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How Do I?

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message 1: by C. G. (new)

C. G. Telcontar Hey, community, help me out! I stopped reading this and want to get it off my currently reading list. Is there a way to do that?

Allan Christopher; Go to 'My Books'. Go to 'Currently Reading'. move to the extreme right column of the book you want to delete. Click on the 'X'.

message 3: by C. G. (new)

C. G. Telcontar thanks for the info Allan.

Allan You're welcome.

Budd a better way is to create the category of did not finish. That way you can find the books you didn't finish later and come back to them if you want. If you didn't finish it because you didn't like it then you can create the category abandoned or so bad I didn't finish.

Michele Miles How do I post a review?

RoseAnn Search for the book you want to review. When you find the right one, there is a button marked 'Add a Review' (it's about halfway down the page when I'm viewing the site on my computer).

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