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message 1: by Brianna (new)

Brianna Andreda | 16 comments There are two teenage rebels trying to start a revolution to overthrow Bartholomew Brocas, the King of Mistmoor. One of teenage rebels can be either the son/daughter of the King and Queen (Rose Brocas). The son/daughter of Bartholomew and Rose's agenda will be to overthrow his/her father to be able to take the throne him/her self instead of his/her older brother, Nichol Brocas. (It's okay if his/her agenda changes). The other teenage rebel will be born into a family that worked for the royal family. His/her reason for wanting to overthrow Bartholomew is because he ordered the death of his/her parents. He/she will have been thrown out of the Royal Palace after his/her parents where killed to live in one of the castes. There will be 5 castes with Caste 1 being royalty and Caste 5 being slaves. (Whoever decides to join can help me decide what type of civilians will be in the remaining castes.) Neither rebel will know the true identity of the other rebel at first and I would like for there to be a good amount of time before they realize each other's identity.

message 2: by Applejaxc (new)

Applejaxc | 1003 comments For a while I've had an idea for a character named Fenris (as in the wolf of chaos) who is a prince struggling against his increasingly racist parents, whose bellicose ideology threatens the safety of the kingdom. ALong those lines, I certainly would not mind being the royal rebel, unless you'd prefer to occupy that slot.

I assume this is a medieval European setting, with no magic and appropriate technology, correct? (No muskets, etc like the French revolution)

message 3: by Brianna (new)

Brianna Andreda | 16 comments Your character, Fenris would be fine. My idea mainly just revolved around two people trying to overthrow the King for their own reasons. I just wanted one person to be the King's daughter/son and one to be from a lower caste. So, it's totally fine if his parents racism is what drives him to overthrow his father.

I'm find with either slot. I have a few directions I could lead those characters into.

Yes it has a medieval European setting and there's no magic and appropriate technology. No muskets, just swords. Also I've thought about structuring the castes like the Middle Ages classes, with Monarchs being at the top and Peasants/Serfs on the bottom.

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Applejaxc | 1003 comments When you say "Middle Age Classes" you're making a broad generalization. The Brits and the Slavs (for example) had Absolute Monarchs or Tsars (until the Glorious Revolution created a constitutional monarchy and the Tsars were overthrown, that is)

I will assume you mean west-European middle ages. Does the king claim power by divine right? How much power does the queen share?

What I'm thinking is (if this is alright) Fenris is a 16-19ish (so he's old enough to have a legitimate claim to the throne if it weren't for his brother). He acts like an aloof party boy, squandering the royal coffers on his friends and parties. Really he's been putting on an act for the last 3 years so his brother wouldn't think it necessary to kill him and his parents more-or-less left him alone. For the last year or so, he's been "Failing" to fight the crime rate of the nation (which is how large, exactly?) when, in fact, he's been moving his own allies into power within the local banditry/thieves guild and soon he'll be trying to secretly position loyal soldiers into leadership in the militia/army. (Of course, at your decision, this can backfire royally if someone accuses him of being in the pocket of the crime lords, that they're using him rather than the other way around)

Or should the story start that he hasn't already started preparations in case his parents go too far?

If the story has no elves, orcs, and dwarves to discriminate against, who is their racism targeting? Perhaps the French, Jews, or Lutherans? (or is this a wholly fictional setting?)

message 5: by Brianna (new)

Brianna Andreda | 16 comments I meant West-European middle ages. Yes the King claims power by divine right. The queen would act as regent whenever the king is away for like war or any other type of business. She's charitable endowing certain businesses at her choice. She can throw parties to help form new alliances and she can sentence criminals when it is a petty crime. It is possible that sometimes she may have to organize the defense of Mistmoor. Basically, she seems like she has power, but she really doesn't. The king makes the decisions and sometimes the queen may publicly display them.

I'm alright with Fenris being 16-19ish. The crime rate can be about 32%, making the civilians feel like the king is not properly doing his job.

I like the idea of Fenris already having preparations because then he starts off knowing what his risks exactly are. I was thinking of making the characters a little dissimilar, so if Fenris starts off with preparations, the other rebel can just go into it blind. She'll make plans along the way.

