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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Man who finds fort in woods behind house [s]

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Elizabeth | 4 comments I read this book around 2009-2010 and it was published somewhere around that time as well. I believe it had a male author and the cover was brown and black and may of had an outline of a house. The book was about a man who recently bought a house in the woods in I think New York. There is a stag that the man continually see's in the woods behind his house. One day the man follows the stag into the woods which leads him to an abandon fort. Unfortunately thats all I can remember. If someone could help me find the title of this book it would be amazing!

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What type of fort, military fort, children's fort?

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Elizabeth | 4 comments I think it was more like a children's fort but I'm honestly not sure.

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Michele | 1890 comments Would you say the book was a kids' book, YA, or adult? How sure are you about the publication date -- that is, could it have been a new edition of an older book? If so, it sounds a little like Mythago Wood; it was originally published in the 1980s I think but was reissued in 2009. The main character finds not only a fort but all sorts of other mythical archetypes of things, creatures and beings in Ryhope Forest, the primeval oak forest behind his house.

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Elizabeth | 4 comments The style of writing makes me think that it was YA. I could be totally wrong on the publication date, it could of been a new edition of an older book. Mythago Wood sounds like a wonderful book but unfortunately thats not it. Thank you so much for your help.

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Elizabeth | 4 comments Finally, after month's of searching my apartment, my parent's house and online, I found the book! Tucked away in plain sight on a bookshelf at my parent's house. This whole time, when I was searching online, I was looking for a fort in the woods when it was a castle. Silly me. Thank you everyone for your help.

Castle by J. Robert LennonCastle by J. Robert Lennon

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