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first shot

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message 1: by Nick (new)

Nick Scarmozzi | 1 comments The question of this story is “what would you do if your dad was a murderer”. This begs the question what would you do (spoiler alert)I would call the police like the main character David Crandall did which didn’t make him the most popular kid at his school the arsenal that would be his roommate Garret Rothenburg . Garret Rothenburg is kind of the school jerk and the bully and or popular kid and the only one this being a military school and all. The story overall had a great story and an extraordinary ending. The author Walter Sorrels has done other books similar to this called hunted.
Like those other books this book First Shot is a murder mystery about a boy who suspects his father of murdering his mother. That boy’s name is David Crandall a boy who attends the military school the Arsenal. His father the accused murderer of his mother is also the headmaster of what David can only describe as hell on earth. The book’s target audience should be anyone who likes murder mysteries and action thrillers because this book will pick up at the climax which I can’t give away because spoilers.
The characters that will be accompanying our main character are Misty the “love interest” a quick shooting and very accurate country girl with something between her shoulders besides an empty shell, there is also her parents which show where she gets all her knowledge and skill from. Garret Rothenburg and his father Mr Rothenburg are secondary villains and suspects like Mr Entwhistle, David’s best friend Leo Jackstaff with his brother Nolan.

message 2: by Wynter (new)

Wynter Rentas | 3 comments I think this book would be a fun book to read by the way you described it in your review. If my dad was a murderer I would personally cry because he is my dad. The guy I came from is out there hurting and killing people. I would personally disown him and report him. No person should be out there just killing people. You could of maybe added more of what you liked and dint like about the book. But I would personally want to read it because it sounds like a CSI mystery. Which I greatly like, and would personally read based off of what you said. Nice review Nick,

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