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message 1: by Java (new)

Java Davis (javadavis) | 2 comments My ebook Triptych will be free for the downloading starting Friday, through Monday. I’m not sure about all the countries represented on this website, so I hope it’s available to everyone. If you do pick up a copy, drop me a line and let me know.

Amazon U.S. link:

Amazon U.K. link:

message 2: by E (new)

E (egoddess) | 5 comments the link doesnt seem to be working. but what genre is your book?

message 3: by Java (new)

Java Davis (javadavis) | 2 comments Are you using Safari? I find it's problematic sometimes. It's the story of a road trip, a love triangle, and three messed up people who decide to grow up.
Try again?
-- JD

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