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Oh, you wanna just do it here?

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Sure :)

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And yes, you're the mom

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Okay. Who starts?

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I'll start.))

Jake was walking down the sidewalk. One hand holding his mothers and the other was holding his ice cream. He took a couple more bites and smiled up at her as they walked

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((Awww. Cute :) ))

Jes walks down the sidewalk holding her own icecream. She squeezes his hand as he looks up "like your icecream?" She said licking her own bubblegum icecream.

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"It's very yummy" he told her and returned his gaze to his ice cream. As they got to the end of the block, Jake turned his head to the sound of sirens in the distance. He loved to see cop cars.

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Jes points at the cars "Jake. Do you like them? Cause for Christmas I'm getting you a toy of those" she said with a wide smile

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"YEAH!!" He smiled brightly as the sirens got closer. He watched with a smile but it quickly faded as a car smashed into another, making a horrible crunch. Two men with masks got out with guns waiting till they saw the cops and began opening fire on them. The cops soon started shooting back. All Jake could do was watch in utter horror

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((Plot twist!!!))..
Jes gasps and pulls him away "Jake! Don't watch" she shouts over the sounds of raging bullets. She can't stand watching people await there deaths. She picks up Jake and runs

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(Sorry. Just figured out how to make it★)

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Jake starts to whimper and cry and it only seemed to get louder. He was holding onto his stomach as blood started to soak through his shirt.

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((OH MY GOD!!!!†))
Jes pats his back but sees the blood. Her eyes water "no! Jake, you're okay, you're okay" she whispered to him "don't die on mommy. Think of happy things"

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((That's why I didn't want to tell you))

"I-I'm going to die?" he whispered as he coughed up blood, some splattering onto her shirt

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Jes shakes her head " no. Death is not dying. You're going to go to a wonderful place where you can live on the clouds. But stay longer." She kisses his cheek "stay"

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"I d-don't wanna go.." he told her as tears started to form in his eyes again. His hand gently grips her shirt as another waive of pain shot through him

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Jes's face fills with tears "Sweetie! Just stay. Don't leave mommy." Shecries.

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