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message 1: by David (new)

David Let's play the one-up game!

The game works like this: I start off by giving an object. Then the next person says another object that beats the object in any way. Chuck Norris, God, or anything cheap like that will be deleted. Got it? Let's start with...

A mouse.

message 2: by Tim (new)

Tim | 86 comments Mod
:D *chuckles*

Do you know a teenager like this.. ;)

Brings back fond memories of my time living with the Aussies heh.

Ok, to make turn this into a semi respectable topic.. ;)

Is this what teenagers have always been like? Is this something which is growing more in today's societies perhaps? If there is a growth, where will that lead to? My thoughts are that it is getting worse and will get worse. Today there appears to be much less of a sense of meaning. Im not old enough to know if there was more of a sense of meaning in years past, i can only speak of my own sense of finding meaning today.. and i see less and less personal meaning as we become more and more detached from Life and what it means to survive. Evolution and technology..

message 3: by Ken (new)

Ken As some one in the noble (OK, crazy) profession of teaching, I had to chuckle over this one. I see it as a "kids these days" sort of thing -- the lament of "elders" from time immemorial.

In truth, there are plenty of kids who care and who are engaged. One need only witness the record numbers of young Americans registering to vote this year for the primaries (all credit to Obama, no matter what becomes of his candidacy) and to the resurgence of Peace Corps applications among post-graduate college-aged kids (it is very competitive these days, which surely wasn't the case in my day).

message 4: by GladiorAduro (new)

GladiorAduro Nuck Chorris. :P

No really, a cat.

message 5: by [deleted user] (new)


message 6: by Edmund (new)

Edmund (tzar_chicken) Jet Li pwns kitty... nah... how about...

Chihuahua with AK-47!! Hahaha catty got PWNED :)

message 7: by David (new)

David New law bans guns and dogs, because both are dangerous, unsanitary and unpredictable. What now?

message 8: by Edmund (new)

Edmund (tzar_chicken) Hmm... with the new law the cat will not be affected by dogs... Hmm... how will the cat be defeated...

OMG it begins to rain!

The cat is stuck WITHOUT an umbrella. Because the cat really hates rain, she runs off into the horizon, leaving the rain to simply pour. WHAT NOW???

message 9: by Mr. Genie (new)

Mr. Genie the sun comes and dries the rain...

message 10: by GladiorAduro (new)

GladiorAduro The sun turns into a Red Giant.

message 11: by Mr. Genie (new)

Mr. Genie The red giant becomes a supernova...

message 12: by David (new)

David Black hole beats supernova.

message 13: by Edmund (last edited Apr 07, 2008 02:34PM) (new)

Edmund (tzar_chicken) After an insanely long time of over (10 to the 1000th power) years, the universe starts to collapse. A black hole from the other end of the universe pulls in a lot of black holes and becomes larger and larger. It eventually sucks up your particular black hole, and then it proceeds to suck up all the matter in the universe. When that is done, it collapses and some time later, explodes, forming another big bang. Somewhere, because a supernatural force decided so, not only does another world with life form, but it becomes JUST LIKE EARTH before it was sucked up. And by chance, after a while, a human comes along in the new world, and starts collecting grass.

Then a guy with a gun comes and shoots him, and shouts, "FOR THE CONQUEST OF VERADOON!!!". What are you going to do?

message 14: by Mr. Genie (new)

Mr. Genie A dictionary falls on him and kills him: wisdom always beats ignorance...

message 15: by GladiorAduro (new)

GladiorAduro A clone trooper from a galaxy far far away shoots the dictionary with plasma beams, and the dictionary is torn into bits. The only remaining entry that is legible is "Yo Mama".
The clone trooper then says, "All your potatoes are belong to us. Mehehe, hehe."

message 16: by Edmund (new)

Edmund (tzar_chicken) A magician comes by. He goes to the guy who was killed by the falling dictionary. He casts a spell that reanimates him.

The mage then walks away.

The guy with the gun stands up, steps on the shard of paper saying "Yo Mama", and shoots his gun back at the clone trooper. The clone trooper dies.


Then a giant pink bunny carrying a basket of metal eggs comes by, and shouts, "SHUT THE *BLEEP* UP!" The giant bunny throws an egg at the guy's head, killing him. Finally, the giant bunny starts jumping on his dead body, shouting, "WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!"

message 17: by Mr. Genie (new)

Mr. Genie A ginourmous fox sees the bunny and eats him. He burps and causes all the methane on the planet to be made...

message 18: by Edmund (new)

Edmund (tzar_chicken) A large birdlike, chicken thing comes along. He is holding a staff. He casts a spell, and a magical dome encases the area for miles around. The chicken shouts, "HAHAHAHA, you're in for it NOW! The worlds of reality and fantasy have collided!"

