The Year of Secret Assignments (Ashbury/Brookfield, #2) The Year of Secret Assignments discussion

What would you do in this situation?

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Clarissa What would you write to a student from a rival school? What gender would you what to write to?

Kimberly I would just talk about me so that they don't hate me or anything like that. I would write to a female because they are most of the time easy to get along with.

Devon Hmm i would write to a guy, and i'd tell him about what he could do to make his life a little better. I know that sounds cheesy.....but who really cares?

Yona (They didn't choose what gender to write to, so why would I?)

I would just talk about my lif + doodles. What else is there to say to someone I know nothing about? I'd probably ask a lot of questions too. I love questions. :D

We did a secret penpal program at my small school (400 students) and it was surprising how much there was to learn about a group of people we assume we know very well.

I love writing letters. :) There's something so special about it.

Delaney Hmmm, a guy, definitely! Hahaha. Yeah. I think I would write of the weirdest things (because i'm weird) and he would be like what the heck and I don't know, do weird dares (not missions like Lydia and Seb). It would be nice if we got to be friends. Hmmm....

Julia Writing to a guy would be cool. I'd love to become friends with him through the letters.
I would talk about my life, interests, school...It would be so cool if I could write to someone in reality!
Oh, I love Jaclyn Moriarty!

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