This is a wholly fictional setting. Since Fenris will be the one that's mainly focused on the racism issue, I'll let you decide the target of it.

message 6: by Applejaxc (new)

Applejaxc | 1003 comments I'd suggest that Mistmoore has historically been an ethnically diverse population, with the ruling class primarily occupied by British-esque men, but with an increasingly small cabal of more Slavic or central-European nobility that are the descendents of knights/royalty/etc that was loyal to the Mistmoore rulership of some generations prior. Basically Mistmoore exists only because of the participation of a great varied people, but the King's ethnicity has gone from a slim majority (population and power wise) to 50+% the total population and filling the top ranks of leadership. At this point the only non-Britishesques in power are where they are to appease the population before the King's power is absolute enough to abdicate everyone he doesn't like.

I'm good at making up fantasy elements; I've never done a serious story in a more realistic setting. I have no idea what to call the ethnic groups (I specify ethnicities rather than race because I assume the kingdom is mostly white).

Fenris is meant to be a hero of the people (like all revolutionaries). He often tries to sit in on petty crime rulings when he feels the accused is innocent (or is being charged too harshly), so he often fights with his mother in court, but when the king is home he forced into a tight-lipped resistance.

Whatever the second largest racial/ethnic/religious group, Fenris knows a passable amount of the language and ideology/theology/whatever.

I will be getting in bed soon.

message 7: by Brianna (new)

Brianna Andreda | 16 comments Okay that's fine with me. This is the first time I've ever actually came up with an idea myself. I'm usually used to everyone else doing all the world-building and plotting.

Europeans had a few racial problems with Arabs, which they referred to as Moors, so they could be part of the population and be part of the focus of the racism. If you wanted to go for a religious prejudice, it could be people that weren't Catholic.

I've never really done fantasy elements (the reason why I kept them out), but if you would like to add some and don't mind dealing with my occasional messing up of placing them into the story correctly, I don't mind trying. It'd be pretty fun to try something new.

I'll be on a little more often tomorrow, so we should be able to have everything set sometime tomorrow to be able to start role playing. Are you on the east or west coast?

message 8: by Applejaxc (new)

Applejaxc | 1003 comments 1: Eh. If you want to do people of totally different cultures, I can swing with it, though I was thinking of British-French-Italian-Kievan Rus type conflicts. But I'm totally fine with anything.

2: If you don't want to do fantasy I won't impose; I've done plenty!

3: I'm on the east coast. I'll be available after 3 PM.

message 9: by Brianna (new)

Brianna Andreda | 16 comments Okay British-French-Italian-Kievan Rus type conflicts are fine with me. I was just throwing out ideas.

I don't mind a little fantasy. Thinking about it, a little fantasy could be to the characters help or downfall. Or maybe the King could be attacking people with magical powers or people he thinks has magical powers.

I'm also on the east coast. I'll be available around that time. I'm usually available after 11 AM and am pretty much on and off til I go to sleep.

message 10: by Applejaxc (new)

Applejaxc | 1003 comments I think I'd like to to do a nonfantasy story for once.

Do you want to start your character is in court for a petty squabble? Or do you want the characters to be separate for some amount of time first? The first post is totally your call.

message 11: by Brianna (new)

Brianna Andreda | 16 comments Okay that's fine. I like the idea of my character being in court for a petty squabble. I can make it to where my character goes by a different last name than the one she was born with. That way the characters still won't know the true identity of each other. Right now I'm thinking my character's father will be the one who was killed and her mother ended up being sent to live as an innkeeper.

message 12: by Applejaxc (new)

Applejaxc | 1003 comments "Sent to live as an innkeeper" that doesn't sound like much of a punishment. Maybe a barmaid indentured servant, but becoming an innkeeper sounds like more of an escape.

message 13: by Brianna (new)

Brianna Andreda | 16 comments I say an innkeeper because her husband was a noble. So she never had to really serve anyone and she was used to being taken care of.

message 14: by Applejaxc (new)

Applejaxc | 1003 comments Alright.

