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message 1: by Keeley (new)

Keeley I am of the opinion that instead of just having toast and burnt toast in the system of classification, we should also have bread, dough, and un-risen bread dough. What do y'all think? You can add in more if you want :)

Felicity Johnson It is a classification system that was inspired by the poem,
"Aragorn's as hot as toast,
Aragorn I love the most."
It is really random...

Gerd So, who's burnt as toast in that very poem then?

message 5: by Felicity (last edited Apr 29, 2015 07:08PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Felicity Johnson Well, it doesn't really specify. Though I think we would all agree Aragorn would be considered burned toast.

Jace Would Sauron be three year's of mold sour dough bread?

message 7: by Felicity (last edited May 07, 2015 08:33PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Felicity Johnson I think that fits quite well.

Felicity Johnson What would Gollum be?

message 9: by Amber (new)

Amber Gollum would be white bread steeped in old rotten fish juice

Felicity Johnson I only WISH to catch a FISH so juicy SWEET!

Felicity Johnson So, since the white bread is soft and nice (though personally, I do not like white bread), does that symbolize Gollum being nice at first, and the rotten fish juice being him turning into the slimy fish eating monster he becomes? I like Gollum too much. It is kind of a problem. But he some how manages to be adorable!

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