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Vincent Harris (brainbackbend) | 18 comments Mod
Dear Group Members,

After searching around for some images of the the Mechanical Hound, I conclude the following:

Many of the students at Fulmore can create more engaging representations of the mechanical hound compared to what currently exists on images under a search for mechanical hound.

Contest Overview:

There are two categories:

Traditional and Technology--

The Traditional category asks you to create a drawing of the mechanical hound on a paper of size 8.5 x 11 or 10 X 14.

In the technology category, you may use any computer program including, but not limited to: drawing programs, image editing, movie making/editing, etc. Essentially, anything in the realm of digital manipulation.


1. You must use textual evidence to support your drawing. That is, your mechanical Hound, must contain the main ideas of Bradbury's futuristic killer canine.

2. Once you have the key ideas of Bradbury's Hound incorporated into your drawing or digital product, you are welcome to add your own creative, unique, perspective. That is, you can create a dimension to the Hound that may not be appear in 451.

For example, you might want to develop a special way to portray the legs on your Hound, or perhaps you might have an engaging color scheme to your hound, or you might find a unique way to draw the Hound's face, its jaw--perhaps your Hound will have an especially sinister snarl to it. For this part of the contest, you are encouraged to let your middle school creativity flow.

3. You must be able to articulate (speak about) SOME OF THE role(s) the Mechanical Hound plays in Bradbury's novel. When the Hound appears in the novel, what is happening to the story line? The characters? What mood does the Hound create? When is the Hound used to foreshadow an event involving Montag? How important is the Hound to the story. I do realize that some of you might not be able to answer all these question now because we are only on page 37. But you can already answer some of them.

Essentially, you must have some extra insight into the Hound and be able to share that insight in a conversation with someone.

You can also keep your contest submission more low key; sometimes less is more. Whatever the case, students must create a hound that is both true to Bradbury's book, and includes a unique perspective that is all your own. Sounds like a paradox, true to Bradbury's Hound, but also unique. Hmm. Why is Mr. Harris always making it difficult?


Traditional Category - This drawing is due on Thursday, April 3rd

Technology Category -- Your product is due on Thursday, April 10th.

Prizes--Here are some of the prizes and recognitions thus far. More prizes are on the way. Perhaps I can get some parents to donate some movie tickets or some kind of appropriate gift card that may be sitting in their wallets/purses going unused :)

Students who have top products will get first pick at one of the many, many prizes that have been ordered to reward students for reading. Here is where I ordered a jackpot supply of prizes for students: Ask me to show you something from the prize jackpot.

Top products will be on display in the classroom and at various locations around Fulmore.

The top products will be permanently added to When you read the book again in college or later in life, you can visit and your Hound will be there.

Please note this contest was also inspired by Nicolai. He made a couple of 451 drawings today (03.26.08) during the readings, and that set me to thinking about what the google search might yield.

Here are some websites you might be interested in with respect to this contest:


Mr. Harris

message 2: by Ryara (new)

Ryara Toft I AM TTLY GONNA WIN!!!!


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