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All the Light We Cannot See
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All the Light We Cannot See > The narration of the book moves back and forth, both in time and between characters. How did/does this affect your reading experience? How do you think your experience would have been different if the story was told in chronological order?

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I enjoy reading multiple character stories at a time, actually. So far it's keeping the story interesting for me.

Katie Burnett (katieburnett) | 8 comments Mod
The narration moving back and forth was the reason I read the book as quickly as I did. There were times when I wanted more of a particular story line and it would jump to the future or past, so I would have to keep reading to get back to the cliffhanger. The shorter chapters also helped with going through it faster.
If it would have been in chronological order I think it would have been boring. Reading it the way it was felt more like a puzzle and made me think about it more.

Lauren Wertz | 6 comments Personally, I probably would have been okay with it if it had been written in chronological order, but the jumping around between time and characters did keep it interesting. I'm just glad it didn't jump between too many different characters, otherwise it would have been a much more tedious read.

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Call me dense, but the time hopping confused me a little bit. Only because I was trying to keep track of everyone's age and current situation. I like the multiple character changes, but I almost would've preferred the novel in chronological order.

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