The chicken teleports away where he cannot be found.

Then, magical energy streams from the dome thing, and swirls quickly around the area. The fox, knowing that something bad will happen, runs towards the sides of the magical materialization dome, but its too late! -

A giant Mario materializes. The fox runs away desperately. Mario tramples over the dead Giant Bunny as he takes his time going after the fox!

Mario takes out a big hammer! He shouts, "IT'S MEEEEEE! MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARIO!" and slams down the hammer. It misses the fox, but the shockwave from it sends the fox flying up into the air. The fox splats on the ground and dies.

*Mario theme song begins playing as Mario dances*

message 19: by Mr. Genie (new)

Mr. Genie bowser appears and rams into the giant Mario. Mario dies, but before he does so, he squashes Bowser into a turtle. Bowser starts for the pond nearby...

message 20: by GladiorAduro (last edited Apr 11, 2008 04:58PM) (new)

GladiorAduro Bowser finds Mario's 1-up mushroom, and eats it. Unfortunately, 1-up mushrooms (and forum games) are only designed for Mario, and Bowser explodes. He failed to notice the "Made in China" tag.

message 21: by David (new)

David Someone calls 'Timmmy, dinner time!' and Timmy turns the game off. And drops it. Shattering the processors inside.

message 22: by Edmund (new)

Edmund (tzar_chicken) Except, it isn't a game. Timmy turned off his game somewhere random in the world, but that didn't affect the battle at all.

The whole reason that Mario, Bowser, and the 1-up Mushroom can exist in the real world is because of the magical dome area cast by the chicken from before.

When Bowser explodes due to a magical malfunction from the Mushroom, the explosion actually reaches the magical dome, causing a big rip in it. Therefore, the whole dome collapses and breaks into little bits of energy that disappear into nearby matter.

Then, the magical energy swirls again, and gets concentrated into a ball of power. The ball of power materializes again, and forms a MAGICAL PONIE! The magical pony jumps into town, and starts giving people a lecture on quantum physics.

message 23: by Mr. Genie (new)

Mr. Genie Einstein happens to be in that town, having re-incarnated himself... Mad with jealousy, he plagerizes the pony and then kills it by poisoning its grass...

message 24: by Edmund (new)

Edmund (tzar_chicken) Death comes in with his cloak and sickle and everything. He gets mad with Einstein for bringing himself back to live without his permission. He teleports Einstein away. There, he's dead again for all we know. Death leaves before anything else can happen...

Because there is nothing interesting in that town besides the poisoned grass, we go to Timmy, the kid who broke his game, but that didn't affect things.

We return to him because he is the only place where the 1-up game can continue...

"Someone calls 'Timmmy, dinner time!' and Timmy turns the game off. And drops it. Shattering the processors inside."


"No, Timmy, the game is a waste of time!" says his mom.


There we go. His mom defeated Timmmy. WHAT WILL HAPPEN NOW?????????????

message 25: by Mr. Genie (new)

Mr. Genie His dad comes home, buying him an xBox 360 and 12 new games...
Hercules suddenly pops up, from the new game, finds death, and kills him....

message 26: by Edmund (new)

Edmund (tzar_chicken) The world starts to get really screwed up because no people are dying. Overpopulation and everything is rampant. PEOPLE ARE STABBING EACH OTHER AS SPORT BECAUSE THEY DON'T DIE. Very angry, an angry mob goes into Timmy's house, and destroys the game, causing Hercules to be wiped out of existance. Then, the angry mob cuts off Timmy's head. He's still alive tough.

Then, Death, since he is dead, has to go to the underworld. There, he gets to leave the underworld immediately because DUH he is the king of the underworld. He comes back, and everyone begins to die again, which is more or less, a good/strange thing.

Timmy now dies, since his head is cut off and Death is "alive" again. Now the angry mob begins to go on a killing spree!!!


message 27: by Mr. Genie (new)

Mr. Genie But suddenly now too many people are dying, and death can't take them all to the underworld. He becomes too busy and depressed. He resigns his position...

message 28: by Edmund (new)

Edmund (tzar_chicken) Okay, so he resigns. That doesn't stop the Angry Mob from killing tons of people. But then again, we have the same problem of people not being able to die. That's self contradictary, since dying only happens while Death has his position. Now, since he resigns, it's the same thing as him "dying", meaning that people can't die without him.

The angry mob can't actually kill any more people. The people who are already dead can't be taken to the underworld, so they come back alive. So, everyone's confused, and they form an organization to solve things, and make things right again.

