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message 1: by Kevin (new)

Kevin | 7 comments Timothy Watts is an American writer who authored five crime-fiction books, of which I've read four (Feeling Minnesota, Cons, Grand Theft, and Steal Away) and I'm about to read the fifth (The Money Lovers).

The scant reviews I can find of his works compare him to Elmore Leonard, which is accurate. Go-nowhere guys getting in over their head, that sort of thing.

I really, really like this guy's work, but he hasn't written anything since 2003, and I can't find any information about him on the internet (except for one old interview).

A couple of websites list a book by him called 'The Innocent' and indicate it was released, but I can't find any evidence of such a book ever actually being printed.

He seems to have jumped publishers a few times and even the publishers are hard to pin down.

I realize this is an extremely long shot, but does anybody out there know what happened to Timothy Watts or why he hasn't written anything in 12 years?

message 2: by Jaye (new)

Jaye  | 385 comments soho@sohopress.com
Above email for the publisher of at least 3 of his books. You could email them.

message 3: by Kevin (new)

Kevin | 7 comments Jaye wrote: "soho@sohopress.com
Above email for the publisher of at least 3 of his books. You could email them."

Sorry for the delayed response - thanks, Jaye. I'll try that email addy and see what happens.

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