manipulation
Spatial Manipulation
Biological Manipulation
Age Manipulation
Corpse Manipulation
Nerve Manipulation
Fundamental Forces Manipulation
Literary Manipulation
Mirror Manipulation
Ink Manipulation
Oil Manipulation
Season Manipulation
Circadian Control
Vector Manipulation

{Classical Elements}
Ability to control or manipulate the elements.

Air Manipulation
Smoke Manipulation
Earth Manipulation
Crystal Manipulation
Metal Manipulation
Geothermal Manipulation
Glass Manipulation
Sand Manipulation
Fire Manipulation
Water Manipulation
Vapor Manipulation
Ice Manipulation
Electric Manipulation
Electromagnetic Manipulation
Plant Manipulation
Plant Growth
Wood Manipulation
Fungus Manipulation
Paper Manipulation
Pollen Manipulation
Flower Manipulation
Fruit/Vegetable Manipulation
Nature Manipulation
Animal Manipulation
Avian Manipulation
Insect Manipulation
Mammal Manipulation
Reptile Manipulation
Fish Manipulation
Arachnid Manipulation
Amphibian Manipulation
Weather Manipulation
Cloud Manipulation
Storm Manipulation
Dust Manipulation
Ash Manipulation

{Energy Manipulation}
These powers deal with energy generation, conversion and manipulation. In addition to generic energy, versions of these powers exist that deal with such things as light, sound, electricity, nuclear energy, and the Darkforce dimension.

Energy Emission
Concussion Beams
Transitional Phasing Beam
Microwave Emission
Vibration Emission
Volatile Constructs
Pyrotechnic Plasma
Light Generation
Life-Force Manipulation
Radiation Manipulation
Kinetic-Energy Manipulation
Energy Conversion
Energy Constructs
Force-Field Generation
Induced Combustion
Energy Negation

Ability to alter or deceive the perceptions of another. Can be sensory, a light or sound-based effect, or an alteration of mental perceptions.

Illusion Manipulation
Holographic Projection

Ability to change appearance or body structure.

Malleable Anatomy
Animal Morphing
Size Shifting
Age Shifting
Dermal Armor
Bionic Physiology
Monster Mutation
Reactive Adaptation
Power Replication

{Elemental Mimicry}

Metal Mimicry
Gold Mimicry
Inorganic Mimicry
Pyric Mimicry
Magma Mimicry
Sand Mimicry
Ink Mimicry
Substance Mimicry
Clay Mimicry
Slime Mimicry
Smoke Mimicry
Shadow Mimicry
Electric Mimicry
Crystal Mimicry
Diamond Mimicry
Paper Mimicry
Digital Form
Tachyon Mimicry
EM Waves Mimicry
Ice Mimicry
Nova Mimicry
Spatial Mimicry
Artificially-Enhanced Mimicry
Energy Mimicry

{Organic Mimicry}

Animal Morphing
Avian Mimicry
*Corvid Mimicry
*Strigiform Mimicry
*Psittaciforme Mimicry

Arachnidan Mimicry
*Scorpion Mimicry
*Spider Mimicry
*Insect Mimicry
*Bee Mimicry
*Butterfly Mimicry
*Moth Mimicry
*Ant Mimicry
*Beetle Physiology
*Roach Mimicry

Ichthyoid Mimicry
*Shark Mimicry

Amphibian Mimicry
Cephalopod Mimicry
Cnidarian Mimicry
Crustacean Mimicry
Parasite Mimicry

Reptilian Mimicry
*Turtle Mimicry
*Tortoise Mimicry
*Snake Mimicry
*Dragon Mimicry

Mammal Mimicry
*Canine Mimicry
*Feline Mimicry
*Simian Mimicry
*Bat Mimicry
*Ursid Mimicry
*Giraffid Mimicry
*Camalid Mimicry
*Pachyderm Mimicry
*Elephantide Mimicry
*Equine Mimicry
*Horse Mimicry
*Leporid Mimicry
*Cervid Mimicry
*Rodent Mimicry
*Cetacean Mimicry
*Bovine Mimicry
*Hyena Mimicry
*Marsupial Mimicry
*Pinniped Mimicry
*Sirenia Mimicry
*Xenarthra Mimicry
*Monotreme Mimicry
*Herpestid Mimicry
*Viverrid Mimicry
*Procyonid Mimicry

Plant Mimicry
*Wood Mimicry
*Floral Mimicry
*Fructo Mimicry
*Fungal Mimicry

Cellular Mimicry

Mythological Mimicry
Angelic Mimicry
Fairy Mimicry
Demonic Mimicry (Curse)
Ghost Mimicry
Zombie Mimicry (Curse)
Vampire Mimicry (Curse)
Werewolf Physiology
Gorgon Mimicry
Phoenix Mimicry
Thunderbird Mimicry
Unicorn Mimicry
Troll Mimicry (Curse)
Pegasus Mimicry
Griffin Mimicry
Wendigo Mimicry (Curse)
Minotaur Mimicry
Merfolk Mimicry
Gargoyle Mimicry (Curse)
Succubi Mimicry
Spirit Mimicry
Hellhound Mimicry

All Witches hold some powerful affinity of which they practice their magic and are most advanced in. An affinity is far different form regular powers.

Immortality (Curse)
Creation (Curse) (Creating dark creatures to do bidding and inflict pain upon others.)
Life Creation

Chaos Magic
Creation Magic
Dark Arts
Destruction Magic
Druidic Magic
Elemental Magic
Enchanted Artistry
Life Magic
Spell Casting
Craft Magic
Art Magic
Bardic Magic
Spatial Manipulation

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