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Author Resource Round Table > Why the Kindle version of a book expected to be a lower price than the audio book version.

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message 1: by [deleted user] (new)

I know a reader expects the eBook version of a book to be lower in price than the print version. What I don't understand is why do they expect the eBook price to be lower than the audio book version. They are both downloadable with the only difference being that one is text and the other is voice.

Since decided that the audio book version of my book be priced at 6.95, I made the eBook version match that price. I checked my book against the other 175,000 books in the 65 to 100 page short reads section on

The price ranges from 99 cents to 9.99. The price for my book is in the middle of that range. In my case, I tried prices from 99 cents to 6.95 and it didn't seem to matter. The same amount of people bought the book at the different prices.

However, there seems to be an expectation that the eBook price be lower than the audio book version. I was wondering what your opinion was on this subject.

Thank You
S. R. Reed

message 2: by Jim (last edited Apr 24, 2015 09:58AM) (new)

Jim Vuksic | 1049 comments S.R.,

The prices, established by a commercial vendor, for the various products they sell, are based upon a number of factors: overhead (fixed & discretionary spend), historic volume, anticipated net profit, and customer demand. The prices fluctuate in response to changes in any of the criteria.

message 3: by Janelovering (new)

Janelovering | 52 comments With the audio book they have to pay a voice actor to do the reading, a producer to edit out the stops and sound engineers to make it sound smooth. With a Kindle book, it's only the author's work.

message 4: by Jim (new)

Jim Vuksic | 1049 comments S.R. wrote: "Hi Jim,

OK. Then a fair list price for the eBook should be half the audio book list price, right?

Thanks for your input."

Correct, S.R., but keep in mind that the price for the exact same item may differ from one commercial vendor to another, for the reasons stated in message 2.

message 5: by Virginia (new)

Virginia | 34 comments Janelovering wrote: "With the audio book they have to pay a voice actor to do the reading, a producer to edit out the stops and sound engineers to make it sound smooth. With a Kindle book, it's only the author's work."

I second this. Converting the print file to ebook format is pretty easy (for those that know how). Having someone read the entire book aloud and then having it mastered is quite a bit more production than a format conversion.

message 6: by Mellie (last edited Apr 25, 2015 12:51AM) (new)

Mellie (mellie42) | 541 comments It's to do with the amount of work involved for the voice artist. There are also delivery charges associated with downloading a file and Amazon set certain price restrictions based on file size.
I'm just curious, given you have posted before that you're not concerned about sales (which is why you have priced a short novella that has editing issues at $6.95) then surely the price of the audio book is also irrelevant? Surely it would have been a better move to pull the novella and work on the substantive issues you know it has?

message 7: by [deleted user] (new)

Hi, A.W,

There was no upfront cost for the narration and I did a lot of work to help the narrator with the editing of his recording. Therefore, from my point of view it was only a content matter text vs. voice. I couldn't see the difference because they were both downloadable.

However, after reading the comments I can see their point of view and have cut the novella price in half. The reduced price probably won't make any difference in sales but I wanted to be fair to the reader.

As far as the content of the eBook version is concerned, the writing could use some polish but most readers so far have not complained and have given the story high reviews.

I can't touch the eBook text now anyway because it has Whispersync for Voice that requires the eBook to match exactly with the audio book. Thanks for your comment.

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