They strike a deal with Death that if he returns to his job, people will die again, but they will stop killing people, and Death's job isn't going to be so hard. Death accepts, because he's in big trouble without a job anyway. There. Happy. Ever. After. (or is it?)

message 29: by Mr. Genie (new)

Mr. Genie unfortunately, mario also happens to be back, and starts killing people with his hammer, but himself is indestructible. What now?

message 30: by Edmund (new)

Edmund (tzar_chicken) President George Bush comes, and says, "GO FALL IN A HOLE!"

A hole suddenly forms around Mario, and he falls. He's still indescrutable, but he can't get out since the hole leads to another world, and he's stuck there...

President Bush points his finger at Mario, who has fallen into another world, and starts shouting, "YOU HAVE BEEN DETAINED FOR NATIONAL SECURITY!!!"


message 31: by GladiorAduro (new)

GladiorAduro A randomperson comes up to him and says: "You die when you get killed. w00t." Then he swipes out an AK-47 and hits bush in the head. bush dies because he got killed.

message 32: by Edmund (new)

Edmund (tzar_chicken) Mario climbs out of the tunnel-hole, and hammers the random person to death. Then, Harry Potter pops up out of nowhere, and kicks Mario back into the hole, and the tunnel closes behind him. Mario's dead.

Harry Potter says, "Game characters can't ever compete with wizards! I win."

message 33: by Mr. Genie (new)

Mr. Genie But unfortunately Lord Voldermort is also resurrected...
He-who-is-named tries to kill Harry, but fails again and dies. However, Harry accidentally steps on a one-up mushroom..............

message 34: by Tracy (new)

Tracy you spelled Voldemort wrong

message 35: by GladiorAduro (new)

GladiorAduro The one-up shroom explodes beneath Harry, effectively draining him of all of his magicness.
Unfortunately, the shroom gets all the more powerfuller because of all the magicness in it.

message 36: by Edmund (new)

Edmund (tzar_chicken) 1. Voldermort or Voldemort, it doesn't really make much of a difference.

2. The shroom sprouts a face and starts killing everybody. It shoots Harry with meteors, and he dies. The mushroom shoots spells everywhere and turns the streets into pumpkin pie.

message 37: by Tracy (new)

Tracy 1. Thanks, Edmund
2. Nevermind
3. Sorry if you count this as spam

message 38: by David (new)

David People trash the pumpkin pie, making it look kinda like brains. So the zombies come and try to eat the pie, only to realize that it's pie. Then they get angry and eat Voldemort, who is overwhelmed by their scariness. And their inability to be deanimated. Then, realizing that the mushroom is intelligent, the zombies begin to eat the mushroom.

message 39: by Mr. Genie (new)

Mr. Genie the mushroom, however, doesn't want to be eaten, and so chose to commit suicide by blowing itself up, killing the zombies....
But now the deal with death is broken as mobs start trampling people to death...
What shall death do?

message 40: by Edmund (new)

Edmund (tzar_chicken) Death does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING because having people die is his JOB. He doesn't want to be fired. Anyway, the mob is trampling people. People are dying. The swat team comes, and throws many grenades that release tear gas at the mob. The mob gets angry, and throws Molotov Cocktails at the swat team.

BUT the swat team has shields, so they block the attack. They use their guns and shoot rubber pellets at the mob. The mob disperses. The swat team starts high-fiving one another.

message 41: by Mr. Genie (new)

Mr. Genie BUt one member happened to hide some cyanide in his palm. He injects every fellow agent with it during his high-fives. They all die and he laughs evily.

message 42: by David (new)

David Death sees this and says, "Gosh, what an arse-hat!" and brings the dead swat team members back to life. Then he takes the cyanide from the bad Swatter, and shoves it down his throat. As the bad Swatter dies, he says "Curses, foiled again! Or should I say, OILED again?" and then death takes a rapid-fire weapon and guns him down. Then it runs out of bullets, so he grabs the dead Swatter's bones, turns them into bullets, and keeps shooting. Then he takes the bodies of other dead people, turns them into bullets, and guns the dead Swatter down for several years. Then he goes back to killing people because he ran out of dead people.

message 43: by Edmund (new)

Edmund (tzar_chicken) Without any other option, the police clear the area and use a high-explosive missile that reduces Death into "a pile of dust." He's not dead - he's just been forced to teleport back to the underworld. The police plan a 100th year anniversary of the department... what will happen?

message 44: by Mr. Genie (new)

Mr. Genie the cake turns out to be a bomb...

message 45: by Edmund (new)

Edmund (tzar_chicken) And they all discover this. The bomb is a large nuclear bomb. With only 10 minutes to disarm...

message 46: by Mr. Genie (new)

Mr. Genie and death wants revenge...

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