1: How large is the area?

2: How are Mistmoore's foreign relations? Do you only want to focus on domestic issues, or are the revolutionary moods compounded by an unjust (or losing) war?

3: Is there much more we need to discuss before we start?

message 15: by Applejaxc (new)

Applejaxc | 1003 comments So here's what I've thought of:

1. William Brocus (I'm going with William instead of Fenris because A, William is much more british and B, "Fenris" is way too heavy-handed), the "aloof" playboy idiot son who everyone expects to play second-best to his brother, who is poised to take the throne.

2. Elisabeth DuChamp, the French (or French-equivalent because we haven't decided on fake nationalities yet) adventrix he's essentially hired to be his eyes and ears in the countryside.

message 16: by Brianna (new)

Brianna Andreda | 16 comments Okay so I've decided to make the RP take place in the 1300s since it would seem a little more realistic for Mistmoor to have a such a diverse population.

I decided that Mistmoor could be about the size of present-day Estonia. It has few allies with Bartholomew usually trying to obtain new allies, but failing to do that every time. I do not want to focus only on domestic issues, I was thinking that Bartholomew could be trying to expand Mistmoor causing them to be at war with a neighboring country.

I don't think there is too much more we would need to discuss before we start. I don't really want detail too much of it ahead of time, so we can leave some angles open to change around as we progress into the RP.

message 17: by Applejaxc (new)

Applejaxc | 1003 comments So there's nord-esques and viking-esques? Because in that case, Elisabeth is going to be paired with one (so William has as unlikely and unlikable a cadre as possible)

So Mistmoor is small and wants to expand. Is this 1300's-esque setting smattered with fractured nations, or are there bigger fish in the proverbial sea?

I'm as ready to start as you are. I don't mind setting up the courtroom scene if you want to start there, but I'd much prefer you make the first post. It's your RP, so I'll let you set the tone, post-length, and setting.

message 18: by Brianna (new)

Brianna Andreda | 16 comments Yes there is nord-esques and viking-esques. Yes it is smattered with fractured nations. Most nations are trying to ally with others and join their nations, but only a few (including Mistmoor) are trying to just invade other nations. I'd actually prefer for you to set up the courtroom scene since that part was your idea. I can do the first post, but I can keep my character in her cell until your post of the courtroom scene.

message 19: by Applejaxc (new)

Applejaxc | 1003 comments That's fine with me.

1. What is she being charged with?
2. What have her parents been charged with?
3. Are they already convicted?
4. How long has she been imprisoned?
5. ...what exactly do you want to do? Obviously William's mother (played by you I would assume?) will be presiding over the case and will be very harsh. Is she expected to lose/be convicted of something? If so how do we get from that to anything?

message 20: by Brianna (new)

Brianna Andreda | 16 comments 1. Theft
2. Her father was charged with treason, her mother was never charged with anything
3. He was already convicted and killed
4. She been imprisoned for a month
5. I can play William's mother. She'll be convicted, but I was thinking of her wanting to be convicted to learn more about the Royal Palace being that she won't remember much from occasionally being there as a child. I was thinking that maybe while she escapes from her cell, William could follow her but not letting her know he's following her.

message 21: by Applejaxc (new)

Applejaxc | 1003 comments 5. Eh. William is an honor-bound and moral man; if she actually did steal something, he might follow her for benign amusement, but he will intend on rentering her to the legal system.

If that's all then I'm waiting for you to post. :)

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Applejaxc | 1003 comments (Hello?)

message 23: by Applejaxc (new)

Applejaxc | 1003 comments (I'm going to assume you've lost interest, then)

message 24: by Brianna (last edited May 02, 2015 10:56AM) (new)

Brianna Andreda | 16 comments (I'm sorry. I have been sick and found out I'm pregnant. I plan on posting later this afternoon after I finish up a few household chores.)

message 25: by Applejaxc (new)

Applejaxc | 1003 comments (That's the best excuse short of getting hit by a car I suppose. Saying something sooner would have been nice, but I understand having a kid makes someone pretty busy)

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